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I'm (fashionably) late to the party. It's been a few years since I've done PbP but have been keeping an eye on recruitments lately and this is the first to really excite me.

Better organized character sheet and longer backstory to follow, the basic concept being a young Varisian criminal whose bloodrage powers awakened after her brush with death at the hands of Gaedren.

Viveca cel Tradat:

Urban Bloodrager (Undead) 1

CN Medium Humanoid

Speed: 40
Initiative: +1 Perception: +4
HP 12/12
AC: 12 FF: 10 T: 11

CMD: 16

Fort: +4 Ref: +2 Will: 0

BAB +1
Bloodrage 6/6

Str 16 (+3) ; Dex 12 (+1) ; Con 14 (+2) ; Int 8 (-1) ; Wis 10 (0) ; Cha 16 (+3)

Racial Features:
Bonus Feat

Class Features:
Fast Movement
Controlled Bloodrage

Bloodline Powers:
Undead Bloodline
Frightful Charger

Powerful Maneuvers

Unhappy Childhood (Tortured)
Child of the Streets

Acrobatics +5, Intimidate +7, Kn. Local +3, Perception +4, Kn. Nobility 0, Sleight of Hand +6

Life got very busy very quickly and unfortunately I haven't had time or energy to finish my submission, so I'll be withdrawing from consideration. Good luck y'all!

Here is the sheet for my Urgathoan cleric, backstory coming soon!

@GM, any thoughts on neutral characters worshipping evil gods? It's something I love to roleplay but I know it doesn't work in every game. I'm looking at making a cleric of Urgathoa who would primarily focused on her aspects of pleasure and autonomy, both in life and after death.

Very interested; I haven't actually had a chance to play RotR despite hearing great things about it for years! I'll start on a character submission later today.

Solicitor wrote:
And Rutaskadis (god, that sounds Lithuanian), I'm fine with playing an arcane type. Bard, wizard or sorcerer - they're all dandy to me. Do play what strikes your fancy :D

You're pretty close! It's been my online handle for many years, after the Latvian witch queen from His Dark Materials.

I'm going with a melee fighter, though I might take the Sorcerer archetype later on if I just can't resist being a caster. Working on the build now.

@Wandering Wastrel - melee, though after looking over the other characters, I see we have a mostly martial party! I’ve been toying with the idea of a wizard as well, but am still weighing my options.

@Lucius - Iomedae, maybe Sarenrae?

Hey y’all! Still working on a concept, but since I’m almost exclusively playing casters and rogues in other games, I think I want to break type and play a fighter.

Danior, a NE Dhampir Mesmerist of Varisian ethnicity. I'm still considering taking the Life-Dominant Soul feat instead of Spell Focus, but I'm not quite sold on either yet. I love the idea of playing an evil character who has no memory being evil and think it could make for a fascinating character arc.

EDIT: Changed class from Oracle to a Mesmerist for a little more occult/vampiric flavor.

Light Crunch:

NE Dhampir Mesmerist

Str 7 Dex 15 Con 7 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 18

Foe of the Strange (Campaign)
Undead Slayer (Racial)
Varisian Wanderer (Regional)

Spell Focus (Enchantment)


The sound of a gasp and the taste of hot blood.

Being led by a Varisian woman down a forest path, clutching the woman’s skirt and squinting against the painfully bright sunlight that filters through the trees.

The smell of woodsmoke as dozens of people laugh and dance around a huge bonfire.

Hands shaking, sore, and blistered as they carve a stake from a branch of hawthorn.

A beautiful human girl with blood dripping from a wound on her lip.

Player Info:

I've only been on the boards for a year and a half, but have been able to post consistently ever since. I'm part of a few other games, two of which have been ongoing for over a year. I only work nights and always have plenty of time to post during the day (and sometimes, very late at night).


Sexual assault, and I'm definitely not a fan of casual use racist/homophobic/transphobic slurs.

I'm incredibly interested. Putting together a Dhampir Oracle (possibly with the Psychic Searcher archetype).

