Samurai Jack


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They just released the show on Netflix, so I wanted to see how people would build this character. I had originally thought the straight samurai class would work, but I am thinking that more is needed.

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I think Jack would be a multiclassed Monk/Ranger using some archetype without spell casting and animal companion..

He's about 10th level, IMO. Maybe a bit higher, but no more than 12th level.

I think I might be able to throw a build later...

BTW: They really should make a movie with that franchise.

War blade, with a couple levels of monk, level 20.

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3PP options - Rite Publishing Way of the Samurai supplement.

Yojimbo (ranger archetype) replaces spell casting with Ancestral Discourse granting limited and hour long bonuses, or contact with an ancestral spirit for non future augery, and gets an initiative bonus to step in front of blows against guarded individuals (yojimbo means 'bodyguard').

Tajiya (samurai archetype) is kind of a paladin among samurai with special skills in killing outsiders - oni and yurei ghosts. Plus there's an Order of Tajiya that offers additional bonuses against outsiders.

Mosa prestige class, a stalwart defender 'tank' among samurai warriors.

There are other archetypes, but these are the most appropriate.

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id say 3 levels of weapon master figher for weapon training (Heavy blades) . And then 6+ Sohei monk . and since a sohei can flurry with anything that he has weapon training in you can now flurry with a katana. also it allows you to have a decent ac in those robes of his.

One level of Bladebound Kensai would probably make sense.

Only the first season :(

Blind Archers is probably the best episode from that season. There are just some others later on that *rock* *FACE.*

Bladebound Kensai is a great idea. I love samurai and samurai movies, though the straight samurai doesn't really do it for me.

LG. Definitely want some Monk levels. Jack is just too badass for words. Makes it kinda difficult. Maybe something with the Swordlord PrC or something similar. Ya need that crazy magic sword too....

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Lemmy wrote:

BTW: They really should make a movie with that franchise.

They were going to and the the PPG movie bombed and they dropped it. Tartakovsky tried really hard to get CN to change their minds but they wouldn't budge. With the Veronica Mars KS being so successful, that might change.

I think Paladin should be in the mix as well.

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Definitely a few paladin levels in there.
Warblade works better then any other class, if for no other reason then 'jump good'.
Yes, needs some monk/sohei levels for an AC bonus.
He's got some form of stealth training...the episode where he fights the ninja and 'hides in the light' is cool.

And he's level badass he can take any weapon, armor or gear and handle it better then any normal person would believe possible.


Yamabushi (paladin archetype) from Rite Publishing Way of the Samurai.

You may not even be interested in 3PP, just letting you know that Japanese flavored versions of these class choices exist, though designed for use in Kaidan, it works for Minkai, or any other Asian setting.

Great suggestions! I think that monk sprinkles is a universal suggestion here. LG without question, and a toss up between paladin, samurai, and spell less ranger. Any stat suggestions? Shooting for a 20- 25 point buy kinda limits what you can do, but lets you plug him in to any existing games with ease.

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Spell less ranger with FE: Constructs, Humans and Evil Outsiders would be a nasty picture, given how many robots he fights.



Remember, he has to be able to jump good.

Although Samurai Jack received training in multiple locales and there are good arguments for several different classes, there are a few key things to keep in mind that I think make him definitively a Monk/Samurai.

Samurai is in the name, and he's bound to the code so it seems necessary. The variants suggested above are definitely appropriate.

His stuff isn't magical, which means he's jumping via another ability - almost definitely monk.

Given his prodigious abilities in combat, without monk style feats Jack would have to be 20th level (or even higher) to achieve the kind of stunts he routinely pulls off.

Samurai (Tajiya)8/Monk 8 seems reasonable. He's not so powerful as to be prohibitive, so introducing him in some role to level 13-14 PCs wouldn't be unreasonable. This also means that he can do all the crazy jumps and incredible feats of daring that make him so great while still being able to maintain a strong defense in combat and effect defense-laden creatures without resorting to magic items. Throw in some well chosen feats (improved critical and spring attack are the two that strike me as absolutely necessary, and some vital strikes are recommended).

