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Lucas VerBeek wrote:

Wait, what's the Crimson Festival? Are they celebrating Ileosa or are they celebrating her defeat?

I have so many questions and worries about what happened in Korvasa now, considering the reprint was one of the first Adventure Paths I ever got into.

Given what she did to them I'm thinking they are going to have a burning effigy

Patrick Newcarry wrote:
Who are the artists?


Regarding the Mordant Spire and Acavna.

How do the other gods feel about mortals living inside the corpse of one of their old friends?

Did Acavna's soul ever make it to the graveyard?

deuxhero wrote:
Seems useful.

Alchemical Tinkering is a seriously underrated/dangerous spell spell. If combined with Blood Money it can get borderline broken (but then again most spells do) so I figured I would look for an alternative source of free materials.

Be very mindful of using this cautiously and sparingly. The moment you open up this door the GM has full rights to use it against you.

Thanks for answering

Thanks for answering

When a hag coven is using their coven magic how long does it take to cast Clairaudience-Clairvoyance? A single full-round or do they have to engage in full round actions for the spell's full 10 minutes as with the spell-like ability rules?

Reading the rules that would correct

That said if you beat someone over the head or drug them so they are unconscious I would think it would be reasonable to say that just because are now possessed doesn't make the "body's" condition go away.

They can do it they just better have their buddy bring some smelling salts.

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Admittedly not the most efficient use of a 1rst and 2nd lvl spell

1a. Is there anything interfering with the idea of daisy chaining Poisoned Egg and Alchemical Tinkering so that you gain access to all alchemical items 90 gp and below?

1b. Would you say the effects of the transmuted item remain after the spells' minute timer is completed as long as they have been used beforehand (ie create Duskeye to give low-light vision for 4 hours or antitoxin/antiplague for 1 hour)?

This has caused some debate regarding definitions

2a. The FAQ for the alchemist says that poisons are alchemical items although it does also state that it was for the purposes of alchemist class features. Would that excluded other classes that use craft (alchemy)?

2b. Alchemical remedies are also listed separate from alchemical items but are made using craft (alchemy) just like poisons would they be considered an alchemical item?

I am of the mind that if an item is created with craft (alchemy) that logically it would be an alchemical item

The effects gained aren't exactly game breaking for the spell levels but they do add a lot of useful utility.


DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Curse you for making the perfect magic-school campaign location. Because it's constantly moving you can always have new adventuring locations nearby.


Yep my first thought was a badass version of FF's Balamb Garden

Then again Balamb Garden + First World setting = Scary Magic School Bus

Dracoknight wrote:

Personally i would rule it as the equipment of the familiar and any items they hold would just transform with him like the polymorph/transformation rules normally go at.

But i would not allow the sorcerer to have access to any of the stored items while the familiar is in its tattoo form as its technically one and the same form.

that's basically how I figured it would work I just figured I should ask before confirming with my GM since as previously stated its ultimately its up to them

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So I was looking over the Tattooed Sorcerer and got to wondering if I had a little monkey (think Aladdin's Abu) as my familiar if I made it a little backpack would the backpack transform into a tattoo with it?

I'm mainly wondering in the realm of trying to smuggle things (less than 1 lb to keep him unencumbered) past guards or keep things from getting stolen.

Case in point: "During the night the the watchman falls asleep and the party is robbed., check your belongs, I look at my arm and my monkey is still there, "I'm good, I put all my stuff in the Portable Hole before bed" and gave it to my monkey"

Is my logic sound? I see nothing saying for or against it working.