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Lunar Mage wrote:

Hey all! I just picked the PDF of this volume up yesterday and I'm already in love. Potentially close to the same love I felt when I read through Hell's Rebels! This book is well worth the money, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Adventure Path in the months to come. <3 <3 <3

That said, I haven't yet seen a player's guide for War for the Crown yet, and Crownfall is already referencing it. Will it be released soon? I'm actually surprised I haven't seen it by now. If I've missed something, please let me know. Thank you! ^_^()

You've missed the last several weeks worth of discussion in this thread. The short and skinny of it is they're workin' on it, and we'll get it when we get it, we haven't been able to needle any more out of 'em.

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In a skull & shackles campaign we encountered a giant squid or octopus or something, it attacked our ship, we killed it easily (this was like mid-game or whatever, like book 3 or something), and we had one player decide he wanted to dive in and look for some eggs because he wanted to raise one to be a pet (he kept trying to finagle animal companions without actually doing anything mechanically that would give them to him. He did this in several campaigns with several characters, it was getting annoying at this point). He managed to find the nest and was promptly set upon by the original cephalopod's mate, who was angry because not only was he attacking it's nest (I don't recall if this was the male or female, or if we even knew at that point), but he was also covered in the remains of it's mate having just participated in the battle that killed it. He went down alone, because the rest of us were like "no, that's dumb, we won't help," was a human with no swim speed, no means of breathing underwater, and no magic (the guy kept wanting to multiclass even though he really didn't know how to properly combine classes the smart way, so he was something like vanilla fighter 4, vanilla rogue 3, feat combos that made no sense, and a poor choice of rogue talent). Obviously he died, and none of our characters even though to question if we should wait for him to surface, because the second he dove off the side of the ship we knew "welp, we're never seeing that moron again!"

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Have 1 of the most expensive mundane alchemical item. Full pouch. Alchemical tinkering! Suddenly you have every alchemical item ever.

Have some doses of alchemical pheromones for something generic, like humanoid (human), and with alchemical tinkering you suddenly have alchemical pheromones for whatever that thing over there is! Also, for the suggestion variant, you can also use this to alter what the suggestion is for the situation, meaning a useful tool for when you can manage to plan ahead all of a sudden becomes an extremely flexible, versatile tool that acts as a catch all for most situations!

I had all kinds of fun with that spell on an eldritch scoundrel rogue awhile back, and I also happened to be in a party with an alchemist whose player had more or less memorized the alchemical items sections on d20srd, so if I had an idea, I'd ask him what could do it, have him hand over something of equivalent value if he didn't have it on him and BAM! now we've got it! (of course this might be more using an underutilized spell to maximum potential than unintended uses, but still!)

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I have a watersinger undine bard, has that one alt racial trait that gives watersense. I use create water to make a puddle that is 30' radius centered on me that's a few inches deep, use water song to control it (by the time I'm high enough level to create that much water in a single casting, I can also control that much water), and basically every round I have a mass of water plop up next to whomever I want it to attack, do the full round slam attacks, have it sit there for flanking purposes, if they decide to attack it, the blob pops like a water balloon, but just rejoins the puddle so on my next turn it just regrows. On top of this, because I'm in contact with a body of water, I have blindsense in regard to anything else also in contact with the puddle, meaning unless you are also floating you can't sneak up on me with invisibility!

And I mean, yes this is obviously how the archetype was intended to be used, but I doubt create water was ever supposed to effectively create a battlefield (in fact, I doubt specific usage was considered in creation of the archetype, as the wording mostly discusses using water-created objects to attack, but if I'm controlling a puddle that everyone is standing in I can effectively attack from anywhere in my radius).

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And even if they did it would all be in the secret druidic language, so we wouldn't understand it anyway!

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Dragon78 wrote:
Stuff about planetouched race's children sounds more like for a product like "blood of the planes" or similar product.

I know, that was part of what I was saying, that it was way out of scope for something like this, and frankly it would be out of scope for something like that as well. This is why I was suggesting that the weird but fun niche stuff that is unlikely to ever make it into the final cut of anything because it is so absurdly specific and edge case-ish could be put out in blog form or something. Y'know, expanding on the lore for things highly unlikely to ever come up in one of the published source books, but interesting enough to actually come up in home games.

And despite there already being plane touched player companions, now that there are gonna be races for all the alignment planes it offers an opportunity to discuss what actually happens when people touched by opposing alignment planes reproduce. I think it'd be kinda amusing to have a ganzi character who's dad's dad was an azata and his mom's mom was a succubus, dad's an aasimar, mom's a tiefling, and because good and evil heritage cancel out, I'm left with the chaotic heritage of both sides, hence ganzi. Unfortunately whether or not it works that way in this setting is unlikely to be addressed in anything published, and while until it is officially addressed it can be houseruled whichever way your table likes, but I still like answers for things like that as far as setting goes, and if I'm playing in Golarion, that means getting an official answer, and even when such an answer is supplied if someone doesn't like it or their home games have already supplied another solution, they can still go with that other solution in their home game.

