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I've been using Imjika and so far so good. I was able to beat the first three B scenarios. Surprisingly the third scenario was harder for me than the second.

Any tips on which powers/skills/feats/rolls to take later on?

Thank you all for the tips. I can't wait to start.

I just bought the base set and I was wondering if it is possible to beat the game with a single character (or fun)? If so, is there a character you recommend?

I plan on playing solo and I would like to use as few characters as possible so that I don't end up confusing myself.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Can't stop laughing. Well played.

yup. (too late at night for longer reply), looks good to me.

Personally, I like the small added challenge that comes with the first adventure deck with the base set. If I do die, which hasn't happened yet, it's only 1 or 2 scenarios I need to retry. Plus if I happen to acquire a create boon, that is my reward for the extra challenge. Plus I am lazy and play to many characters to keep pulling cards out every time. Try it both way.

Either way, I think the support you provide for this game is amazing. Thanks!

Vic Wertz wrote:

This clearly needs to be added to the FAQ, but "Combat" is *not* synonymous with "check to defeat a monster."

First, it's only a Combat check when the check actually says "Combat" above the circle.

Next, the only thing that causes damage on a failed check is when that check is to defeat a monster—and that damage happens whether it's a Combat check or not.

Finally, damage only counts as Combat damage when you're failing a Combat check against a monster, or if the card otherwise tells you it deals Combat damage.

So, checks to defeat a Battered Chest, Mystic Inscription, or Collapsed Ceiling are not Combat checks, because they don't say "Combat" in the "Check to Defeat" section.

They don't deal damage based on subtracting your roll from the number in the circle, because they are not Monsters.

Collapsed Ceiling *does* deal Combat damage, because it actually says so on the card (but nothing about that makes it a Combat check).

Wow. That's definitly a big change to the way I have been playing. Thanks for the follow up. I have only been giving combat damage when I am specifically doing a combat check, if it's a check to defeat (like siren) I usually just did the bad stuff if I failed, i didn't take additional damage. Good to know. t

After a few plays, once I reached the second adventure deck I just leave it in. If I start a new character, it's like a small bonus, the possibility of better loot but at the same time having to handle tougher monsters. It's worked out fine so far.

done and done! Subscribed now. Thanks for the help all!

ciretose wrote:

And Amazon will be actually available well after that...

Your best bet is to subscribe. You get a 20% discount and the PDF as well and you can unsubscribe at any time with no penalty.


Hopefully this thread isn't out of line but I had a question about what is the fastest and cheapest way of obtaining the next adventure pack. On the price seems to be at $15 but it says it comes out in November. While here the price seems to be 19.99 but with 20% off with subscription, does it include S/H? What are you all doing when it comes to preordering? Thank you in advance.

Dale Skinner wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

The first section of the FAQ has been posted here.

Right now, it covers only questions that result in changes to the rulebook. It will be updated with questions that result in changes to cards next week.

We will eventually create a revised PDF of the rulebook incorporating these changes, but we don't currently have a timetable to announce for that.

There are several other questions that will likely result in changes to the rulebook currently in discussion, so don't worry if you don't see stuff here yet!

Hi Vic

I was wondering if you will do an FAQ in PDF to download,

The FAQ is going to be changing a lot in the next few weeks. Why don't you just print to pdf and save it locally.

Q1. Yes you populate the hand by drawing her starting hand limit from a shuffled deck, you also have to have the character's "favorite card"

Q2. To do an "attack" as a spellcaster, you have to utilize a spell (or weapon). Seoni has an ability that lets her do a spell by discarding a card, while Ezren has a high number of spells. The standard attack is with the strength melee trait, then you wouldn't need a weapon or a spell.

doing forget that the healing potions are not "basic" so you can't use those when refilling your item deck after a game.

Myriade wrote:
One factor is wether you play solo or with a group. When playing solo, I'm gonna boost more the average skills so the character can face more diverse situations. If playing in a group, I would increase my best skill, to be even more of a specialist. Time will tell if it's a good strategy.

Thank you. Currently, just playing solo to get a feel of the game. So I will try to make her more well rounded.

As a fairly new RPG player, I have been having some trouble figuring out what factors I should be considering when I pick a feat. For instance, I am playing as the rouge and I am not pretty sure I know how all the skills would affect the game (other than dexterity). What factors do you guys consider in picking a feat? Thank you!!

thanks for the explanation. Makes sense to me.

My question is, can you use a card that "reduces combat damage" if that damage is being brought to you by the power of a monster. Some monsters do damage before the encounter. Sometimes the power of the monster states that the damage may not be reduced but sometimes it doesn't state that. IT would seem to me that you can't ever use a "reduces combat damage" card to reduce the damage from a power of a monster, but only damage dealt from the combat check. Any thoughts?

Thanks! Mike your responses are super appreciated! Thanks for the support.

I'm still a bit confused. Tclifford said you just ignore what the encounter card says? Is that not the case? Still apply immunities? Ty

How does evade work if a monster is immune to "mental" but the evade has the trait "mental", is it not evaded?

Ajaxis wrote:
Long and well thought out post deleted as I didn't realize you meant solo play in the card game. So my suggestion of an alchemist / barbarian may not have been helpful.

it's the thought that counts :) thanks anyways

austinmonster wrote:
sc24evr wrote:
Is it much more difficult controlling more than one character at the same time? Should I be aiming at using 3-4 characters?

Depends on what you enjoy. It's possible to solo with only one character, but I think you'll have a funner time with a pair. Controlling TWO characters is a breeze for me. If I had to wrap my head around four, I'd likely have a hard time keeping things straight.

This game IS designed to be solo game. The druid is one of the worst characters to play solo with. She has utility and can heal, but she's got almost no way to roll high combat scores herself. If I had to suggest one character to go with alone, it would be the Rouge. She can recharge to increase her own rolls (since she'll always be alone at her location). This gives you another benefit of cycling though your deck for her few weapons quicker.

Which two character have you been using?

ElyasRavenwood wrote:

The game isn't designed to be a solo game. It designed to have roughly 4 specialist working together. The traditional group is a fighter, cleric, mage (now wizard) and thief (now rogue).

However, if you were to play a solo character. If you are going to use one character,perhaps a druid, or a cleric might be a good choice. The Druid has an animal companion to help him out. The cleric has some decent combat ability, armor use, and spells.

I hope this helps

Yes thank you. With super MINIMAL RPG experience, it has been really tough for me figuring out how i want to setup the game. So far I have played solo with Seoni but I haven't finished the base adventure just yet.

Is it much more difficult controlling more than one character at the same time? Should I be aiming at using 3-4 characters?

Since there are many experienced players in this forum, I was wondering what your favorite character to play solo as has been? What are your likes/dislikes for your character? Thank you.