Chaining Poisoned Egg and Alchemical Tinkering for alchemical items

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Admittedly not the most efficient use of a 1rst and 2nd lvl spell

1a. Is there anything interfering with the idea of daisy chaining Poisoned Egg and Alchemical Tinkering so that you gain access to all alchemical items 90 gp and below?

1b. Would you say the effects of the transmuted item remain after the spells' minute timer is completed as long as they have been used beforehand (ie create Duskeye to give low-light vision for 4 hours or antitoxin/antiplague for 1 hour)?

This has caused some debate regarding definitions

2a. The FAQ for the alchemist says that poisons are alchemical items although it does also state that it was for the purposes of alchemist class features. Would that excluded other classes that use craft (alchemy)?

2b. Alchemical remedies are also listed separate from alchemical items but are made using craft (alchemy) just like poisons would they be considered an alchemical item?

I am of the mind that if an item is created with craft (alchemy) that logically it would be an alchemical item

The effects gained aren't exactly game breaking for the spell levels but they do add a lot of useful utility.


1a. Nope, though when either spell wears off the lot of it wears off.
1b. Yes.
2a. No, though it'd probably extend to investigator. Frankly, since neither poisoned egg nor alchemical tinkering are alchemist class features, they wouldn't count poisons as alchemical items anyway.
2b. Yes, they're alchemical items. Not everything created with craft (alchemy) is necessarily an alchemical item, but off the top of my head I can't think of a counterexample. Maybe an elixir of love brewed using craft (alchemy) instead of spellcraft?

Thanks for answering

Seems useful.

deuxhero wrote:
Seems useful.

Alchemical Tinkering is a seriously underrated/dangerous spell spell. If combined with Blood Money it can get borderline broken (but then again most spells do) so I figured I would look for an alternative source of free materials.

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