Also, I was more thinking of dreamland "I want an official discussion for weird topics like these from an official source, and there is unlikely to be another book that gets closer to having this be relevant so it'd be awesome if it could be here." I would never expect anything like that out of any paizo products unless and until the writers explicitly state something along those lines is gonna be there.

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Another possibly interesting choice would be the questioner archetype for the investigator, which gives up alchemy for the bard spell list and spontaneous casting, but is still int based. This fits with arcane talents that aren't quite suited to a wizard's academy, and melee talents that come more from being intelligent and observant than through being strong and heavily drilled.

As far as the warpriest idea goes, I play a lot of warpriests, they are really fun but they don't lend themselves well to golf-bagging (carrying multiple weapons). However, you don't really need to have multiple weapons because a large part of playing warpriest effectively is using your self-buffs to shore up your weaknesses. If you want to be capable of reach but not always wielding a reach weapon, I'd recommend carrying some potions of enlarge person (which is sadly not on the warpriest spell list) at low levels and at higher levels prepping righteous might for your 5th level spell slots (I'm currently playing a rather high level warpriest of besmara in a pirate campaign, and I spend most battles buffed out with righteous might). As far as having both a blade and a blunt weapon, well the only way to really do that well without splitting your feats would be to pick a deity whose favored weapon is one and take your level 1 bonus weapon focus in the other, and even then you wind up specializing in one or the other over time anyway at higher levels if you don't split your feats. However it really isn't necessary to be capable of both, as the warpriest really shines at picking one weapon and become really, really good at it, and if you are concerned about getting around DR there are various ways to do that that don't require as much extra investment (for instance I have penetrating strike on my warpriest), but most of the time you'll be doing enough damage that DR shouldn't be overly concerning to you anyway, especially on the creatures that have a DR bypassable by damage type.

For a deity choice, I'd actually say kurgess fits really well with your backstory and motivations. Other choices that fit include: abadar, cayden cailean, desna, gorum, mazludeh, milani, etc.

Another class choice that might work is the eldritch scoundrel rogue, since usual roguish stuff is well covered, you could be the guy that focuses on being tricksy with magic, and even goes on to take the arcane trickster prestige class. The phantom thief archetype could also be interesting, but it is a rather hard class to build effectively. Vigilante has also been suggested and there are a great many ways you could go with that that are both effective and thematic for your backstory. You could also handle the issue of not being the best wizard or fighter by going a different way and taking a more nature based class like the ranger, hunter, or druid. Another possibility is oracle, sort of along the lines of it wasn't the path you chose, but rather the path that chose you, and maybe the reason you were never as good as your siblings was because of your curse, like you're blind or something so you couldn't read the magic books or do much for combat training, or you are prone to fits that make potential teachers shy away from really getting in depth with you.

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Actually, Idunn is sharing. She is required to do so, as her apples are the source of the gods' immortality, and they all have to continue to eat them at regular intervals or they revert to mortality.
As far as greek golden apples go, the only ones that I'm aware of are the Kallisti apple from the original snub, and the apples of the Hesperides. The Kallisti apple wouldn't really qualify as a magical plant, as Eris more or less made it herself, and while fruit do come from plants, they aren't really plants in and of themselves, so calling the Kallisti apple a magical plant is like calling a golden bull testicle crafted by Hephaestus a magical beast. And while I don't quite recall for certain what the apples of the Hesperides were supposed to do, aside from being the mcguffin for one of Heracles' fetch quests, but a niggling in my mind says it is similar to the apples of Idunn in Norse mythology, so the apple tree of the Hesperides would be a magical plant, but again the apples in and of themselves would not.

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Any info on the rogue archetype would be greatly appreciated. Also, could we get the rules' index? That always helps with knowing what questions to ask.
Thanks in advance!!!

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I think a great way to shoehorn rogues into an elemental type role would be to have an archetype called the promethean (after the greek titan prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to men), have them be kineticist type people who instead of focusing on harnessing their elemental inclinations toward flashy/destructive powers they focused on harnessing the elements to more "practical" (READ: thieving) applications, like using fire as a blow torch to bypass the need for picking locks and disabling traps, or the earth element to perform reconnaissance and eventually entry, like being able to look through stone walls ala gloves of reconnaissance, gain tremor sense, and eventually a limited earth glide that can basically only get you either through a stone wall, or around a non-stone wall by passing under ground. Water could have uses involving gathering information or getting into hard to reach places via fluidy forms, so you could pose as a puddle in that secluded alleyway that the enemy conspirators are planning to meet up in, or for flowing under a door crack (obviously these would be higher level things, a lower level form could involve not being able to go full fluid, but becoming more fluid, like bonuses to stealth from turning mostly translucent, and bonuses to escape artist and acrobatics from turning less solid, like you have water instead of bones, or something). Air could be utilized to pick pockets and make speedy getaways (I swear officer, the wind pulled my wallet from my back pocket, and over into the hand of some weirdo a block away, who then grinned at me, turned as if to run, and then simply vanished!)