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@GM, so my character is a half-elf and I'm considering giving her aquatic heritage! How do you feel about the idea of an aquatic elf settlement out in the waters of the Atlantic (maybe the Bermuda triangle is just a not-so-secret elven city)? The idea is that after Nephriel (it's a family name) was caught shoplifting one too many times, she was literally grounded and sent to live on land for the summer.

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Alright, I've been lurking here for a while and I've finally come up with a concept that I want to submit. Gonna throw together a Phantom Thief unchained rogue.

The flavor is a troublesome trust fund kid used to skating through life on their parent's dime, who's spent their teenage years acting out in the form of shoplifting and vandalism. They've been caught a few times and their parents were able to get them out of it, but now they've embarrassed the family one too many times and been cut off until they get their life together!

So they're stuck in town for summer break instead of getting to go on vacation with their friends and have to hold down a job for the first time in their life. Since they despise the idea of working a mundane job and have no other marketable skills (and have a hugely overinflated opinion of themselves) they figure they can make it as an adventurer.

@GM, thank you, I agree with a lot of those points. I'll take them into account as I work on revising Phalera's backstory. I'm also in the process of making sure everything is accounted for in my builds. :)

GM TWO wrote:
Game Start is not the end of your background and the start of the Conspiracy; that was three years ago.

After realizing it isn’t as obvious as it was in my head, I just wanted to mention that all my backgrounds are meant to have ended 3-4 years ago. I didn’t include anything more because I figured they’re all essentially the same after that point (learning to work with the other members of the conspiracy and maneuvering in their individual ways), and that the details (how they joined and who-recruited-who) would be decided after selection as already stated.

I just love building characters! Also, I tend to jump around and take 'breaks' from writing one character by starting on another. ;)

So... Since there's still almost a week left in recruitment and I had some free time on my hands, I went ahead and created another character, this time for the role of the Distressed Prelate. Since the GM said it might be relevant, she's my favorite and preferred character of the three.

Dolorès Durante, an Oracle/Vox Mesmerist with the Shattered Psyche Oracle curse who has seen everyone she's ever loved go to the Final Blades. She believes that the voices she constantly hears are the souls trapped within the Final Blades, and that Pharasma granted her powers so she could eventually free them.

4d8 + 8 + 5 ⇒ (8, 7, 1, 6) + 8 + 5 = 35 So, 39.

For my Military Genius build, I went ahead and switched out a feat for Veiled Contempt (was considering taking it anyways). I hadn't actually chosen her rank in the military, so she can easily be a Captain.

I also added Building/Organization sections for both Phalera ('The Temple') and Zephine (Military Force). Exactly how they were recruited to the conspiracy will of course depend on party comp and the other characters' backstories, but here are some potential ideas for others to consider;


Phalera was likely among the first recruited; one of her regular clients (the ex-nobleman?) could have figured out that she has no love for the state of things and eventually decided to recruit her. If there's another courtesan in the party, they could have been friends or even business rivals for years before one of them recruited the other.

Once she was part of the conspiracy, she would have been in a unique position to influence and recruit other members of the party if they visited The Temple at some point in their history.

Remember, it isn't just a brothel; besides the obvious sexual encounters she offers, there's also a common room for people who simply want company and conversation, an altar and confessional for those seeking spiritual guidance, and I might give her a rank or two in Profession: Midwife and expand on the idea of The Temple also being a place where women and couples seeking healing, counseling, or sexual education can safely receive it.


Zephine was probably among one of the last people recruited to the conspiracy. If there's a Chelaxian or Asmodean in the party, perhaps they could have had a previous relationship and leveraged knowledge of her past to convince her to join. She also may have had dealings with the Reliable Statesman while serving the government, or even the Criminal Mastermind; maybe they consistently eluded her attempts to find evidence of their activities, and it eventually developed into a relationship of antagonistic respect.

This has definitely captured my interest! Dotting so I can read through this more thoroughly when I get home.

Dotting for interest. I love 5E and it’s been a while since I’ve been a player. I’ll likely roll up a bard today or tomorrow!

How is the army structured in Galt? Are they a government fixture or more of a private force? Are they popular with Galtan citizens, or simply enforcers for the Revolutionary Council?

And, before I finalize equipment, can stats be boosted past 18 through the use of items or would you rather not at all?

