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This order had been pending since the initial request was handled. That's roughly a month. Can you please do whatever needs to be done to fix that, please?

Please alter my most recent subscription order (# 7968429) to remove the Age of Ashes AP. I still wish to receive both of the 1.0 books though. Once that 2.0 item is removed, please cancel all three of my subscriptions.

Thank you!

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Piccolo wrote:

Lovely. Apparently my order didn't qualify, despite it being sent out today.

Re-read Vic's post. specifically the part where he states "Placed between now and 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, September 30." and you'll understand why an order that shipped today wouldn't be eligible for the discount. Because placed =/= shipped, you'd have likely had to cancel that order, and then place it again to use the discount but if you contact Customer Service there may be something they can do, but if it's already shipped, it's unlikely. Of course, you can always use it for your next order, since it's good through the end of September. Although, as stated in Vic's post, it doesn't apply to everything.

If I want my subs to cancel after August 2019, can I arrange that now, or do I have to wait until then? I understand the reasoning behind a new edition, and as much as I love Pathfinder, my group and I have no interest in a second edition. On the plus side though, after August of 2019, you guys are gonna save me some money.

Hello everyone!

My long time group (been playing together for ~6 years) recently lost a couple players, and we're looking to pick up one or two regular players. The group is laid back, and fairly mature (I say fairly because in all honesty, we all have our moments and our inside jokes). We value RP and combat equally (although personally, I've always wanted to experience a pure RP session with very little to no combat), but most of our sessions typically have more of one than the other, although it varies as to which.

Right now, we've got three campaigns going (Rise of the Runelords - level 12, Reign of Winter - level 8, and Wrath of the Righteous - level 8). We rotate every couple months (usually at the end of an AP book) so that everyone gets a chance to play.

We usually game every other weekend, with the exact day and time varying due to work schedules.

We do have a few house rules though.

1 - Magical weapons and armor automatically resize between Small, and Medium. (unless the flavor text of the item specifies a size).
2 - Encumbrance is usually ignored (unless it's bordering on ridiculous, like trying to carry a Stone Horse).
3 - Spell components are usually ignored (save for rare or expensive components like those for Restoration).
4 - No death effects (this includes the reverse, so no resurrect either).*

*Note - we've had only one death in the three current campaigns, and two in the one campaign that ended. So PC death isn't usually a problem unless someone does something stupid, which is where at least one of those deaths came from.

If you're interested, feel free to either reply to this post, or inbox me directly.

I just tried to find it on the Rogue Genius Games website, and couldn't find it. Could you possibly PM me a link to the books listing, Chemlak?

It's just my luck to stumble on a book I'd likely buy only to have it out of print. PDF's are great, but sometimes it's equally great to have a book at the table, too.

Just out of curiosity, are you presently working on any other archetypes? Specifically Sanctified Slayer, Ghost Rider Cavalier, Master Summoner, and Urban Bloodrager. Also is there any chance that donations could possibly help speed along certain archetypes?

op3rator wrote:

The sheets do look very lovely. I'd love to use them, but the check boxes on the class pages don't seem to print very well, regardless of the printer I use (4 thus far have all had the same issue). Being slightly OCD, the missing or misprinted check boxes would irk me to no end.

And it's kind of sad, because I bought premium paper and a new ink cartridge just to print out those sheets.

Since I can't edit my original post any longer, I just wanted to add that after some playing with some programs and settings, I think the computers I'm using are describing a line that is too thin for the printer to print, which is odd since it's only certain lines and boxes that are skipped. To get around that I was able to rasterize the sheets and get them to print without any loss of lines or check boxes, but the cost was the loss of the finer definition of the sheets.

I do have two questions about the sheets, now. Do you know if you created these sheets as a vector graphic file? If so, do you have a control to make those lines thicker?

The sheets do look very lovely. I'd love to use them, but the check boxes on the class pages don't seem to print very well, regardless of the printer I use (4 thus far have all had the same issue). Being slightly OCD, the missing or misprinted check boxes would irk me to no end.

And it's kind of sad, because I bought premium paper and a new ink cartridge just to print out those sheets.

Claxon wrote:

Sorry, but you are incorrect.