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HenshinFanatic - While I don't know the other classes well enough to say without significantly more thought, the rogue class has plenty of things that could be retooled for a shiftery type dealio, especially the unchained rogue. For example, rogue's edge and the related skill unlocks could be replaced with skill related animal morphs, along the lines of pick a skill, gain the ability to morph bits and pieces of the body to gain additional uses/ability with said skill, so like sleight of hand could cause a monkey morph, growing a prehensile tail and more dexterous feet (ie, hands instead of feet), that sort of thing, fly could grow glidy fleshy bits under the arms and between the legs like a flying squirrel (or that could be for acrobatics, I don't judge), etc.

Alternatively (or in addition), a number of rogue talents could be replaced with other utility shifties, more partial morphs, like bits and pieces of the rogue shift to corresponding bits and pieces of various animals to aid with certain tasks as the situation demands.

Also, sneak attack could be altered with instead of every other level you gain an extra d6 damage for when nobody's looking, you gain an extra natural attack for when nobody's, they are all primary natural attacks, but you only get them when the conditions for sneak attack are met!

(I really find the idea of growing natural attacks as a sneak attack to be hilarious, a halfling with this ability and the childlike feats is in town, the townsfolk find the corpse of a huge monster on the outskirts of town, terribly and gruesomely mauled, and they wonder what could have possibly done THAT to THAT?! the filthy little vagrant kid who showed up the other day says "I did it, I'm a powerful adventurer!" No one believes him, but he says he can prove it, everyone stares at him with mild amusement to see what he is going to do, he sighs with exasperation and says, "well I can't do it with everyone staring at me, like that!!!" Everyone laughs, and he says, "No, seriously, trust me, if everyone would just look that way..." he points in the other direction, the crowd begrudgingly obliges, and when absolutely no one is looking at the kid, he suddenly grows ten feet tall, and a crap ton of tentacles with claws at the end grows from his body, and he just eviscerates the entire crowd in only six seconds. The end.)

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Two things:
1. Jabberwocky is the name of a poem, the creature cited in the poem is called The Jabberwock:
"Beware The Jabberwock, my son...
And as in uffish thought he stood The Jabberwock with eyes of flame...
And hast thou slain The Jabberwock, come to my arms, my beamish boy..."
Although, I don't know what the Pathfinder calls the creature in the Beastiaries, but I expect they keep to the name for the creature and not confuse it with the title for the poem.

2. I don't know about in Pathfinder, but if you want fairies, dragons, and fairy dragons, I recommend reading the Fablehaven book series by Brandon Mull, it is 5 books long (and dragons don't really enter the mix until book 4), and it is technically written for children, but it is one of my favorite series to this day, so adults can definitely enjoy it!

/thread derail

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Considering that this is a player companion, I wouldn't expect any NPCs at all...

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Based on how they presented doctor strsnge in the movie (I haven't read his comics, but I understand that they stayed fairly true to them), I would actually classify him more as an occultist than a wizard, using the pathfinder classes.

Although frankly, the given that it sounds like your issue with the wizard class is about the flavour, not the actual mechanics, so I see absolutely no reason why you couldn't play a vanilla wizard and just role play it with the mysterious stuff, or if you really want the psychic stuff, build one of the occult classes and just refer to yourself as a wizard whilst playing said character.

Also, Clarke's Third Law, "any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic," has a corollary: "any magic, sufficiently analyzed, is indistinguishable from science." While not ubiquitous, this is a fairly common take on how magic works in fiction, as well as being the more or less central idea behind the real world belief system of hermeticism, from which a lot of our modern chemistry and physics is derived, as well as a lot of the imagery of magic in both visual arts and literature.

I'm not saying that your view point is wrong for wanting the mystery, but given that it is a purely flavour difference, there really shouldn't be any need to create new archetypes for the wizard class just to allow people to role play a wizard with different flavours than the default.

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Considering that I'm a magician IRL, and sort of obsessed with the study of the confidence game, the art of theiving, and cheating at various games, someone with a heavy trickery focus would be ideal. Also, I love puns, riddles, language tricks, etc. So someone involving languages as well. Also, I love to sing and almost all forms of performance art, so definitely someone along those lines. Off the top of my head, I can't really think of any particular gods or goddesses in cannon for Golarion that fit all of that (but I bet with a bit more research I can find some). Also, I consider myself CG at heart, but my actions are largely NG, so a CG deity would be preferred, however a CN would be acceptable. Based solely off the ones that come to mind, and the lore which I can recall, I'd say Sun Wukong would be awesome!