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I just placed an order for Labyrinth War on Terror in Order 3741540. On the product page it looked as though it was in stock (no unavailability tag that I could see) but upon completing my order, the status field said something about the item being on back order.

So is this board game actually in stock or not? If it is actually out of stock and there is no estimation of when it will be in stock, I think I would want to just cancel the order and look elsewhere.

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Having just picked up my Blue, Green, and White gargantuan dragons from PaizoCon, in addition to my White and Red Evolution sets, I'm really hoping we see gargantuan Blacks and Reds to finish the set! I didn't go to the PaizoCon preview banquet so I don't know if anything was said about the next releases and haven't seen anything stand out...

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Hello all,

This is just a general message to everyone reminding you to be respectful towards your fellow gamers this PaizoCon by remembering to shower and/or put on deodorant each morning.

Just because you can't smell it, doesn't mean others can't. Yes, you want to get to the registration line early; but we are all going to be sitting close together at gaming tables in the hot summer with the body heat of so many people not helping the matter.

In past years I have encountered folks with poor hygiene choices the first day or two of PaizoCon and just want to get the word out about being mindful of those around you.

Happy gaming everyone!

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Can someone please cancel my preorder #2100492?

Thank you.

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So I'm not going to be staying at the hotel as I don't live very far away from the area.

Problem is, I'm not sure where I can park. I would assume I could park at the hotel but I may have to pay for it. I would hope they would let you pay to park there if you are attending an event, though you aren't staying there.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

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Can you please cancel my Adventure Path and Comics subscription? Thank you.

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Hello, I'd like to unsubscribe from the campaign setting and play companions lines. My wallet needs to recover after a summer of spending.


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Please cancel my Pathfinder RPG line subscription. I'm not very interested in the NPC Codex. I'm keeping my other subscriptions for now.

Thank you.

EDIT: I hope I was clear enough, but this means I'm getting Ultimate Equipment, which has already shipped anyway I think, right? I'd hate to think I canceled too soon.

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Hey all.

I'm running a campaign in which our barbarian is working towards getting the rage power Spell Sunder. He has taken other feats and such things to accomodate the rage power but i'm having a hard time accepting how this ability works, at the flavor level anyway.

I simply cannot understand how a barbarian is able to dispell magic simply because he is angry and 'sunders' the spell.

What does that even mean? Is he punching/grabbingyelling at the 'spell' on the creature? How does he sunder a Bull's Strength? From a physical stand-point I don't know what he is targeting or how that happens in-game. I also don't understand why he is able to do this because "I R TEH ANGREH".

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I have a Pathfinder Battles RotRL case bundle (and Rune Gaint) pre-ordered and I want to make sure of my payment method. I could not see on the order page information regarding payment method, just shippping information.

I want to make sure I don't have it going to a certain credit card.

Thank you.

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So this thread's purpose is to examine the different ways in which players and DMs create character concepts with the d20/3E/PF ruleset.

I have to admit I'm a bit biased. When I think of a character concept I always think in terms of roleplaying, so that is going to be my focus here. I've come to realize there are really 3 different methods with which to create and play a character concept:

Concept: Martial character (fighter) who hunts mages. Perhaps as an occupation.

1. Changing the System

What this means is that the character concept is made possible by changing the existing rule or system of the game. The best example is that of Prestige Classes and Archetype. The rules of the game itself change to accomodate the abilities and flavor of the concept.

Application Example: Magehunter Prestige class. Same HP growth as Fighter, same BAB, etc. Additional abilties gained such as arbitrary +n against mages and resistance to magic (or improved will saves).

2. Working within the System

What this means is that the concept is made possible bu utilizing existing tools, abilties, etc. within the ruleset. Perhaps a wizard who exclusively selects fire spells, as a 'Fire Mage'. The player or DM does not 'add' anything new to the game, just taking the legos and putting them into a shape.

