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Jason Bulmahn wrote:
I have to roll my number of parents die.

That whole. Flipping. Scene.


Could you guys either add or expose a way to search PFS scenarios by their tag? (Repeatable, Vigilant Seal, Horizon Hunters, etc)

However, I've got a bad feeling that field is stored as just a string that the PFS teams enter everything into instead of individual tags.


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I realize I'm asking for you guys to hook into a feature that doesn't exist yet (it's technically still being kickstarted), but you might talk to the guys at HeroForge to see if there is a way you two could interact for their upcoming token features.

Then I could design a mini on their site in their upcoming color stuff, put the face on a token, and import that token over here as my avatar. That way I look exactly like I want to look and don't have to deal with the limited number of art pieces for certain races.

Again, this is waay early and very pie in the sky, but it might be worth looking at for both of you.

Vigilant Seal

Not sure what's up, but the new PFS faction icons don't display for me and I'm not sure they ever have. I see a broken image icon and "Vigilant Seal" or "Horizon Hunters" instead of the new icons.

url that it's trying to use for the icon is: https://paizo.com/image/content/PathfinderSociety/VigilantSeal_itsy.png

I get a fail-golem and the following error message when trying to access the image directly: "The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area."


Could you please change my side cart to point to my new address? I have set the new address as default for everything else.


I wanted to take a look at something from the 1.6 update, but I can't seem to find where it's located now that the playtest site has been taken over by the second edition site.

Anyone know where I can find a copy of the latest update document?

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For some reason I'm unable to delete my old lists and wishlists. They're all pretty much out of date, but it won't let me remove them.

Silver Crusade

Could you please cancel all of my subscriptions?

Thank you!

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Did these get added as playable in PFS with Inner Sea Races? I didn't see anything saying 'yes', but wanted to make certain that I didn't miss something.

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I was going to comment about it being the wrong video, but in the time it took to click the link you guys fixed it.

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I've heard rumors that something like what I'm asking for may be in development, but rumors are rumors.

Okay, right now when people want to sign up for a play-by-post, they have a couple different methods.

You've got recruitment in the thread, link to a Google Doc, some are first-come-first-serve, others are lottery, some are curated. There are virtual Pathfinder lodges like Flaxseed Lodge where a whole bunch of GMs have gotten together to put all of their signups and announcements.

With people relying on Google Docs for signups, it becomes hard to search for scenarios. If you have a good Lodge thread to search though you can generally get around this by manually searching each of the signup sheets on a regular basis.

It would be nice to have a more robust recruitment system.

  • Be able to assign a certain number of slots to your recruitment.
  • Choose whether you're doing FCFS, lottery, curated, etc.
  • Systems to handle the actual FCFS, lottery, curated, etc.
  • Be able to tag your recruitment thread in various ways to note the type of game you're running.
  • Be able to filter recruitment threads for the type you're looking for. PFS-only, AP, Non-Pathfinder, Homebrewed, level-range, etc.
  • Turn off your recruitment listing after you've reached your goal or recruitment automatically unlists itself after 2 weeks.
  • The Moon*

* Not really, but being as I'm asking for a huge multi-month coding project I figured I'd go for broke

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Are they not doing the season faction updates in the forums now?

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With the end of the book and Varian's plan to try and make Radovan a baron with a portion of land in the corner of Cheliax...

Do you think this will end up tying in with the Hell's Rebels and Hell's Vengeance APs?

Will we see Varian stuck unwillingly on one side of the conflict with Radovan taking up arms on the other side?

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Well, this probably does it under anyone's account, but the title of the page in the header is "Order Checkout" for some reason. I imagine it's because it's using code from the secure area, but I figured you'd want to know.

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I'm running a PbP of The Confirmation using all vigilantes. Right now, people are finalizing characters at the start of the game.

Current worries and concerns from the players:
While the class might be good for campaigns, there's a lot of worry how it will work in shorter one-shot things like PFS. Most of the time, you won't be able to have time to get your renown setup in an area.

Others are concerned that they could build the same concepts easier in other classes.

First level seems to lack some of the things that could make the class a little more unique. At the moment it just comes with the very basics and a mask/cape.

I'll keep this updated as things go on.

Grand Lodge

Please, post something with the following information.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Day Job Roll (if any):

Grand Lodge

The invitation delivered last night was remarkably simple, especially given the importance of the occasion: “Start where it all began. Meet us at the Pig’s Paunch one hour before dawn.”

