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Title pretty much some it up. Two of are PCs are getting married in a WoTR AP girl is paladin of iomedae the man is a bard of shelyn. What would be good wedding gifts? Apologize for punctuation using a phone.

One of my players found this spell. It says it gives one move or standard action of the players choice can that be used to cast a spell if said player already cast one that round? Seems like it would but there's the spell rules and all.

I remember there was a type of armor bonus back in 3.5 my players and were wondering if there is an equivalent in pathfinder and if not how much should it cost in pathfinder.

So one of my players in sword of valor accepted the succubus profane gift as he was told she could help him fight evil. Note he did not sense motive or tried to detect any falsifications. He now believes Iomedae has granted him power to fight evil. How should I handle this? I did tell him the power seed or whatever you want to call it feels darker than he expected after having a vision of Iomedae in the first AP of WotR.

So we have an issue where half of the group is not in character a lot of the time. I could use some advice on how me and the other GM can accomplish this. We were thinking of a talking stick that you have to hold when you to speak out of character. Would this work? Any other ideas?