Heard, I'll be going with the Order inquisition. Thanks for your thoroughness in answering questions, it's very helpful! I have one more;

I've ended up going for a Constable Cavalier/Inquisitor and was considering taking the Tactical Leader Inquisitor archetype for the bonus to diplomacy (and also, it's thematic for a soldier). The Tactician ability it grants is identical to the Cavalier ability of the same name; they stack for the purpose of regular multiclassing, but is that still the case for a Gestalt build?

Tactician Ability:
Tactician (Ex): At 3rd level, 9th level, and 18th level, a tactical leader gains a teamwork feat as a bonus feat. He must meet the prerequisites for this feat. As a standard action, the tactical leader can grant one of these feats to all allies within 30 feet who can see and hear him. Allies retain the use of this bonus feat for 3 rounds plus 1 round for every 2 inquisitor levels the tactical leader has. Allies do not need to meet the prerequisites of these bonus feats. The tactical leader can use this ability once per day at 3rd level, plus one additional time per day at 6th, 9th, 15th, and 18th level.

If the tactical leader also has cavalier levels, these levels stack for determining the number of uses of this ability per day.

HP: 4d10 + 10 + 5 ⇒ (10, 9, 6, 4) + 10 + 5 = 44 46 total

@GM, would you allow a deity-less Inquisitor who worships the Law domain? Considering an Inquisitor/Armiger Fighter for the Military Genius role.

@Mat_H there’s definitely some similarities, but hopefully very different results (besides the obvious different role & class)! Phalera is completely open about her work (it being part of her faith) and in good standing with the Court of Bees. Her establishment would also double as a temple, where citizens can come for healing or education.

HP: 8 + 4d8 ⇒ 8 + (8, 8, 2, 7) = 33 So, 36 total

Almost done working on the build!

Oh yes, very excited for this. Galt is probably my favorite campaign setting and I love some good intrigue in my games. I'll likely have more than one submission; I have a few characters that might be perfect for this, just gotta tweak them a little to fulfill the Gestalt build.

First off, in role of the Influential Merchant, I'll be submitting a Calistrian madam who operates a brothel in La Lumière Rouge. She's renowned for her discretion, and hears lots of secrets in her line of work... She'll likely be a Cleric/Rogue.

Arriving to this thread a little late, but this looks great! My initial idea is for the Changeling daughter of a Winter Hag.

Rough Character Concept:
Janara Flan (goes by Flan), former senatorial aide to Garm Bel Iblis. She was appointed shortly before the Separatist Crisis, and dismissed shortly after the start of the Clone Wars.

She's good, likable, and seemingly very sure of herself, but also absent-minded, prone to emotional outbursts, and kind of dumb outside of her areas of expertise (good Intelligence, low Wisdom). Perhaps she would have been a competent aide in a time of peace, but under the pressure of war she quickly began to crack; she proved to be more of a hassle than help and was eventually fired.

She went home to Corellia feeling like a failure, but since the rise of the Empire has completely convinced herself that she was actually excellent at her job and was only sent away for her own protection. For years she considered trying to reconnect with Bel Iblis, but never followed through until she heard of his exile; shortly after, she was arrested by the Empire for her inquiries and attempted transmissions to the senator-in-exile.

She folded under her captor's questioning, but could remember nothing of actual use, leading them to believe she is still hiding information. Despite revealing nothing more important or dangerous than Bel Iblis' favorite coffee order, she feels ashamed to have given in to the Imperial's questioning and believes she has betrayed her old friend.

In terms of build, she'd be a Noble mostly focused on buff/debuffs.

Also I wanna stress that she is a serious character; she lacks common sense and is overenthusiastic and does stupid things, but the guilt and shame she's feeling are real and run deeper than recent events. She's a coward, and while her old friends and associates have given everything to fight the Empire, she's chosen to sit it out for years. Lots more I wanna touch on in a longer and more complete backstory.

Character Questions:

Tell me a memory, something unrelated to their main backstory.

On her way to a meeting on her first day as a senatorial aide, fresh off Corellia, while trying very hard to impress her new boss and (she hoped) new best friend, she spilled a tray of Bantha milk on Bail Organa in the hallway.