The Pig’s Paunch is a run-down building with a faded sign of a large pig standing on its hind legs, arms folded above a corpulent belly. Inside, the air is thick with the scents of human sweat, stale tobacco, and leftover food. In the center of the room, surrounded by inebriates sleeping off their revelries, a familiar elven man stands high upon top of a large round table.

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Do we still get ePubs now that TOR is distributing? I don't see it in my downloads even though I picked up the book with my subscriptions at PaizoCon.

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DMs have the ability to put links, info, and other things to be displayed at the top of the campaign threads.

However! You can't see that info when previewing your post. This is awkward when you need access to the map link or something like that. I've had to open a second tab just to make sure I had access to it. It's a little awkward.

Could you please include this information near the edit window on the preview post page?

Silver Crusade

Could you add the Empyreal Lord holy symbols to the religious symbol download? Please?

Silver Crusade

Anyone up for taking a trip out to the Fremont Troll and back again?

I keep telling my kids there are trolls under bridges, but they don't believe me. I want to get a picture to prove it. ;)

Silver Crusade

I appear to have two eTickets for PaizoCon and one eTicket for the banquet.

As far as I know, I should only have one ticket for each. If I've somehow purchased an extra ticket for the convention, I'd like to return it.

If I can't return it and haven't paid for it, let me know and I'll see if my nephew wants to go with. ;)

Silver Crusade

I accidentally created some extra lists (not wishlists). They still had the default name with zero items in them.

Realizing my error, I deleted them. Except they only half deleted. They're still on my lists page, but if you click on them they just redirect to the Paizo page.

If you need any additional details, feel free to PM me.

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Well, while looking into a trade bug, I ended up finding out what the lowest reputation term is in the trade interface.

I'm pretty sure that these settings are the defaults that show in the event everything else is borked, but it's funny to see anyway.

Link to image

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I know there are a lot of settlements and companies using Enjin. They have just added PFO to their list of supported games.

What does this mean? You can now attach that game type to your website and list yourselves as recruiting for the game. Aka: not much, but it is nice that they added the game.

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I've thrown together a quick and dirty Goblinworks employee post tracker.

It's at bare-minimum html right now, but I hope to clean it up a bit when I have some time. It grabs GW employee posts every 5 minutes.


I hope you guys find it useful.

Also, in case people have missed it in another post: I wrote a full leaderboard with everyone, not just the top 40 that updates every 15 minutes.


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This hereby states that there are independent settlements... somewhere... probably. But, in order to stay independent, those independent settlements cannot sign into this league nor can they say they support it.

All in favor of this, do not sign yourself up to it.

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Alignment: Chaotic Good
Website: Tavernhold.com
Our Goals: Fighting monsters, drinking merrily, having fun

We want you or your guild to join our settlement. Sure, you can join our guilds as well, but you don't have to do that. Settlements are made of many small groups coming together for a common purpose and that's what this is about. Settlements.

As far as size goes, you've got:

  • Parties (which are just like they are in any game)
  • Companies (which are guilds or clans in any other game)
  • Settlements (which is a group of companies and random members)
  • Nations (which is a group of settlements)

If you're looking at your half-dozen friends and wishing you could be part of something bigger, then come on in and join us. Your group won't lose its identity by becoming part of our settlement. We're a relaxed sort of group and are looking to build a settlement where people can have fun.

Bring your whole guild and join our settlement. Let us know your contact information and we can add your group to the list of founders.

The Founding Fathers

Group: The Golden Flask
Role: Heroes for hire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Cayden Cailean
Blurb: As the Accidental God has shown us, life's best adventures are unplanned. You need to simply surround yourself with friends and set out to find whatever destiny has in store for you. Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest and see all that you can while living it. Come chance the awesome undertakings which fate has in store for you and seek your fortunes with us.


Group: The Dream Seekers
Role: Guardians of Travelers
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Desna
Accepted Positions: All positions.
Blurb: By Desna's grace we have found ourselves blessed with good friends in the members of the Golden Flask, and have joined forces with our freedom-and-ale-loving friends, and now we seek to turn our focus from the running of a settlement, to the managing of a church in the settlement of Tavernhold. We plan to act as a place of refuge and a central hub for all members and allies of the faith who travel through the area.