A quick mock up (there's probably an error or two in here) might look like this.

Samurai Jack Samurai (Tajiya) 8/Monk 8
Init +11; Senses Perception +19
AC 24 (+7 Dex, +1 dodge, +2 monk, +4 wis)
hp 144 (8d10+8d8+64)
Fort +16, Ref +15, Will +12
Speed 50 ft.
Melee mw katana +19/+14/+9 (1d10+6, Crit 15-20/x2)
Str 18, Dex 24, Con 18, Int 15, Wis 18, Cha 14
Base Atk +14; CMB +20; CMD 41
Feats Acrobatic, Acrobatic Dodge ( ats/acrobatic-dodge-combat), Crane Style, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Crane Wing, Crane Riposte, Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike
Skills Acrobatics +30 (+38 jump), Climb +19, Diplomacy +15, Escape Artist +20, Intimidate +13, Knowledge (history) +9, Perception +19, Ride +16, Sense Motive +19, Stealth +20, Swim +19
Bonus Feat (Dodge, Deflect Arrows, Mobility), Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike, Evasion, Fast Movement (+20 ft.), Maneuver Training, Still Mind, Ki pool (magic), slow fall 40 ft., high jump, purity of body, wholeness of body
Challenge 3/day, Tajiya's Challenge, Order, The Hunter's Eye, Tajiya Honor, Order ability x2, Honor's Blade, A Pox on the Blight, Tajiya's Banner, Bonus feat (Improved Critical: Katana)

Very nice Mike! What were your starting stats?

I have a possible 25 point buy, Samurai 10/Ninja 10 build I'm hashing out ATM.

Ninja because halved DCs to jump I believe will trump +20 by spending Ki or adding half the level.

Stat array would look something like this (before racial mods):

Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 7

Cha is 7 because I needed a dump stat and I don't remember Jack being exactly the most charismatic guy.

I actually built a sheet for him a while ago. Gave him four classes. Sword Saint(Samurai), QG Monk(Used Sword of the Saint so he could flurry with it), Ninja and Fighter(actually had ranger at one point, but dropped it). Givin' his background I actually think the multiple classes thing works well for him, though probably all that effective in real play. This version also has mythic tiers for s!+# like aerial assault(It fits so f&!%ing perfectly...) and because... this is Jack we are talking about, if he doesn't qualify for mythic, nothing does. Biggest issue was getting his AC up while staying within wealth per level and keeping the sword... probably should have ignored that stuff though.

Male Lawful Good Human Sword Saint/Qg Monk/Ninja/Fighter, Level 3/4/2/2, Init +23, HP 106/106, Speed 40
AC 21, Touch 19, Flat-footed 16, Fort +12, Ref +11, Will +7, Base Attack Bonus 9/9, Mythic Points 11
Deadly, +3, Ki Intensifying Blade of the Sword-Saint (Katana) (SF dc 24) +19/+19(+18/+18/+18) (1d8+9+5(1d8+6+5), 15-20/x2)
Unarmed Attack 15/15(14/14/14) (1d6+6, 20/x2)
Bracer of Armor +2 (+2 Armor, +3 Dex, +1 Natural, +3 Misc)
Abilities Str 22, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Condition None


I had the build written up and the board wiped it.


He was lookin' pretty good too. Sword Saint/Ninja (Scout) 10 apiece. Ended up with a solid 17 BaB and qualified for Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Focus, which is always a plus. I gave him High Jumper along with his 10 Ninja levels, and unless I'm dead wrong that makes jump DCs to high jump 1/4 the norm.

He had a +5 Holy Speed Katana with a basic attack routine of +32/+32/+27/+22/+17 with 1d8+19 damage and a 15-20/x2 crit range, and an AC of 34 with his +8 Bracers of Armor, and +5 Amulet of Natural Armor/Ring of Protection and 22 Dex.

Yeah yeah, Christmas Tree Jack but that's the only way to actually do anything effectively in this game.

I'll put it all back up tomorrow. I have most of it in a Drive character sheet I use but I have to retype it for here and most people tell me the sheet I use is confusing.