What's a talent, unrelated to their class abilities?

She has meticulous scheduling and organizational skills.

A personality quirk?

She has a tendency to overestimate her own importance and blow things out of proportion; she has a selective memory and sometimes forgets important things because she's distracted by small details. She's also a picky eater and prefers very bland food.

Distinguishing physical feature?

She has flecks of brown and gold in her otherwise blue eyes.

A goal, short or long term.

She hopes to find a way to contact with Bel Iblis, beg his forgiveness, and help and support him in any way she can offer. (I want this to change over time depending on the direction of her character development)

Why were they arrested and brought aboard the Deception? What reason could the Imperials have for being so sure that the PC is a member of the Rebellion (e.g., political connections, smuggling, being a mercenary or anarchist)?

Her brief stint as an aide so many years ago would be utterly insignificant, but after hearing rumors of Bel Iblis' exile, she attempted to contact him, leading the Imperials to suspect that they have been in contact before and that she has more insight into his methods and motives than she lets on.

Creating a former senatorial aide from Corellia. A definitive face character; she's not experienced in combat and is actually kind of an airhead, but very likable and quick with words.

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I'm certainly interested to see how starship combat goes at higher levels.

Haven't put together an alias yet, but I have a concept for an Astrazoan outlaw envoy, possibly with one level in operative. They would be a sneaky face character.

There’s some great submissions here that I’ve really enjoyed reading. Good luck everyone!

I'm in three other pretty active games, but this is my favorite AP so I might submit something. I have a brawler I've been wanting to use that would be a fun departure from the casters I usually play.

I read through the players guide and I’m loving the setting. Decided to work on a human Sorcerer; I’ll have her posted in the next day or two.

I adore Victorian horror and this sounds awesome. Thinking of creating a morally conflicted, vaguely Oscar Wilde flavored character, most likely a Witch.

Interested! Just wondering, how long do you expect this campaign to be?

ooh, definitely dotting this

I may add to her background, and need to purchase more equipment, but have no more time to do so today so it's time to submit this shamelessly Victor Hugo inspired character.

Philomène Michèle; a charming young woman capable of being terrible.

She was the marble lover of liberty. Her speech was harshly inspired, and had the thrill of a hymn. She was subject to unexpected outbursts of soul.

“This is a bad time to pronounce the word ‘love’. No matter, I pronounce it and I glorify it. Death, I use you, but I hate you. Citizens, in the future, there shall be neither darkness nor thunderbolts, neither ferocious ignorance, nor blood for blood. In the future no man will slay his fellow, the earth will be radiant, the people will love. It will come, citizens, that day when all shall be concord. Harmony, light, joy, and life, it will come.”

Philomène is a courtesan who works within the walls of Moulin Bleu, and a secret follower of Milani, though she does not belong to any of the fractured groups of the goddess' followers. Her youthful radiance and passionate beliefs endear her to many, from influential clients, to other Milanites, to revolutionaries, to everyday citizens.

She was a teenage anarchist; her belief in freedom and equality and self-governance is rooted in rebelling against a strict and oppressive upbringing, as well as the outlet and community she found within Isarn’s revolutionary circles.

She is an idealist: intense, and fiercely passionate in everything she does, but not always foolishly so. She has learned to temper her fire a little: not taking unnecessary risks, waiting for the right time to act, using her words and natural charisma to influence and inspire others to believe in a better future.

Philomène is of average height, at 5”4, with a soft but pronounced hourglass figure. Wavy, light gold hair is usually coiled on top of her head in an elegant fashion, and reaches her hips when worn loose. Her skin is soft and pale and rosy with youth. Wide blue eyes flecked with gold, pink lips, and a pleasing, prominent nose complete her face.

The youngest of thirteen girls, Philomène was doted on by her parents. After their second youngest daughters (triplets, of sixteen years at the time) ran away from Isarn, rather than face the idea of being split up by marriage or work, the Michèle parents saw 'Mina' as their last hope to make a name for their family. They wanted to be influential, important, and they put that burden on Philomène’s pretty little shoulders.