Special: Starting at 6th level, a ranger with the archery combat style may select Point Blank Master as a combat style feat, but he must have Weapon Focus instead of Weapon Specialization in the selected weapon.
This is one feat with prerequisites that the Ranger's Combat Style feat selection does not allow you to ignore.

I stand corrected. With as much as I play a Ranger, I don't know how I missed that. My apologies.

TGMaxMaxer wrote:

Your understanding of the ranger combat styles is correct, and you do still have to meet the Weapon Focus pre-req for point blank master even as a style feat.

Eal's understanding is correct. Yours is not.

Combat Style Feat wrote:
The ranger's expertise manifests in the form of bonus feats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level. He can choose feats from his selected combat style, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

Emphasis mine.

What this means is that any feat taken for the Ranger's Combat Style, as long as it is on the list provided for that style, does not need to meet any prerequisites. However, feats taken through standard level progression must still meet all prerequisites, even if they are also on the list for the Ranger's Combat Style.

So, for Point Blank Master, you do not need to meet any prerequisites, but only if it is taken as a Combat Style Feat.

Rynjin wrote:

Ascetic Style is just the nail in the coffin though. Unarmed had a few minor things going for it, like larger damage dice (gone), Style Strikes could only be used with it (gone), Stunning Fist(gone...though to be fair Ki Focusing did away with it a long time ago), and so on.

But Ascetic Style just kinda destroys all that.

This may be a dumb question, and if so, I apologize, but is there something that grants the Monks unarmed damage increase to manufactured weapons now?

I don't have all of the Adventure Paths, so I'm hoping that some of you can help me out.

I've wanted to build a character around Profession:Siege Engineer and the Siege Engineer feats for a while, but don't want to do so for an Adventure Path that does not make use of them.

I'd like to suggest a couple Adventure Paths to my GM, since we're only a few sessions away from ending our current one, and am looking for a list of the Adventure Paths that make use of Siege Engines. I know Skull & Shackles does but I'm hoping to get a couple more if possible.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The Giantslayer Poster Map Folio PDF is now in my downloads. Thank you!

All of the PDF's for this order are available in my downloads, except for the Giantslayer Poster Map Folio. Could you take a look into this for me, please?


Cevah wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:

A thought experiment: your Valet familiar is considered to have the same item creation feats as you right? It also has your skill ranks? What if you transform it into a form that can hold things and speak, then have it work on the items. You just need to cast the spells. Since it can work on said items while you're adventuring you could have the creature working by day while you battle evil, say in an extradimensional space like a haversack or something, then you add the appropriate spells at key junctures in the process.

Alternately if you've got downtime the two of you could be working back to back but on different projects. He's writing a scroll, you're brewing a potion; you're putting the finishing touches on a wand, she's hemming a magic cloak.

Does not work that way. Cooperative crafting states: If you need another character to supply one of an item's requirements (such as if you're a wizard creating an item with a divine spell), both you and the other character must be present for the entire duration of the crafting process.


This. Almost. However, Mark detailed two scenarios. I'll weigh in on both.

Having the familiar craft in an extra-dimensional space while the master travels - you'd still only net the two hours of work each day because with Cooperative Crafting both parties making the item are contributing to it, effectively splitting the duties involved in the crafting.

Having the master and familiar both craft different items at the same time, without any contribution from the other - unless the familiar could supply the required requisite spells/item/etc., then it would be difficult for the familiar to craft the item on it's own, without jacking up the DC by 5 for each requisite missing. Further, the Master would not be able to contribute those requisite spells/items/etc. while crafting a different item, as you can only craft one item at a time. Although, if your Spellcraft is high enough that the increase to the Spellcraft DC is negligible, then that scenario becomes possible.

Additionally, as mentioned above, you would not need to transform the Familiar into anything else for either scnario due to the Prestidigitation 1/day.

Michael Grate wrote:

Ok, I have a few issue I have to bring to light with my group now.

So, a new question would be about New life scrolls. They act as the spell Breath of Life which says it cannot bring back undead creatures. My issue now is, what would the be the equal and opposite to this if there is any?

Also, if the Dhampri dies (reduced to negative hitpoints below con) can the Channel Negative Energy still affect him? Unlike positive energy which heals the living, Negative energy heals the undead (and I'm assuming dead). So how would this work if it even does?

