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I just bought the new Core Set where it says right there in the Rule Book -

"We recommend you use a pencil to lightly check the feat boxes, or you can track your character with the free character sheets posted online at paizo.com/pacg"

Yet they're not here yet. I think it's a bit rubbish to have that right there in the rule book when you haven't actually uploaded the sheets. The sheets should have been uploaded the same time the game was released.

redeux wrote:

Alright, Nok-Nok Character Sheet

That should be all of them

Thanks Redeux!

These characters are so interesting. I went through the whole deck when it arrived (on the day of my birthday!) and there are some amazing and unique boons.

I really look forward to playing these characters in Wrath of the Righteous and roleplaying their redemption story arc. I'm not into roleplaying villains but bad guys who turn into good guys over the course of their adventure is right up my alley.

Sorry to post again so soon but I was actually cleaning up a game of pathfinder and noticed the text on the blessings

"Discard this card to add 1 die to any check....

... After you play this card, if it matches the top card of the blessings discard pile, recharge this card instead of discarding it."

That power would be entirely pointless if recharging instead of discarding meant the power didn't activate. It's ended up being recharged instead of discarded so it wasn't discarded so it doesn't give you the extra dice.

I did read the whole thread, but I've been unwell so my reading comprehension wasn't top notch, sorry about that. Keith's reply was qualified with "as far as I know" so I didn't take it as gospel. Sorry about that. :)

Thank you for replying to me.

That being the case Seelah from Rise of the Runelord's power is a lot worse than I assumed.

Her first power reads - You may discard the top card of your deck to add 1d6 to your check. If the top card was a blessing, recharge it instead of discarding.

So if she attempts a check and uses her top power to add 1d6 then if she hits a blessing instead of another card it recharges and she gets no benefit from it? That seems terrible. When she really needs a boost it might do nothing at all if she hits a blessing or spell.

Am I interpreting that correctly?

I'm definitely not saying your wrong by the way, just that for some characters that interpretation is really harsh.

I'm not able to do OP play, mostly because of health issues and also there's none near where I live in the UK so my incorrect assumptions haven't been a problem for other people. I play a lot with my husband and occasionally with friends. :)

I interpreted the power as - you choose to a discard a specific number of cards at the start of the turn. The amount of healing comes from the amount of cards you chose to discard. The bog medic power intervenes after the cards are discarded and turns the discard into a recharge instead (if the cards have the divine trait). The cards WERE discarded but recharged after the fact. This does work in the same manner as other similar discard into recharge effects.

It is indeed powerful, but lots of characters just are really, really powerful. (See Damiel from the Alchemist's Class Deck) The characters aren't all balanced to be similarly powerful. The characters in the class decks (which I own all of and love) are really varied in their power level.

I played a 4 player game of the entire RotR Adventure Path with Grazzle. I played him as above. He was very powerful, but so fun and satisfying to play. He's fantastic to play with weaker characters who need to be carried a bit, like Rooboo.

If you play with the recharged cards not contributing to healing he would still be really powerful, and just as fun. I adore PACG but it's not completely unambiguous so it's often best to play in the way which you will enjoy most.

THE most important thing about Grazzle is that when you are playing him you need to roleplay all his interactions with a gravelly lizard voice and have him be obsessed with fighting skeletons and going to graveyard locations because of his great loves of bones.

Seriously, everyone should play Grazzle, he's awesome.

I'm late to the party, I just wanted to lend my voice to a couple of suggestions already raised. For myself, I own all 4 base sets, have played them to conclusion and own all (right now) 22 Class Decks.

STORY - I love the OP's increased story. I'm playing a guild scenario at the home and it makes such a big difference to have a more involved narrative than can be given on a tiny card.

REMOVING CLOSED LOCATIONS - Not a fan, makes the world of the game feel smaller and would have negative consequences for game play I think.

STASH - I always thought it would be neat if some of the scenarios were more of a puzzle. For a simple example if all the locations needed wisdom survival to close. If you failed first time round, because the party has a stash, players could tweak their decks to add more Blessings of Shelyn etc. As it stands if you fail a scenario you can't tweak your deck to help your odds of success at all, you just have to go at it again with the same load out.

PROXIES - I really dislike proxies. I bought the drivethru cards for the guild season I'm playing for that reason, but I do understand if that's the way it has to go, especially if it reduces costs substantially to entice more players into the game.

DIFFICULTY - I prefer the simplicity of one difficulty setting, and feel like it would be hard to balance correctly. I despise increased difficulty where you basically just have to play something multiple times til you get lucky. For instance only being able to win if all henchmen/villains are in the top half of location decks because of a decreased blessings deck. I also agree with someone else's comment that making a "harder" difficulty will make some players feel like their completed run through on "normal" difficulty is invalidated.

TYPOS - I feel like a tiny bit more QC would make a big improvement. I do dislike the number of typos on cards. But I know Paizo is a small company so it has limited resources.

I love the game. Can't wait to see where it goes next. I really hope the new ideas can bring more people into the game so they can experience all the joy I have gotten from playing PACG.

I'm currently playing through one of the guild seasons with my husband and we're doing exactly what Zeroth Hour said - skill feat after 1st adventure, power feat after second adventure, card feat after 4th scenario.

We're most of the way through and it's worked perfectly.

I played through Rise of the Runelords with my husband, in a 4 party group where each of us played 2 characters.

I played Grazzle from the Cleric Class Deck and Tontellizi from the Fighter Class Deck.

There were plenty of cards in the base set to make Grazzle work, but there weren't enough polearms for Tontellizi so I added the polearms from the Fighter Class Deck. It worked perfectly. It took a while for me to run into the polearms but it made it all the more exciting when I bumped into them.

As someone who lives very far away from any Organised Play I really enjoy playing the cool and interesting characters from the Class Decks with my husband.

Excellent. I love the Hunter class, can't wait for this.