Although girl of only twelve at the time, Mina did not disappoint. She was lovely, and clever, and talented, and her parents gave her everything they could to foster that; books, instruments, classes, instruction in every subject they could manage. But they took no notice, or care, that under the weight of it all, she was suffocating;

Philomène was a lonely child; she had no friends or peers, a strict routine, and was rarely even allowed to leave the house on her own. Naturally, this sparked resentment, and stoked a fire in her heart that began to flare up in the form of teenage rebellion.

It started quietly. A book, an idea; freedom, justice, equality, the rights of man. In the little free time she managed to find, Mina read about the histories of Galt, political theory, philosophy, even religion (it was around this time that she became drawn to Milanite worship, admiring the goddess’ independent and unapologetic nature); soon enough, she was secreting away newspapers, brochures, inflammatory pamphlets passed out on the streets, anything she could get her hands on, to read by candlelight in her room at night.

Then, she began sneaking out, finding a spare moment in between lessons, leading her parents to believe she was attending extra lessons, or recitals, or lunch with one of the sisters still residing in Isarn; really, she was wrapping a scarf over her bright hair and sitting in the back of a cafe, or a bar, or an abandoned building, listening to political speeches.

She got bolder over the next several years; began to speak to others in the cafes, share her ideas. She was very young, and a wide-eyed idealist; she was radiant, and her words were filled with hope and passion, and people listened.

Attending demonstrations came soon enough. Dressed in red and black, face and hair covered, she would slip out her window, joining the small crowds that marched for their cause;

She quickly learned that calling for justice is often met with the opposite. She saw the people beside her beaten back by the City Guard, even felt the blow of the batons herself a few times before she managed to slip into an alley and flee home. Her naivety became conscious; her abstract beliefs became actual.

Unlike her sisters, getting out as soon as they were able, Philomène felt bound to Galt and it’s fate. She had seen firsthand the cruelty and corruption in her city; she had broken bread alongside it’s people and shared dialogue with them, seen them continually trodden down. She radicalised, her opinions becoming hotter, fiercer, even violently so; she saw not only freedom in the future of her country, but justice; a future where all wrongs are righted and all the world is happy and at peace; she was an uncompromising idealist, and perhaps there is nothing more dangerous.


Mina was cleverer than her parents, and she hid her secret life well, but they weren’t stupid either. They began to notice the bags under her eyes when she sat down to breakfast, the falter in her step when she danced, a slight hoarseness in her voice when she sang; she became withdrawn, moody, and always had a disdainful look and a biting remark when prodded about it.

Instead of considering the possibility they were pushing her away, her parents buckled down and pushed her harder, and eventually, she snapped.

She imagined she would storm out of the house in a fiery rage, hurling a harsh and fervent speech at her parents that would make them understand the injustices they had done her, and beg her forgiveness. But when the time came, her retribution was cold, and quiet;

When she came of age, her parents took no time at all in informing her they had found a suitable husband. She nodded and smiled demurely, thanking them exactly the way they wanted.

The night she was to meet him and become engaged, she simply… slipped away, refusing to give them a moment more of her time, leaving them humiliated in front of their guests on what they thought would be the most important night of their lives.

With nothing (for her parents had provided everything) at her disposal but her pretty face and sweet words, youthful pride, and that burning desire for justice (or vengeance; a fine line to walk) in her heart, she slept on the floors of her comrades, or squatted in Isarn’s poorer districts, until she eventually found work at Moulin Bleu.


It is there that we find her today, several years past. Time, distance, and logic have tempered her fire a little; she is no longer a raging inferno, consuming and always in danger of burning out, but ever-smoldering coals; the slightest breath might stir her flames.

She is a talented orator, a delightful conversationalist, and a fiery lover, able to hold her own with the brothel’s most influential clients. She does seek to use her pull here to further the revolution, but also gets genuine enjoyment from her work, glad to have a place where her beauty and charm are useful, but not exploited.

Behind closed doors, she still shares her visions of a better future with her fellows, citizens and Milanites and revolutionaries alike. Philomène is, and has always been, an idealist by nature, willing to do anything for the cause, always urging those around her to keep the faith; she gets a fierce look about her when she speaks, assuring them (and herself, perhaps) that the time is coming when those above will no longer be able to keep the people down.