And finally, if it does works on the Dhampir when he dies, would it work on those who aren't normally undead but die in battle and thus aren't living?

I can see your concern with the wording of the spell and how it mentions undead specifically. Again, I'd point out the Life Dominant Soul feat, which would eliminate a lot of these concerns for your player.

As Dhampirs are not actually of the Undead subtype, which is what the spell mentions, and Breath of Life does not specify the energy is Positive (although I grant that it is *HEAVILY* implied), there is enough wiggle room to use a little bit of handwavium.

Well, the spell also brings back to life a dead person if they have only been dead for one round, so I'd say yes.

If it becomes too much of an issue, you can have that player do what one of my players did - take the Life Dominant Soul feat.

Constructs cannot be affected by Positive or Negative energy. In addition to the options mentioned thus far, there is also the Construct Channel Brick.

You could always augment the existing Metamagic feats to suit your need/want.

Take the Intensify Metamagic - for +1 spell level, it increases damage dice by up to five, capping at caster level or 10. Make it scale a bit - for +2 levels, it caps at 15 dice or caster level ,and for +3 levels, it caps at 20 dice, or caster level.

Gives the feat a little more worth and flexibility, as well as fitting what you're looking for.

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Yes, I did get a reply to the follow-up email I sent. I completely forgot to post it here as I said I would. Sorry about that.

Happy Camper wrote:
With down we've had little choice but to begin work on our own site. Right now you can find our works at: It's going to be some slow going, as we are also in process of updating our old works as well as coming up with new projects. If there's any sheets you need that are not up on the site, please do not hesitate to write us and we will do what we can to make them available. Thank you for your continued support!

Didn't get any additional information on ACG class sheets yet, nor do I see the fourth sheets on the site provided. But, at least they are available again.

I'm hoping the rest will be available soon.

EDIT: I have all of the sheets HC has already made. If you can't find what you need on the site provided, inbox me, and I can send you what I have.

(This is my first post in this forum, so forgive me if I got any of the acronyms wrong) My issue is this (Note: I am not the DM for this game):

A recent addition to my group seems to be a very 'RAW' player but our group has most been a 'RAI' group. Our group has always sort of overlooked the size issue on loot (meaning, if it would be an upgrade, use it, and it does damage appropriate for your size), and ignored encumbrance (unless it was a grossly inappropriate amount of stuff). Mainly to make the game a little more enjoyable and so that nobody is 'penalized' for wanting to play a small character, but it's important to note that we had not yet officially called either a "house rule"

This is causing some minor issues between the above mentioned 'RAW' player and another (Player 1 and Player 2 as I shall call them, respectively). Specifically in regards to those two issues. Player 2 talked to me about it after our most recent game for advice on how to approach it, and even I am not 100% how I'd handle it. So, I'm turning to all of you for some input.

Player 2 is the only player to play a small character in this campaign, and also handles the bookkeeping of our community pot. Three sessions ago, that character got his first piece of serious loot since Player 1 joined us - a +1 Longsword - immediately after the loot was disclosed, Player 1 interrupts Player 2 and to ask if it's sized for a small character. This then proceeds to derail the rest of our game as Player 2 questions the need for the question, citing the first of the two 'house rules' from the second paragraph. Player 1 then proceeds to try and find this rule in any Pathfinder online source and then proceeds to tell Player 1 "Well, it's one of the drawbacks to being a small race". Our DM then states it is a small item, and then officially makes it a house rule that magic items resize to the user.

Player 1 is silenced, and player 2 is happy and asks to continue, but the DM calls it for the night instead.

Now, you'd think that's be the end of it, but no, Player 1 proceeds to force his 'RAW' approach on the group in the last two sessions. Every piece of loot Player 2 writes into our community pot that size matters for is followed by Player 1 asking "What sized character is it for?". I've noticed that a few times he's been looking at Player 2 rather than at the DM, when asking this question.

Last session that character bought a Bag of Holding (he plays the character as a bit of a hoarder of small objects), and Player 1 immediately asks him what his STR score is (12), then asks him what he's carrying on his person (IE: not in the BoH), and then calculate all of the weight and declare him over-encumbered. Our DM ignored it, and kept on playing. However, I'm not sure if that is because the DM didn't hear it, or didn't care. But, Player 1 did not press the matter with the DM, for what that's worth.