Insert your guild here!

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I've started to realize that we've got a bunch of computer programmers in our community. Everyone's more or less working on their own.

What would happen if we got them all together and told them to build something like wowhead or allakazam for PFO?

I want to find out.

I've got a domain and webhosting we can build off of and I'm a decent programmer.

It hates my payment method on this order. Absolutely hates it. I have tried changing it to things that I know that are perfectly fine and have no problems, but it just will not let anything work.

I've tried changing payment methods, re-creating payment methods, and all sorts of things. I can use those payment methods to order other things, but I just can't use them to fix this order.

It is borken (yes, I spelled it borken).

I got a summer internship and won't be able to make it out to the convention.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend next year.

Half of this order from Nov 12th still hasn't shipped.

Game Space Beta Tester

I've somehow acquired beta access to Paizo Game Space, but I don't have anyone in my regular group of friends who also has an invite. I also have no invites to share with anyone, so if you want to be involved, you've got to have your own beta key.

I'm looking to get a group together to put the system through its paces. I don't necessarily have the time to be the GM, but I can provide chat services (a Mumble server) and would be able to play.

If there's anyone who is already in the beta who is interested, let's see what we can setup.

Grand Lodge

The large meeting room in the Pathfinder Lodge of Heidmarch Manor in the city of Magnimar sits mainly empty. Seven comfortable chairs surround a long table in the center of the room. A map of what appears to be Varisia lays partially unfurled in the center of the table with several locations circled and marked with symbols. Other than these treatments and some tasteful art lining the walls, the room sits empty.

Grand Lodge

Discussion goes here.

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I've uploaded a copy of the Calibre recipe (link to the post on my website with the recipe) I use to download the Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction into an easy to deal with little e-book.

I tested it shortly before creating the post so it should work fine until the Paizo web team changes something.

Otherwise, it's a quick (6 minute) way to archive off a copy of the web fiction to peruse on your e-reader of choice.

Visions of WAR: The Art of Wayne Reynolds Hardcover

I just realized I had this in my sidecart from another order and had forgotten I'd already ordered it. Could you please cancel this order?

I've had an item in my sidecart since 2011... could you guys just remove it? It's been backordered that whole time and I gave up and just threw a different color (that is in stock) in my cart.

Item to be removed: Set of 10 Hybrid Pearl Dice Red

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Guard duty can be a pretty tedious task. Long periods of boredom interrupted by brief moments of panic. Most of the time, you're going to be standing there and if someone who you don't immediately recognize approaches, you stop them, question them, and either let them pass or drive them away (or maybe shuffle them off this mortal coil).

If someone is using a disguise with a random name associated with it, then they'll probably be fairly easy to pick out of a crowd. This puts a damper on assassination attempts.

The question comes down to... how do you make things more interesting for guard duty and give a viable cover for assassins to plot their schemes?

My answer: PvE!

So, while you're on guard duty, you'll have NPCs randomly come to gain entrance into your fair city. Some of them will be "fellow citizens" which you can allow to pass. Others might be bandits, spies, thieves, vigilantes, wanted men, etc whom you will want to either turn away or capture for a reward.

This gives a guard something to actively do instead of just camping his character at the gate and putting on a season of Game of Thrones on the other monitor. Their ability to let through good citizens and turn away bad ones can reflect on their duty report to whomever is fitting the bill for their guard services.

This means a guard will need high checks in the equivalent of perception, sense motive, and knowledge (local) to tell the difference between bandits and citizens.

I hear you ask, "Where do assassins come in?" Easy. If you've got NPCs occasionally trying to gain entrance to the city "to do business" then the assassin can just turn on their "NPC Reactions" button and pretend to be an NPC. This will let them aim their character, but otherwise it will react like one of these NPCs from the guards perspective. Someone who has put a lot of effort into their guard duties (head of the town watch) might see through the Assassin's disguise more easily than a rookie on the job.

Anyway, this is my idea on how to make guard duty an active job and also give Assassins a better way to sneak in undetected.

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Okay, we've heard a lot of concepts about what a settlement can control and its influence on points of interest in outlying hexes. However, what if the only thing you own is the point of interest? We've got Forts, Inns, Watchtowers, etc that any Chartered Company can build.