Her goal, above all, is the elevation of the people.

It is why she does not adhere to any specific Milanite group; her views align most closely with the radically idealist Blood Rose, but she recognizes them as a rather self-serving echo chamber that is largely inaccessible and does little to actually improve the lives of the people they are trying to liberate. The Council is, she believes, much too complacent; and although the Sisters are the only group dedicated to truly helping the people of Galt, she does not share their opinion that revolution should be put off.

She believes in self-governance, in working together for the good of all; no one can truly be free until all are.


Before settling at her current residence, Philomène considered joining the Church of Calistria, where one of her older sisters lives and works. She does approve of the passionate and independent Calistrian faithful, and especially admires their attitude towards justice, but felt that the Court of Bees was too closely entwined with the Revolutionary Council for comfort. At Moulin Bleu, she can operate relatively independently, while still having a built-in community and enjoying the safety and security provided by the brothel.


She is a Romantic at heart; she gets great personal satisfaction from the pursuit of knowledge, and of art, and sees beauty in many unusual places. She has an almost unbearable love for the people, and enjoys many physical and platonic connections, but is largely uninterested in romantic love.

Philomène Michèle
Female Human, Bard (Provocateur) 7
CG Medium humanoid
Init +2 ; Perception +10 ; BAB ; +5

HP 45/45
AC ; 13
Fort +3; Ref +7; Will +5

Speed 30 ft.
MW Spring Blade +1 (1d4)
MW Light Crossbow +3 (1d8)


Str 10 (+0); Dex 14 (+2); Con 12 (+1); Int 12 (+1); Wis 10 (+0); Cha 20 (+5)

Skills ;
Acrobatics +9 (7 ranks)
Bluff +17 (7 ranks)
Diplomacy +17 (7 ranks)
Disguise +17 (7 ranks)
Intimidate +17 (7 ranks)
K. Local +11 (7 ranks)
Perception +10 (7 ranks)
Sense Motive +10 (7 ranks)

B. Skills ;
K. History +7 (3 ranks)
K. Nobility +7 (3 ranks)
Sleight of Hand +6 (1 rank)
Perform (Oratory) +18 (7 ranks)

Features ;
Provocateur (Ex)
Bardic Performance
Calumny (Ex)
Damning Performance (Su)
Well-Versed (Ex)
Lore Master (Ex)
Jack of All Trades (Ex)

Feats ;

Extra Performance: You can use your bardic performance ability more often than normal. Prerequisite: Bardic performance class feature. Benefit: You can use bardic performance for 6 additional rounds per day. Special: You can gain Extra Performance multiple times. Its effects stack.

Persuasive: You are skilled at swaying attitudes and intimidating others into your way of thinking. Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate skill checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.

Deceitful: You are skilled at deceiving others, both with the spoken word and with physical disguises. Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Bluff and Disguise skill checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.

Spell Focus (Enchantment)
Skill Focus (Perform: Oratory)

Traits ;
Passionate Orator: Your conviction in your ideals drives your arguments.
Benefit: Your determination in a verbal duel does not decrease for being a significant or extreme disadvantage.
Normal: At a significant disadvantage, your determination is multiplied by 3/4. At an extreme disadvantage it is multiplied by 1/2.

Charming: Blessed with good looks, you’ve come to depend on the fact that others find you attractive.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.

Bardic Performance: 17/17

Spellcasting ; +5

0 Level ;
Detect Magic

1 Level ;
Charm Person
Cure Light Wounds
Negative Reaction

2 Level ;
Blistering Invective
Calm Emotions
Disrupt Silence
Mirror Image

3 Level ;
Dispel Magic
Geas, lesser

Equipment ;
Masterwork Spring Blade (220 gp)
Masterwork Light Crossbow (185 gp)
Reinforced tunic (1gp)

Languages ; Common, Gallit

Notes ;

Human: +2 Racial Bonus (Charisma)
Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Favored Class Bonus: Bard: Add one spell known from the bard spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast.

Ooh, I'm very interested.

Thinking of creating a bard for this, maybe with the provocateur archetype.

dotting for interest, i've been toying with an idea for a lashunta operative for a while now, i'll put together an application today :^)