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So, I'm building a new character for a campaign where my previous character died, and my concept requires the use of a wand of greater invisibility for the more important battles. I already have the character built (for the most part), and I have some gold left that can be moved around, as well as one feat that could be swapped out if need be, so I can't really afford to change much else at this point, as most all the rest of it is kinda necessary to the over all concept of the character.

My issue is, I want a way to be able to draw the wand, activate it, and stow it away all in one round, so next round I can draw my weapons (I'm dual wielding) and attack at least once. I have not had any way luck in finding a way to accomplish this, especially since quick draw explicitly excludes wands, and the spring loaded wrist sheath requires a full round action to stow the wand again, so that's out, and there don't seem to be many wondrous items that do stuff with wands, and those that do don't do what I want.

The only alternative to something allowing me to speedily draw, activate, and stow the wand that would be equally or more ideal would be if there was either a weapon enchantment that worked like the weapon wand spell that I could put on one of my weapons, or some way to permanency the weapon wand spell (or another spell that does something similar, I seem to recall seeing other spells that do a similar thing but slightly different), but let the wand be replaced when the charges run out (like there would be a command word or whatever that made the weapon spit out the wand so I can put in a different one, like replacing a magazine in a modern pistol or whatever).

I haven't been able to find a way in the rules to let me do either of those things, and while it wouldn't be the end of the world if I couldn't do it, it would go a long way in improving the efficiency of my build (which, other than this, is actually very efficient, compared to some other builds I've had), and I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could point me to something that would work.

Question 1: the spell sense vitals allows you to deal a number of sneak attack dice based on caster level, however, if I have the rogue ability to do sneak attacks, and I cast sense vitals, does sense vitals only inherently create its own sneak attack effect, and I need to have something else that would normally trigger my regular sneak attack effect, such as flanking or a flatfooted target, in order to do more than just the dice added by the spell, or does having a sense vitals spell active also trigger my regular sneak attacks anyway? So, as an example, I'm a 4th level eldritch scoundrel, thus I can now prepare and cast sense vitals, and I have 1d6 of sneak attack damage, if I cast sense vitals, then for that duration (4 rounds, at 1\caster level), I can add 1d6 sneak to all attacks as per the spell, what I want to know is, do all of my attacks for those 4 rounds also do my normal sneak damage triggered by the spell, thus dealing 2d6 precision damage every attack, or do I only do the regular sneak damage if I would normally count for it, thus if I am not flanking and my target is not denied his dex bonus, I only do 1d6 precision damage every attack until my ally moves in to flank, or somehow causes him to lose his dex bonus against me, at which point my damage increases to 2d6 precision damage, so long as both the spell is active and my opponent is a valid target for normal sneak attacks?

Question 2: the description of alchemical pheromones says that when you hit a square with it, it covers a 5' radius for a minute, and if a relevant creature enters that radius during that minute it is effected by the relevant effect. My question is, does this mean that I throw it at a square, and the scent fills only that square, in which case they should say a 5' area or diameter (as radius refers specifically to the point of origin to the edge, in which case it should extend partially into adjacent squares, unless they did not mean radius), or, am I targeting an intersection of four squares, and the scent fills all four squares, thus adhering to the definition of radius, but is acting differently compared to other, similar, mechanics in the game? My group said that it should be the former, mechanically, despite admitting that the wordchoice was poor, citing some diagram or another that I forget in which book it is located, and thus cannot find. While I had read it as the latter interpretation, I have little doubt that they are, in fact, correct on the matter, however I would appreciate it, if someone knows specifically what diagram they are citing, and can point me to it (whether through links, or by simply saying the name of the book and supplying a page number, or at least a chapter), or, alternatively, on the remote possibility that I was, in fact, correct to begin with, could someone please cite the rule that agrees with me (again, links, book/page and/or chapter, or possibly even a quote posted here would be acceptable).