Application Example: Character leveled as a Fighter, takes Step Up feat to keep magic users from 5-foot-stepping away to cast a spell. Take iron will feat to improve will save.

3. Hands off the System

This means the character concept is devoid of any mechanical influence. The concept is something the character does, or IS, rather than the abilties or classes they have.

Application Example: Character leveled as Fighter. Feats selected with no particular purpose in mind, perhaps just for overall effectiveness. Roleplayed as a character who hunts mages for pay, that is all.

I like to think the later 2 are the most effective from a roleplaying standpoint. I've always been against Samurai, Ninja, Pirate, Viking, etc. being separate classes because they can be done via methods 2 & 3. I'm a Samurai because of tradition, not because I took a level in it as opposed to some other martial sword-wielding class.

Even archetypes, like when we have a Two-Handed Fighter archetype. It provides arbitrary bonuses, when it could be jsut a Fighter who exclusively uses greatswords because that's "his thing".

I'm not saying anyone should agree with me, just musing on some things. I use prestige classes and archetypes in my campaigns, but this always crosses my mind.

I'd love to hear others' thoughts on this.

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Assuming the Rise of the Runelords AE is avilable for pickup at PaizoCon (I hope!), is anyone else excited at the prospect of getting all of the special guests' (author's) signatures for it?

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

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One of my favorite the relics of "back in the day" RPGs were boxed sets. They seemed so neat because they usually contained enough material to really get a campaign going or by the very least give the DM and players a place to start. This was done a lot with old Forgotten Realms, Planescape, and others. The modern era, for the most part, is missing these sets.

What I've tried to do is place Pathfinder products together logically as to simulate a 'Boxed Set'. Since creating additional boxes isn't cost effective, maybe Paizo will someday market these types of listings as discounted bundles. :)

The Boxed Sets of old typically comprised of a book for DMs, a book for Players, usually a map of the region the Boxed Set covered, and sometimes a module. I've taken regions of Golarion and tried to segment up products into what could be product bundles. I did not create a listing fo regions with only 1 product, the goal was to identify regions that had enough material to warrant a collection.

I've marked products I wasn't sure about including with an '*', and many listings have a number of modules (some from 3.5) so there's that consideration.

Kaer Maga Boxed Set/Bundles:
City of Strangers - DM Item
Godsmouth Heresy - Module

Korvosa Boxed Set/Bundles:
Guide to Korvosa - DM Item
Acedemy of Secrets - Module
*Curse of the Crimson Throne AP

Darkmoon Vale (Andoran) Boxed Set/Bundles:
Guide to Darkmoon Vale - DM Item
Andoran, Spirit of Liberty - Player Item
Hollow's Last Hope - Module
Crown of the Kobold King - Module
Into the Haunted Forest - Module
Carnival of Tears - Module
Revenge of the Kobold King - Module
Tower of the Last Baron - Module
Treasure of Chimera Cover - Module
Hungry Are the Dead- Module

Absalom Boxed Set/Bundles:
Guide to Absalom - DM Item
Gallery of Evil - Module
Hangman's Noose - Module
Master of the Fallen Fortress - Module

Katapesh Boxed Set/Bundles:
Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh - DM Item
Broken Chains - Module (Forthcoming)
*Legacy of Fire Map Folio - Map Item
*Legacy of Fire AP + Player's Guide

River Kingdoms Boxed Set/Bundles:
Guide to the River Kingdoms - DM Item
*Kingmaker Poster Map Folio - Map Item

Mwangi Boxed Set/Bundles:
Heart of the Jungle - DM Item
Sargava, the Lost Colony - Player Item
Crucible of Chaos - Module
River into Darkness - Module
*Serpent's Skull Map Folio - Map Item
*Serpent's Skull AP

Ustalav Boxed Set/Bundles:
Rule of Fear - DM Item
Carrion Hill - Module
Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio - Map Item
*Carrion Crown AP

