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Apart from scaling up any monsters that are weakened by BB, you should be pretty fine as is.

Consider the goblin for example. Between BB and PF, they're pretty much the same. At higher levels you might run into more problems that require scaling, but a lower level game should be fine.

Brew Bird wrote:

To quote from the Pathfinder Wiki,

Pathfinder Wiki wrote:

Common is a relative term used to denote the most prevalent human language spoken in a particular region. For instance, Taldane (see below) is the most widely spoken language in Avistan and Garund and so is referred to as Common in the Inner Sea region. In Tian Xia, however, the most widely spoken language is Tien (see below), and so that is classed as Common on that continent. It may be that on other continents, other human languages are classed as Common.

So "Common" is just a relative term. On other planets, like Kasath, whatever four-armed language the Kasatha speak most often would be considered "Common".

Pathfinder Wiki seems to denote 'human language'? I guess if you interpret 'human' as the dominant species, if your campaign was set entirely in Kyonin, for example, instead of Elven, you would refer to the language as Common?

I'd actually love to see fiction exploring more outside of Golarion- like a planet or two from Distant Worlds, and the aliens species that live on them.

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One my own sites, I've found that the most effective method is asking a specific question (i.e. What company publishes Pathfinder?) on the registration form (mine are site/community specific) keeps out spambots. I initially used captcha, which had no effect. D:

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I think this can also be very subjective. While you can easily separate archaeology from grave robbing, grave robbing can be a superset of archaeology- in the sense that you're doing the same thing for different goals and objectives.

I'd also say that it's also a subjective matter. While you might be extracting for research/preservation, it can also be considered grave robbing if there's an intent for objects to not be removed from the tomb, as in the case with many individuals of power, such as Emperors or Pharaohs. Your reasons, however noble, collide with the interests or intent of the deceased.

Even if you have legal grounds- approval from a ruler or landowner, it can still be grave robbing if there are individuals or a society that takes offense to what you're doing. Take this for example: You find the site of a native burial mound- it's on public (government) land, and you are able to obtain permits and paperwork that allows you to excavate and study the mound. Natives elsewhere in the country, who are not families of the inhabitant(s) of the burial mound find this offensive and disagree with you desecrating the mound. What you're doing is both archaeology and grave robbing.

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According to Erik, your soul goes to the Boneyard, but you don't really see anything. While you're there, you replay your life and come to terms with it.

I've been looking into assembling a REST-based JSON API for OGL content, actually. This would mainly for accessing content through other apps, or exchanging data between apps, though.

DualJay wrote:

From the Indiana General Assembly website:

"Prohibits a governmental entity from substantially burdening a person's exercise of religion, even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability, unless the governmental entity can demonstrate that the burden: (1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of furthering the compelling governmental interest."

It can still burden one's religious freedom, though it must have a compelling interest - saving lives. It must also be the least restrictive method possible, and I doubt that requiring a doctor help yet another patient will be seen as exceedingly restrictive.

The least restrictive means is probably to require the hospital to perform first aid and then transfer the patient to a public hospital.

If anything, the bill should exclude company entities- such as the cases where the business is incorporated or otherwise is separated from yourself.

If you're the sole business owner, in the sense that you are the legal owner of the business and the business assets- in that the business is not a legal entity separate from the owner(s), then it should be treated as private property not unlike a home. On the other hand, if it's a company entity, where the business and the owner are separate entities in the law, then the business should be exempt from the law. While people can have religious beliefs, a completely imaginary entity that exists only under the law cannot. ^^

i.e. A mom and pop shop might be able to block someone, but McDonald's would not, maybe?

The Bestiary 1 Pawns + Skull and Shackles pawns should cover most, if not all, of the encounter/creatures you'll likely meet in the AP.

Of course Gen Con is going to be unhappy about the bill. Gen Con attendees are going to be using businesses in Indy before and after they're in the convention hall.

It's a gaming convention. We go there, we have fun and we make buddies. That's going to be harder to do if people have trouble finding somewhere to stay, places to eat, and enter the convention in a sour or unfriendly mood.

Homebrew it.

While excessively overpowered, the Death Perception eyes in the Tsukihimeart of the Nasuverse have a weakness. The more you use them, the stronger they get, and the most your sanity slips away.

Any excessively strong ability will have a similarly crippling weakness. i.e. Birds have a superior flying ability, but horrifically crippled walking ability. Opposite for Ostriches. Humans have very high intelligence, but little to no biological adaptation for defense or offense.

Darkness over Daggerford (for NWN1) was pretty great, as I recall. Been a few years, though.
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Monster murder hobos? That's an interesting concept- going around and raiding villages and towns, as if they were dungeons.

Would certainly result in different scenery as far as a setting is concerned. You might very well have monsterr countries popping up around their murder hobo heroes.

Would you be willing to possibly look at having it run in Mono?

PCGen typically saves in its install directory, I think. On Windows, this might be buried in an AppData folder in your user directory. On OS X this is within the PCGen app bundle.