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Nefreet wrote:
Rosc wrote:
Is this potential rules ambiguity worth prioritizing over other potential rules ambiguities?

Everything is more or less important depending on the individual.

I lumped this question in with the first run of Campaign Clarification Requests over a year ago, but don't see it as any more important than any other question on that list.

For people who built their Dex 20, Int 16, Con 14, Str 07, Cha 07, Wis 07 Magus, it's incredibly important to you when your GM disallows it at their table.

Nefreet you mean for people built the DEX 20, INT 14, CON 16, Str 07, Wis 07, Cha 07 Magus. They need Hit Points and a better Con save since they are in the front lines and on a bard spell progression.

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pjrogers wrote:
As someone who is thinking about rolling up a magus, without dervish dance, a dexterity-based magus is impossible, right?

No it is not Weapon Finesse still works to Hit all this balderdash it dex to damage talk. The main thing about a Magus is to hit with your weapon.

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This is my 8th Gen Con in a row Volunteering to GM Friday Night. The first 2 years I played. Back when I started Gming at GEN CON I was a 2 star GM. Last Year I became a VA got my 5th Star and ran Starfinder. SO I look forward every year to run at GEN CON and play a little. I would like to say THank you to all who Volunteer there Time and effort in all the games run at GENCON and relax have fun.

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Who do talk I to about scheduling Error??? I put down every evening s Slot Tier 6. I was sent Thursday, Saturday and Sunday morning instead. Also I am up to running Starfinder Thursday night. I missed the post. I don't get to GENCON till Thursday morning at 8.

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Has anyone received the Friday night 8-00 The Cosmic Captive or Saturday night Special yet. We are under 3 weeks till GENCON I would like some time to prepare and print maps off.

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Has anyone heard back about judging this year?? I have Judged the Last 3 years. I hope to judge again this year.

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I can't wait I need 2 more Specials to be able to make 5 stars.

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Cool now my Monk can make a comeback.

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Goatlord wrote:


I apologize again for that.
While I personally think that using suffocate on PCs in PFS is kinda a dick move, I feel responsible for the train wreck that mod became.

Team Cheliax's worst hour by far. (though we did get that Glabrezu)

I've learned from my mistakes. Not only will I have a friendly wizard cast Black Tentacles into my Ring of Counterspells as soon as I can, but I will also buy a potion of gaseous form. If I had had one then, that last battle might have gone by a LOT more smoothly (those roll 16+ to get your spell off attempts were crap).

It was nice playing with you, and I again apologize for the final outcome. It's unfortunate that the gold for the mod wouldn't even pay for a raise dead (you know Asmodeus would just LOVE to help bring you back ;) )


As the one who ran the Mod. Yea suffocate is a not a nice spell but you do get 4 saves before you die. Jess had bad luck. I had to follow the mod battle tacits. Yea but you did dismiss the Glabrezu or so the party thinks. Had fun running Team Cheliax Twice. Hope to see you at Gencon if you go.


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I like the APG but mistakes happen in all products. The problem is too many of them. So I also putting off buying the book but bought the PDF. I too sold some of my first run products to have money to use toward 2nd run products.