Northlands Boxed Set/Bundles:
Land of the Linnorm Kings - DM Item
People of the North - Player Item
Curse of the Riven Sky - Module
*The Witchwar Legacy - Module

Tian Xia Boxed Set/Bundles:
Dragon Empires Gazetteer - DM Item
Dragon Empires Primer - Player Item
Ruby Phoenix Tournament - Module
*Jade Regent Map Folio - Map Item
*Jade Regent AP

The Shackles Boxed Set/Bundles:
Isles of the Shackles - DM Item
Pirates of the Inner Sea - Player Item
*Skull & Shackles Post Map Folio - Map Item
*Skull & Shackles AP

Varisia Boxed Set/Bundles:
Magnimar, City of Monuments - DM Item (Forthcoming)
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends - Player Item (Forthcoming)
Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale - Module
Seven Swords of Sin - Module
Feast of Ravenmoor - Module
Murder's Mark - Module (Forthcoming)
*Guide to Korvosa
*City of Strangers
*Second Darkness Companion
*The Varisian APs (RotR, CotCT, SD, Shattered Star)

Please share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas! I hope this hasn't been done before.

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Hey guys, I happily opened my package today and found all of my items as appropriate (Beginner Box, Faiths of Corruption, Jade Regent 3, Land of Linnorm Kings) but I noticed I also had in the package a Mines Map Pack.

I did not order the Map Pack, but I was not charged for it either.

I'm not sure if this was a promotional thing (free things are great), but should I send it back to you guys?

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(Might be a lil' late to bring this up but whatever)

I understand there is a lot of love out there for the Jabberwock. It's mythos origin is held dear by many, but I can't really get into it.

It's portrayed as a fearsome dragon, high CR, very threatening and would make for a great epic (traditional sense of the word, not rule-wise) encounter.

However, it just rubs me the wrong way that it has rabbit teeth, an odd head, and equally odd body. Not what I would call a terrifying creature...

Anyone else agree? Or if not, what brings the Jabberwock love?

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Other than what has already been announced in terms of minis and the Campaign Setting book confirmations, are there any more Paizo announcements expected this weekend?

Anyone know what time those announcements might take place? For us unable to attend the convention.


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So I was thinking about elementalist wizards today and was wondering about some of the titles.

Fire - Pyromancer
Ice - Cryomancer
Water - Hydromancer?

But the rest:
Electricity - ????
Earth - ????

Anyone have any insight? I'm not sure if this is already addressed in one of the books with the elementalist archetypes, I don't have my books with me at the moment.

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Hey guys, jsut recently moved to the Issaquah area from across the country. I have friends who run a gaming store up in Everett but that seems a long way to go on a regular basis.

Any games going on in the Issaquah/Bellevue nearby area that needs another player?

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So, ignoring Paizo published materials in the store, has it been thought of to include a way to categorize products by game-use type? Examples would be 'Character Options' or 'Adventures/Modules' in the Pathfinder Compatible products section. Not to hurt Paizo products, but a good way for customers to find the type of game stuff they are looking for.

To me, it's just hard to search through vendors, then series, etc. to find what I'm looking for. Esspecially considering the number of publishers in listings.

If something like this exists and I haven't noticed, my apologies in advance.

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Hey all, making new a fighter with the two-handed archetype from the APG.

I've read in other threads that power attack and overhand chop can stack for some nice damage.

What I'm trying to figure out is whether vital strike can be used with overhand chop, and maybe even all three together?

I guess that also means I'm asking if PA and VS can go together.

I appreciate any responses thank you!

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Something I'm confused on, though maybe it's spelled out clearly, I haven't seen.

Does an action that is a full round action (say as an example a spell) resolve at the end of the player's turn (effectively using up the move and standard actions) or until the beginning of their next turn during the next round?

I recently got the SORD PF from drivethruRPG and am realizing I may have been doing things wrong...

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So I was sitting in class, surfing around and I decided to calculate how much money I've given to Paizo over the course of my Pathfinder fandom (about one year).

