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Would this new Magus archetype work?

I have built an Inquisitor (Sanctified Slayer/Ravener Hunter) took Weapon Mastery for free weapon focus. To get around the missing Point Blank Master, I instead went in the Empty Quiver Style feat tree. As a human you can get the first feat as early as level 5. I gave the Ranger in my party a run for their money.

Does a fast healer bloodrager work as Deadpool. Full BAB, rage powers = maximum effort. Using half orc to get the fast healer feat quickly.....

There is a new Bouncer Archetype for the Brawler now.

derpdidruid wrote:
Well, the best AOO build I can think of is a mounted half-elf reach hunter, using teamwork feats and high crit ranges to get upwards of 12 AOO's out of one AOO. All this combined with the fact that hunter has access to a bunch of stuff that boosts AOO's (Like paired oppurtunist, snake animal focus and outflank+pack flanking) means that most of those attacks will be hitting at around +25.

Sorry for the necro thread, but can I please see this AOO build?

Have you looked at a vanilla Samurai? Weapon Expertise (Ex): At 3rd level, a samurai gains an unparalleled expertise with his chosen weapons. At 3rd level, the samurai selects either the katana, longbow, naginata, or wakizashi. The samurai can draw the selected weapon as a free action as if he had the Quick Draw feat. In addition, whenever he threatens a critical hit with the selected weapon, he gains a +2 bonus on the confirmation roll. Finally, his samurai levels count as fighter levels and stack with any fighter levels he possesses for the purposes of meeting the prerequisites for feats that specifically select his chosen weapon, such as Weapon Specialization.

Aether Kineticist with the Trapfinder trait. Disabling devices form afar, telekinetic mage hand, telekinetic haul go into earth and get temorsense.

The Pathfinder Worldscape provided some interesting archetypes. Sword-Devil or if guns are allowed Warlord both provide a method of unarmored AC.

If you don't want to focus too much on melee. I suggest looking into Empty Quiver Style which would allow you to use your bow as a melee weapon. However once you get point blank master, you don't need to switch hit much.

We could just build a Witch Killer Slayer. They seems to be best equipped to handle arcane casters. Another route is to use drow and their innate spell resistance or take the Accursed Feat.

What about this - Wanderer Monk with the Blade of the Sword Saint

This would work as well. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/c-d/cord- of-stubborn-resolve/

Hmmm, this makes an Iron Caster even more interesting.

I am reading this thread and was wondering. As per RAW brawler's flurry gives the brawler the TWF feat with unarmed, close and monk weapons. So if someone uses Versatile Design (Close Weapon Group) to a 2H weapon like a greatsword. Can you use brawler's flurry with it? You are not wielding two weapons.

You can try making a Lore Warden, the massive CMB bonus of the Lore Warden will let you land ranged maneuver feats from a safe distance. With Ranged Disarm, Ranged Trip and Ace Disarm, it can perform Steal, Disarm and Trip maneuvers from afar.

Could you not reflavour the temple sword to look like a Katana?

I would think that the Wanderer Archetype for a human monk is built to be Samurai Jack. (Remember monks jump very well ;))

Has anyone thought of using a Kasthsa as a race for the build? You would not need to a monk dip because of the multiweapon fighting feat, Perception class skill and +2 dodge AC.