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So, I'm creating a High-Level Two-Weapon Fighter and I need help making sure the iterative attacks are correct

15th level fighter gets 3 attacks a round (for a full attack of course):

He has a STR of 19 so a +4 bonus to hit gives us:

He wields dual scimitars and has the following relevant feats:
- Power Attack (assume that he always uses power attack)
- Two-Weapon Fighting
- Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
- Double Slice

So, the question is, just how many attacks does this fighter get with his primary weapon (scimitar) and his offhand weapon (scimitar) when he's full attacking? What would the specific attack bonuses be?

EDIT: (OP was modified) Three with the main, two with the off. Greater TWF would add a third with the off.

Power attack and double slice never affect the number of attacks you make, only the hit and damage (as appropriate) of those attacks.

Deleting. OP changed.

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Yep, sorry - I forgot to add the part about asking what the specific attack bonuses would be, which of course makes Power Attack and Double Slice important (Well, Double Slice is about better damage with your off-hand weapon, but we'll leave it in anyway :)

Oh, and lets keep Greater Two-Weapon Fighting out of the equation ...

5 is correct
As for the numbers (assuming no other feats item bonuses etc)

With a 15 bab you get power attack at -4 (+8dmg)
Your TWF penalties are -4 to each attack since you are not using a light weapon in your offhand.
And +4 for strength
So mainhand +11/+6/+1
Offhand +11/+6

Unless you have some feat or class ability to mitigate the fact that a scimitar is not a light weapon... I would suggest using a light weapon.

Yeah using a light weapon would be better but lots of people want to do the Drizzt thing, it doesn't have to be optimized. Note a plus 11 to hit at 15th is kinda ruff depending on the campaign.

If the gm is allowing it the are always sawtooth sabres... if you have the exotic weapon proficiebcy you can count them as light weapons for TWF

Lord_Malkov has everything from your OP correct.

There are some other things that can help, though.

Since we are using a Fighter 15 as our example, he could take Two-Weapon Fighter archetype.

At 15th level, he gets to either a)reduce TWF penalties by 1 or b)count a one-handed off hand weapon as a light off hand weapon.

At 5th level he gets +1 to hit and damage if using TWF to make a full attack, increasing by 1 every 4 levels. So at 15th level it would be +3

Lord_Malkov already mentioned using Sawtooth Sabres, which are treated as light weapons when TWF if you take the EWP for them.

So, putting all these ideas into action would alter the attack routine to...

BAB 15 + Str 4 + Twin Blades 3 - PA 4 - 1 TWF
+17/+12/+7 1d8+15 19-20/x2 Main hand
+17/+12 1d8+11 19-20/x2 Off hand

The damage is kinda interesting for the off hand here, Double Slice adds full Str bonus, but Power Attack is still halved since it is based on "off hand" rather than "one-handed" or "light." But you get the Twin Blades bonus.

You could add Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Focus, boosting attacks, and Weapon Spec and Greater Weapon Spec, for damage, due to Fighter level.

And of course, magic weapons.

If you really want to use Scimitars, everything is the same as above except all attacks are 1 lower (-2 for TWF instead of -1)

Liberty's Edge

Thanks everyone

The dual scimitars is important from a thematic standpoint ( and, nope, it has absolutely nothing to do with Drizzt) so I'd kind of like to keep suggestions of alternate weapons, 'get a light weapon' etc out of this thread if that's ok. I'm also not going with any archetypes etc.

I'm really only interested in making sure the numbers are correct for the build originally outlined :)

Thanks to Weapon Focus and GWF, you may actually come out slightly ahead with a second scimitar:

BAB 15 + Str 4 + Twin Blades 3 - PA 4 - 1 TWF + 2 GWF (Scim only)
+19/14/9 d6+15 18-20/x2 MH
+17/12 d4+7 18-20/x2 MH

BAB 15 + Str 4 + Twin Blades 3 - PA 4 - 2 TWF + 2 GWF
+18/13/8 d6+15 MH
+18/13 d6+11 OH

You may miss slightly more often with the MH, but you'll hit slightly more often with the OH, and your OH hand hits much harder

I'm also not going with any archetypes etc.

Then the trade-off between a kukri vs. a scimitar is a -2 penalty to your MH, but the same bonus to your off hand, assuming Greater Weapon Focus. The benefit is increased damage with your OH (from base damage and from Weapon Spec.)

Or you could just ask your GM to allow you to reflavour sawtooth sabres or some kind of light weapon. Just use the stats of the other weapon and make it a Scimitar ingame.

I really hate it when players are forced to choose between the flavour they want and numerical effectiveness.

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