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Mark like them suggestions maybe use a few of them!

Tacticslion really like your first suggestion.

Awesome ideas guys keep them coming and yes both Charimas are high twenties

I was thinking rings of friend shield but other thematically cool items would be cool didn't need to be crunchy but must have some good fluff.

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Title pretty much some it up. Two of are PCs are getting married in a WoTR AP girl is paladin of iomedae the man is a bard of shelyn. What would be good wedding gifts? Apologize for punctuation using a phone.

Thanks JJ really like that idea think I'll use it.

Lochar is this true? Can you tell me where I can look it up because currently my paladin is only getting half his smite damage in the Abyss. I would love for that to change but need proof for our other GM

I like it JJ thanks. Are you suggesting they skip over Nocticula entirely?

In regard to the oath against fiends and book 4, without spoiling. In certain places the enemies in question are no longer outsiders.

Okay need some advice if the PCs successfully entertain Vellexia and accept her invitation to perform at her manor. There amulets of True Faith have given them a warning but we have to bards that insist on going. So I guess my question is how would ya'll handle this. JJ I'm looking at you specifically oh mighty T-Rex but any kind of help would be appreciated.

Tis true but we don't have a regen spell available could buy in the city, but until then he would be all like Grey Worm.

Name: Warf
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter 14/ Guardian 5
Adventure: The Midnight Isles
Location: Battlebliss
Catalyst: Gelderfang

Gelderfang performed his signature coup de grae on Warf. The group has not decided on whether or not Warf would want to be raised without his missing parts. Don't think I would want to be under the circumstances.

I would say the wand unless he has that archmage path ability that lets you use wands and such like a staff.

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The OP needs help dealing with some real life issues me-thinks.

Thanks JJ exactly what I was looking for.

I would depending on there reasoning. Pretty much only if it was a rules misunderstanding. Otherwise no.

we are at the end of book 3 and the PC has just used radiance in combat for the first time. So my the question in my previous post remains unanswered.

Boo no response to above post. So I'll ask a different one. If the legendary qualities of the original weapon are the same as Radiance (upgradeable) should the player pick a different quality?

This I know I was trying to figure out what the (see page 66) was about in relation to the Alushinyrra encounters.

Not sure if my copy is messed up or not but it says to increase the percentage by 40% if the pcs are not disguised it the says see page 66 but page 66 is just info on different places in the abyss.Does anyone know what page this is actually referenced on. This is reference to Alushinyrra encounters page 24.

Another question is the player able to pick different qualities instead of the original legendary qualities they chose for the PC's first legendary item?

Thanks T-Rex. Also love love love this AP. Also just FYI like the portrayal of Iomadae. Keep up the good work.

If a paladin has already has a legendary quality weapon and then chooses Radiance do the legendary qualities transfer over to Radiance example intelligent item?

Okay sounds good, but then couldn't the wizard with a bard cohort spam that all the time?

One of my players found this spell. It says it gives one move or standard action of the players choice can that be used to cast a spell if said player already cast one that round? Seems like it would but there's the spell rules and all.

I would just roll with the short bow,anyways I like it you should do more qnd post them.

I believe rogue only get shortbow proficiency

Anyone know what mythic leadership from the missing mythic core feats looks like?

So what is the max tiers a cohort can have. It seems with that system the cohort tiers could exceed your own?

Now I think I'm to blame for the habits of our table because this is what I do and now they do too, but I have always the dice need to be inside you to gather their mojo. Example in your mouth until its time to roll that twenty side. One of my players decided to try and increase his mojo by putting them next to his let's say Junk for lack of a better term.

No it was just something I remembered from 3.5, it gave a way to store your armor in a small box and let you put it on as a standard action I believe with a command word.

I remember there was a type of armor bonus back in 3.5 my players and were wondering if there is an equivalent in pathfinder and if not how much should it cost in pathfinder.

Name: Hado
Race: human
Class/Levels: samurai 6,fighter 2,gunslinger 6
Adventure: Sword of Valor
Location: Citadel Drezen
Catalyst: Konneshka
The Gory Details: caution spoiler Hado was fighting Konneshka. Please not we use the old roll Natural 20, natural 20, confirmed critical variant. Konneshka rolled the 20,20, confirm and proceed to rip Hado head off his shoulders while the rest of the group fought off the other demons. On a side note Irabeth was coup de grae may have misspelled that

The player of Kaiser is not totally aware of the exact details, and is a metagame master, so much it has led to the death of one of his past characters. So no he is not aware exactly. That being said the player is all RP and just loves the story side of all are games so that I am not afraid to do this to him. 100% sure he will not be upset. Also I like Jaelithe's idea of detect evil showing something is amiss.

Already has visted them in a dream/vision.

Okay I think my first post was unclear, the PC in question is not yet a paladin only wants to be when he levels up, so he cannot fall right now. As for the detect evil part that Jaelithe mentioned, the party currently has a paladin of Iomedae that failed her sense motive and didn't use detect evil because she thought it would be insulting and I would have to agree with the Jaelithe and the player.

The character in question is a male named Kaiser wants to be a paladin(currently a bard). There is a female paladin in the group named Birgette the one who tried a sense motive but failed. Hope that clears it up a little also thanks for the suggestions ya'll.

The thing that sucks for him is he was wanting to take his first level in paladin next time we up. To make it worse he was going to choose Iomedae as his goddess. Should I have Konneshka(succubus) try to lead him down the anti-paladin path or would that not work(as in have to want the anti-paladin power and could not get it without being obvious).

I actually had the paladin roll a sense motive but she rolled bad and didn't pick up on anything. Was thinking along the same line Karg. I didn't use OOC knowledge on him, was very careful to only use the visual and audible clues the PC's gave out while in the room with her.

So one of my players in sword of valor accepted the succubus profane gift as he was told she could help him fight evil. Note he did not sense motive or tried to detect any falsifications. He now believes Iomedae has granted him power to fight evil. How should I handle this? I did tell him the power seed or whatever you want to call it feels darker than he expected after having a vision of Iomedae in the first AP of WotR.

Hey thanks Neil will look on the srd. Hoping that's where they are

Hi everyone don't know if this has been covered yet? I just picked up sword of valor and cannot find the rules for mass combat. Also I don't have the UC to look at. Am I missing it somewhere? What can I do if I don't have the rules? Thanks in advance!

Question about the trickster trait, who is Arueshalae from the chance encounter trait.

Thought the PC was coming from a family of sword smiths? Seems like it would make sense.

All classes receive craft as a skill, so really anything would be good but story wise I would pick up a level or two of expert.

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Use the kythons they are an excellent abyssal creature. Excellent defenses and primo offense! They are my favorite monster all time monsters to run.

Yeah using a light weapon would be better but lots of people want to do the Drizzt thing, it doesn't have to be optimized. Note a plus 11 to hit at 15th is kinda ruff depending on the campaign.

Our group doesn't.

Every combination is worth it if that's the character you want to play!

Kudaku that's what we thought. Thanks

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