Byrdology wrote:
Very nice Mike! What were your starting stats?

Oh I dispensed with regular build points of any kind. It is Samurai Jack we're talking about, so he started with an 18 in the physicals and wisdom, racial +2 to dexterity and then another +4 to that from level attribute bonuses.

Dotting, because I would love to see if anyone can come up with a build that gets a good unarmored AC but actually uses weapons.

First post on paizo. My idea for samurai jack oddly enough has no samurai levels.

Samurai Jack
Lawful Good Human

Alternate Racial Traits:
+Heart of Wilderness

Levels in order:
Fighter(Unbreakable) 1
Monk(Sohei) 2-7
Ranger(Trapper) 8
Monk(Sohei) 9-12
Ninja 13,14
Monk(Sohei) 15-20

Feats in order:
Human - Power Attack
Fighter - Endurance, Diehard
1 - Cleave
Monk - Improved Unarmed Strike, Dodge
3 - Cleaving Finish
Monk - Combat Reflexes
5 - Great Cleave
Monk - Mobility
7 - Combat Patrol
9 - Improved Cleaving Finish
11 - Improved Sunder
Monk - Improved Critical
13 - Critical Focus
15 - Bleeding Critical
17 - Flanking Foil
18 - Deflect Arrows
19 - Sundering Strike

Acrobatics, Climb, Disable Device, Handle Animal, Heal, Perception, Ride, Swim, Stealth, Survival

+Heart of Wilderness adds to survival and negative hitpoint total
+Half Sohei level to initiative checks, act in surprise round
+Main weapon is the Nodachi(1d10/18-20/x2/SoP/brace) polearm weapon
+Weapon training, ki weapon, mount shares buff, flurry trained weapon
+Ranger Favored Enemy is to constructs
+Trapper Ranger adds disable device and can disable magical traps
+Ninja talent should be forgotten trick to have wide utility
+Can add Qinggong monk and trade diamond soul
+Sohei monk speed ideal for jack's sandals
+1d6 sneak attack

+With vow of poverty he will have his monk robes with straw hat, his sandals, a bowl, sack, blanket, and his sword
+Combat Patrol constantly and once surrounded ki weapon before cleaving or flurrying
+Nodachi is a two handed weapon but can replace last few monk levels with titan mauler barbarian for jotungrip if one handed preferable

Without ability scores: BAB 15, AC 14, Init+8, For+14, Ref+15, Wil+10
Only need human, Strength/Dexterity of 13, Lawful Good alignment

Psychic Warrior, Meditant archetype, with the Heirloom Weapon trait to get the longsword proficiency.

Well... I myself was wanting to build The Scotsman, but I have really no idea on how to do it... I was thinking a bara but i really don't know...

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Considering that Jack has trained all over the world since he was a child, and mastered multiple weapons and forms of combat, combined with his spiritual Monk training, I would honestly just make Jack a Fighter/Monk, probably a Mythic one at that. Monk for the Skills/saves/Unarmored(he can wear armor but prefers to go without) and has been seen to fight foes with nothing but his hands, but prefers his sword. A Fighter to show all of the techniques (Feats and weapon training) he has learned over the years.

Monk abilities explain his acrobatics, his preference to be lightly armored and proficiency in unarmed combat.

While Fighter (maybe a non magical Ranger) and all the feats it grants explain his ability to just dominate in a straight up melee. He himself is never seen to use any supernatural abilities, just RAW physical prowess. He has not magical abilities (so no magus/paladin) and rarely rides a mount (so no cavalier). Jack is just a guy with a sword.

His Sword is defiantly a Major Artifact. Seriously the thing was forged for his father by the three gods Odin, Ra, and Shiva working together, if that isn't an artifact nothing is.

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I always thought him more of a Sword Saint Samurai myself.

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Sword Saint could work, but that is not how I see Jack honestly. At his most impressive moments Jack simply wades into an entire army of enemies, weapon already drawn, and he just starts slaughtering them. Or he is in a dual with a single opponent or a small group. Except for some very impressive acrobatics (dip into monk) Jack just dominates his foe with power and skill. Which means combat feats and probably fighter features, and fighter levels would give him more combat feats to further dominate.

in the current run of samurai jack on CN. the first episodes had him in some armor. just saying.

got get back, back to the past and all that......