Shockingly I realized I've spent roughly $1076 on Pathfinder products, all from Paizo's website/paizocon store. Hard to believe I've spent this much on an RPG line, but there it is.

And I feel like it was money well worth it. Some of the best products I've ever had the pleasure of reading and using in my games. And it all started with a curious purchase of the Core Rulebook after hearing it was keeping the spirit of 3.5 alive.

A grand is a lot of money to a college student (granted I've had a really well paying job the past year enabling me to spend), but it's a strong investment for one of my favorite hobbies and will be sure to supply enjoyment for years to come. I'll be moving to full-time status at my job in June, working in Seattle (moving from PA!) for a 'big important' company, and will be well able to continue my support.

Thank you Paizo.

I won't ask anyone else to share their expenses, but if you wanna respond with your thoughts on your hobby investment, feel free!

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Tickets = Ordered

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Hello guys,

I purchased some modules at the beginning of December, and though the status on here said it was shipped on Dec. 9th, I have not received the package at all.

I gave it some time to travel, presumable long enough for any weather issues but I've received my subscription package of the month without issue.

Is there anything can be done to look into this issue?

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Ok, just want to make sure I haven't been cheating for years.

I've always charged and power attacked with a 2H Fighter. Charge is a move action, and power attack is a standard action, correct?

So it's all good? Or have I been missing something?

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Hello, quick question regarding purchases as gifts.

My room mate is new to Pathfinder but loves it. I'm his GM and we use my core rulebook, but it's getting inconvenient to pass one book among 3-4 people during sessions, even considering a netbook with the pdf. I figured for his birthday (right around x-mas) I'd get him his own hardcopy of the book. It will come into use more when I move across the country next year.

Since we both live at the same address, and I want it to be a surprise, how do I make this work? In the checkout page there are the gift options, where I can put my name and a message. But should I have the shipping address but made in his name so he gets the package?

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Hey all, about to start DMing a CoT group.

Since all the PCs are going to be mostly natives of Westcrown I need to figure out where they are going to live and how much it costs.

Digging through the APs, Companion, and Player's Guide, I could not find the cost of living costs found in books like Guide to Absalom.

I've thought about just winging it based on other City rates (Korvosa, etc.)
Does anyone have any suggestions are the location of such information?

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If you happen to listen to Ryan Costello Jr's 12th episode of the Know Direction podcast, quarter of the way through he talks about his running of the Conflict RPG.

I was the guy who got knocked out in the middle of the map....hahaha. Still a great (version of) the game.

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Quick question, should XP be given out for traps and obstacles? For instance a Falling Block Trap is CR 5. Is that then equal to 1200 experience points?

And if xp should be given out, is it just for experiencing the trap? Or actually disarming/finding+avoiding it?

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Hey all, anyone know when the doors open? I'm driving down from everett and want to beat traffic but don't want to be too early. Thanks.

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Hello, I had subscribed to the PF RPG line and was set to get the GMG as my first item. I also set it so I could pick up my AP subscription item and the GMG at PaizoCon. This was done early last week.

I just received my shipment email for the GMG stating it is set to ship on Thursday to my normal shipping address. Unfortunately I'm already in the Seattle area gearing up for the Con but had made sure to request pick-up far in advance (early last week).

Is there a problem in that my book is going to be shipped instead of available for pick-up???


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Hey all, I'll be running Council of Thieves in a few months, more than likely with a few players who've never played RPG's before.

What I want to know is, is a Cleric important to have for the party for healing purposes? Or can a party get away without a major healer?

I don't know yet what the guys will want to play, so I want o now the la of the land before we start. Any answers or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I was incredibly bummed to realize I could no go to Gen Con this year (I've never gone) because I'd be in the Seattle, WA area for an internship. Looking here PaizoCon is in Bellevue (supposedly where my office will be!) and I want to know, since I'll be in the area and will not need a hotel room, do I still just call the number provided on the Con page and purchase a ticket?