Shortly after this is when Player 2 talked to me about it. He doesn't want to quit, but is thinking of scraping the character (which i would personally hate to see as this player has always made unique characters with interesting stories and motivations - this one being no exception) and making a medium sized character of the same class.

I crunched the numbers, and with a STR of 12, a small character can carry 32.25 pounds. This character has the following items contributing to encumbrance (everything else in the BoH Type I): Leaf Armor - 10 lbs, Longsword - 2 lbs, Dagger - .5 lbs, Shortbow - 1 lb, Quiver - 1.5 lbs, Bag of Holding Type I - 15 lbs, and a Traveler's Outfit - 1.25 lbs.

10 + 2 + .5 + 1 + 1.5 + 15 + 1.25 = 31.25

Correct me unless my calculations are wrong (all weights sized for a small creature) but this character is not over-encumbered, albeit he's only under by just 1 pound.

So, my question comes down to these options, I'm thinking of the following options:

1 - Spell out my findings and detail the math for Player 1 to prove him wrong, and leave it at that, hoping he will shut up.

2 - Spell out my findings and detail the math for the whole group to prove Player 1 wrong, and explain to the DM why it was neccessary, hoping that it will shut Player 1 up, or at least make the DM more aware so he can shut Player 1 up when needed.

3 - Tell Player 2 to scrap his small character in favor of a medium and not tell the DM the real reason why. (Although in this case, I think the DM would still know)

4 - Tell Player 2 to talk to the DM about it, provide my findings to him, and keep myself out of it further.

5 - Speak to the DM with Player 2, confirming what I've seen and let the DM do as he deems fit.

**Important note - Player 1 is a long-time friend of the DM and of our fourth player. However, this does not lead me to think it would skew the DM's approach to the matter, but I figure it worth noting regardless.**

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In May, I sent an email to the email address listed on Pathfinderdb for Happy Camper and asked this very question. I got this as a reply

Happy Camper wrote:

Yes, we intend to make new 3-page character sheets for the base classes coming out in the Advanced Class Guide. Right now we are working on a general update to the character sheets based on user feedback, as well as making new sheets for the base classes described in Dreamscarred Press' Ultimate Psionics handbook. The unfortunate news is we don't have a specific deadline for this project, as free design time is becoming a hot commodity. However, once finished, we will be informing our users of the update and will attempt to sent out a copy before it goes live on

Thank you for your continued interest in our work! These sheets wouldn't be what they are today without loyal fans such as yourself.

With pathfinderdb now defunct, I'm sending another email to them about getting on any update mailing list they have, and where they may be making them available. If I get a reply, I'll add it here, too.

jimibones83 wrote:
Yeah I know. PDF is a pain though. If they were only a few dollars I'd prolly buy them but not for what they are asking

If you have a FLGS that deals in second hand books, you might be able to find one there. I lucked out myself, and was able to get all six books in this AP plus the Map Folio as a bundle for 100$ at my FLGS. And, it completed my AP collection too.

I think there are a few variables that can go into a situation like you're talking about. Are you, or any of the other players at your table new to the game? Is anyone playing a class they are unfamiliar with? Has anyone optimized their characters, even partially? Granted, that last one is a slippery slope, and I do not want this to turn the focus towards optimization as sometimes happens, but even for players that prefer flavor/RP to optimization, a certain amount of optimization is needed for the character to be viable within a group. And if there was a yes to either of the first two questions, that can be the cause of inefficient characters and/or players while they try to figure out the class and/or the game. If you want some opinions on what might be the cause, you may want to give some details about the players at your table, and the characters they are running.

I've been running Rise of the Runelords on-and-off for almost 18 months, with only three players and the only time they were even remotely close to a TPK was the first encounter inside the clock tower at the end of book 2. And that only occurred because every encounter up to that one had been a cakewalk and I increased the fights CR a bit too much.

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I've never had the issue that Steve mentioned, what I've encountered is that once the map has been removed, the area that the blob of glue was stuck to is visibly stained/discolored.

I'm not sure if anything could be done about that one, but as someone that uses some of these maps frequently, the discoloration does irk me a bit.