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Just make samurai Jack a brawler. If his versatility and flexibility is the only hang up...just making him a brawler solves a lot of things.

Instead of going for monk/fighter...just go with the brawler class. Quite possibly the winding path renegade to get some of the monk abilities.

It gives you access to all the feats and cover easily the Jack trained in all kind of fighting styles around the world, as he can just switch to the style that he needs.

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Eltacolibre wrote:

Just make samurai Jack a brawler. If his versatility and flexibility is the only hang up...just making him a brawler solves a lot of things.

Instead of going for monk/fighter...just go with the brawler class. Quite possibly the winding path renegade to get some of the monk abilities.

It gives you access to all the feats and cover easily the Jack trained in all kind of fighting styles around the world, as he can just switch to the style that he needs.

A Brawler is not proficient in all weapons, a Fighter is proficient with all weapons. Jack literally spent his child hood traveling the world being trained in every known form of martial combat. A Brawler punches people, a Cavalier uses mounted combat and challenges, a Paladin uses Divine Powers.

A fighter uses pure martial skill, Jack uses Pure Martial Skill. Does not matter if he is using his favorite sword, a spear, his hands, what ever. Jack is a master of All martial combat. What versatility Jake shows is mostly of an acrobatic nature, mainly his jumping. So Fighter, and a small dip into Monk to explain the few none fighter skills he does have (acrobatics and stealth).

I could also see Jack being a non magic Ranger, but Jack is defiantly not a Brawler.


Jack defeated Aku,and in doing so lost his love in so thorough a manner. Leave the poor man alone. His story is done.

I mean, you could make him a PoW Warlord with the Bushi template. Have him make heavy use of Mithral Current and Scarlet Throne maneuvers with a smattering of Silver Crane; if legacy weapons were a thing in Pathfinder, Jack's katana could also grant maneuvers (similarly to how the swords in Tome of Battle did, like Kamate giving 5/day free uses of the steel wind strike).

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* Jack rarely fails a save of any type.
* Jack rages all the time, but is of good alignment
* Jack doesn't sneak-attack, so no ninja or rogue levels.
* Jack is steeped in honor, so samurai, monk, and paladin all appropriate
* Jack typically does not wear armor, although he is capable of it
* Jack routinely fights evil-outsiders

human alternative racial trait: Heart of the Wilderness
character traits: Berserker of the Society, Swordlord's Page

1. bloodrager (celestial bloodline), Fey Foundling, Shadowhunter (Iron Will)
2. samurai1 [Challenge][Resolve]
3. paladin1 Extra Rage
4. paladin2 [Divine Grace]
5. monk1 [Sohei][feat:Mounted Skirmisher], Raging Vitality
6. monk2 [Evasion][feat:Deflect Arrows]
7. monk3 [Still Mind], FEAT(g)
8. monk4 [Ki Pool][Ki Weapon]
9. monk5 [High Jump], Extra Ki
10 monk6 [feat:Mobility][Weapon Training: Heavy Blades]
11 paladin3, Greater Mercy
12 (any martial class)

Monk vows: Celibacy, Cleanliness, Fasting, Truth (total +4 ki)

GM fiat: Mounted Skirmisher also works with vehicles and pretty much anything else he can hang onto that's moving, whether of its own accord or being ridden/handled.

Equipment: Gloves of Dueling, Cord of Stubborn Resolve, Headband of Unshakeable Resolve, misc other mid-priced equipment.

Jack's katana is a +1/Furious/Holy sword.

I would say Samurai Sword Saint archetype fits Samurai Jack perfectly imo.

How wonderful for sales!

Spheres of Might, Wandering Swordsman is a Samurai archetype that should allow for Samurai Jack prett easily. Spheres of Might is also pretty much capable of recreating martial characters of all sorts too.

What about this - Wanderer Monk with the Blade of the Sword Saint

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