Say a chartered company of drunken braggarts builds an inn. What sort of knobs do they have control over? What bonuses will this bring to them? What sort of protection can they arrange (PvP Window for the structure), etc? Can they build this inn anywhere or does it need to be adjacent to the settlement sponsoring your chartered company? If so, what happens when you change settlements?

I'm interested if any of these questions have answers yet in the process of designing the game system.

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Is anyone going to be playing a priest (cleric, paladin, ranger, druid, oracle, or any other type of clergy) formally or informally?

If so, who do you worship?

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So, I've been tracking down and downloading all of the nice, long deity articles from the APs.

I've got ones for:
Abadar (#8)
Asmodeus (#29)
Besmara (#55)
Calistria (#17)
Cayden Cailean (#14)
Desna (#2)
Erastil (#32)
Gorum (#35)
Gozreh (#38)
Iomedae (#26)
Irori (#53)
Lamastshu (#5)
Nethys (#41)
Norgorber (#59)
Pharasma (#44)
Rovagug (#23)
Saranrae (#20)
Shelyn (#50)
Urgathoa (#47)
Ydersius (#42)
Zon-Kuthon (#11)

Have I missed any?

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Based on the most recent GoblinWorks blog post, I'd like to run through some concepts about what more direct influence religion could hold for game mechanics.

Okay, let's say that there is a hypothetical settlement named Brewerton. In that settlement, they have a tavern/church/holy place devoted to Cayden Cailean. Now, being as Pathfinder Online is vaguely based off of Kingmaker, I suppose that you'd end up having a cleric of some variety or even a whole congregation of clerics devoted to this holy place.

Now, all of the clergy are deeply devoted drinkers... err... holy men with their alignment as Chaotic Good like that of their Patron Deity. They've got the appropriate merit badges to run some sort of place of worship and all of that sort of thing.

I presume that various types of holy places grant various types of bonuses and allows for various services to be available to the public at large depending partly on its influence of good versus evil: (un)holy water, blessings, healing, resurrection, (anti-)necromancy stuff, etc.

A: Does the Patron Deity of Choice factor into special bonuses above and beyond those provided? For example, does a church of Cayden Cailean provide slightly different bonuses than a church of Sarenrae?

2: Do those special bonuses get adjusted based off of how devout its clergy are?

Lastly: Would those type of bonuses affect be only for the church or in some cases would they broaden out to affect the settlement as a whole?

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I've put together a list for all chartered companies I could find in a quick perusal of the forums.

--- Chartered Company List ---

If you would like your Chartered Company added to this list, then send me a private message with the title of:
"PFO CC List - [CompanyName]"

Include in the message:

  • A link to the thread announcing your company
  • A 5 (five) word synopsis of your company
  • The company's primary alignment

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One thing I saw that was pretty useful in SW:TOR was in the lead up to the launch of the game they had a guild creation system in their website. This allowed for people who were planning on playing the game to have information of their guild available as well as the ability to pre-add interested parties to their guild.

I have no idea if a feature like this would be practical to create after the Goblinworks forums get up and running, but it would be kind of nice.

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Name: The Golden Flask
Role: Heroes for hire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Cayden Cailean
Accepted Positions: All positions.

  • Have dangerous adventures
  • Drink merrily with friends
  • Make money
  • Build a tavern as headquarters for the above goals

  • Freedom Fighters - Fight in wars to stop tyranny and oppression of the innocent. Also, tyrants keep the best treasure troves.
  • Monster Slayers - Keep local population safe from the threats of the wilds. And the local population will usually buy you a drink for doing it.
  • Dungeon Runners - Fantastic adventures and stories to unfold. Not to mention quite a bit of loot.
  • Caravan Guards - Well, you need some way to find those dungeons and monsters. What better than being paid to take long trips across the countryside?

Why Us: As the Accidental God has shown us, life's best adventures are unplanned. You need to simply surround yourself with friends and set out to find whatever destiny has in store for you. Life is too short not to enjoy it to its fullest and see all that you can while living it. Come chance the awesome undertakings which fate has in store for you and seek your fortunes with us.

Who Are We Looking For: Anyone looking to enjoy life or to have incredible exploits. Being able to help defend others or beat back the dangerous creatures we come across is a major plus.

To Join: For now just post in this thread.

Could you move the backordered item on order #1909890 to my sidecart so the rest can ship out? I really want to get started on the minis and the dice can wait.

So awesome that I bought 3.

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