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FGG/Necromancer Games covered plenty of other topics in their seminar, including upcoming Pathfinder projects.

All in all, it's all good stuff and FGG/NG supporting...

1. Rules Light system (S&W)
2. Rules Heavy systeem (PF)
3. Somewhere in-between system (5e)

...means more great content no matter what sort of game you prefer.

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thejeff wrote:

It makes me not bother with a personality for my character, since he's probably not going to survive long anyway. And any personality I did come up with would have to be overly rational paranoid to give it the best chance of survival.Might as well just move tokens around the board.
Not what I'm interested in.

To each their own. No one is saying you would be wrong, and no one is making you play ST, unless of course, it's your GM. :P

Even if I'm burning through characters, I typically give them one or two defining personality traits. IF he manages to survive through my own cunning, skill, etc. there will be opportunities for character development.

If I wanted to flesh out a level 1 character (I guess level doesn't matter but whatever) to the nth degree of depth, perhaps they are better off as an NPC in a campaign I would run. If not, I'm better off writing fiction then playing an RPG.

I always preferred to let the personality develop over the course of the game.

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Hey Chuck, just a quick shout out. I am a big fan of your layout style. The black and white paper coupled with your heading fonts is very evocative of gritty adventure and it really works for the kind of content FGG puts out.

Sure I love Paizo's very colorful PF work too, but Paizo material has a different 'tone' from FGG material at times.

Keep it up!

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Anyone else feel weird about this announcement?

I am excited to get my 'regular' edition. Now all of a sudden a newer MORE SPECIAL edition gets announced? Eh...

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Stefan Hill wrote:

I still WANT to see a D&D Rules Cyclopedia come out again.


You should look into Dark Dungeons. The PDF is free, and you can get a print version from

It has pretty much all the same content as Rules Cyclopedia.

EDIT: It's a retro-clone, FYI.

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Something to consider, Paizo trimmed the fat from the AP by removing some needless items, EXPANDED many parts in-turn, will sure to have GREAT production value, and is at the affordable price of $60!

I could have easily seen the product priced at $100 but $60 is awesome! That's like buying 3 issues of any other AP. Instead you get a whole campaign.

Kudos to you Paizo, for listening to fans and producing something I'm sure will have a large number of pre-orders by the end of the weekend.


See you in Sandpoint. ;)