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Thanks for the time and sorry if this should be in another forum, it seems to fit in various categories.

The scenario is I, while having played little, have read a lot on the pathfinder database but my players are close enough brand new to D&D so I chose to start with beginner box rules and see how it works out.

The catch is I feel that the monsters list in the Beginner's Box is very limited and there are ideas I have that need things not in it so I'm considering using monsters from the full game in addition to the ones in the beginner box. The problem with that being I've noticed a couple of things that suggest the beginners box characters are weaker than they're full game counter parts and possibly the monsters are the same. I suspect that a few monsters would be particularly affected by the lack of opportunity attacks and so forth but I don't see that as to much of a problem as I can either not use them or change them on a individual basis.

The upshot of that is I have a twofold question, would it work to use some of the full game monsters under Beginner Box rules and would they need to be scaled at all?


Apart from scaling up any monsters that are weakened by BB, you should be pretty fine as is.

Consider the goblin for example. Between BB and PF, they're pretty much the same. At higher levels you might run into more problems that require scaling, but a lower level game should be fine.

EdOWar has BB monster conversions for download here.
It's not displaying properly on my screen, but it is understandable (The blocks that are appearing black are readable if you highlight them)

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