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Best Book? Best Book.


I can't say for sure whether this adventure was the perfect storm for my group or if it's just that good but it has been one of the best times I've had running a Pathfinder Adventure Path since I started more than five years ago taking the mantle from my previous favorite Dance of the Damned.

I've never had players so eager to not only build great roleplaying relationships but fully engage with intrigue and mystery. From an engrossing mystery as to the identity of the Night Swan to the blossoming relationship between a vexing Duchess who vanishes and reappears regularly.

Whole sessions of going for tea with local nobles and having snipish conversations with drunken upstarts some with little to no conflict. My players couldn't have been happier.

I can't recommend running War for the Crown more if just for the story that this adventure crafts for your players.

If you have the time to put into building some background and spinning out ideas with this adventure I have little doubt it will carry your players to an epic conclusion.

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We Won...?


If you have been playing your GM cards right and your harrow face has been strong this is the volume where all your carefully built plans come to fruition.

You get to set out your cards with an evil grin and listen to your players say, "Huh," in the absolute best way possible. (To be honest that revelation comes at the end of the previous volume and only becomes more pronounced by their 'victory' in Song of Silver.)

Of all the various Adventure Path volumes I have read The Song of Silver only narrowly beats out Dance of the Damned for the best of them all.

Not only do you have a top-notch epic battle between the Silver Ravens and their long time enemy the twisted Barzillai Thrune but plot lines that have only been briefly mentioned to or alluded to in previous volumes come to light.

Villains that the group weren't even sure were their enemies are revealed. Heroes thought to have been lost are saved by the PCs, some of whom used to idolize them.

Not only is it a top notch Adventure Path book but the volume is absolutely filled with other great content.

In fact, I would recommend this volume to all GMs considering running ANY adventure path for the NPC catalog alone.

Top notch art and excellent writing.


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Get Ready, This Thing is Fancy Dress


(Note: I have only read / not run Dance of the Damned)

Have your player's character been studying their etiquette? Have they been learning all they can about fine dancing?

They may well need it to survive the rigors of the Dance of the Damned.

In contention (with part 4) for my favorite Adventure Path volume of all time Dance of the Damned finds the Silver Ravens leaving Kintargo behind to do a 'good-will' tour of the county surrounding it.

Although the book involves a number of standard sword and spell slinging affairs the real shining moments are literally spinning plates at a fancy dinner with a powerful NPC and the titular Dance of the Damned.

One note, this part of the adventure seems like the kind of section that requires a lot of work on the part of the GM. Set dressing and coordination and keeping everything rolling might be quite a challenge.

Dance of the Damned may need more prep work than some of the other volumes.

The art and writing, as usual, are fantastic

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That's a Hellknight of a Different Color


Hell's Rebels is my favorite entry in the Adventure Path line so far and Turn of the Torrent just continues the greatness that was In Hell's Bright Shadow.

Now in Old Kintargo the Silver Ravens are opened up to a whole new host of interesting NPC's and mysteries. The writing is top notch and as before the art is excellent.

I especially enjoyed the inclusion of a snap shot of the long ago raid on the Lucky Bones (which inspired me to write a pre-game narrative about the event) and the continuing highlight of my favorite Iconic couple of Merisiel and Kyra in the art.

The only small problems I had were with small hiccups in the flow of the narrative like the assumption that the Silver Ravens identities are well known by the end of the volume and lack of mention of the curfew rules or new consequences for breaking them.

Once again, a great entry in the path.


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Story of Rebellion in Adventure Form


My first review on Paizo. I felt as I needed to for this path. The path is, overall, my favorite that I've read. On a personal level I classify it as the 'BEST' path for me as a DM. On to In Hell's Bright Shadow...

Points of Praise
- Interesting Villains (Use mint at your peril!)
- Interesting NPCS in General (Venseldek and Rexus are both beloved by my party)
- The confined setting (that continues throughout the path for the most part) allows the ability to give your PCs very deep story based roots.
- The sections laying out the city of Kintargo and the major players there give a lot of ground for those roots to dig into.

DM Recommendations
- The beginning can be clunky (something I didn't notice until my group started). Either find a way to get them together when the shoe drops or be sure that they know each other previously. It goes without saying but I'll stress, "Make sure they want to start a revolution!"
- The game plays out over weeks so be on the look out for players who build crafting munchkin characters and maybe try and steer them away from it.
- Stress silver weapons. The campaign trait of the Kintargo Nobility can get you a good silver 2 hander.
- Flesh out the weeks with personal story elements to give the passage of time weight.

Not my favorite book in the path but still a 5. I'm pretty sure book 3 or 4 are easily my favorites.