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So we are playing a Way of the Wicked campaign and are in the second book, running our Evil Organization. Very soon I will have access to Major Creation. I am planning on using the spell to create large amounts of Opium, which we will then sell via our weekly actions to the nearby town. I have 2 questions. First, if someone consumes the drugs, do the effects disappear when the spell ends? I wouldn’t think that addiction would, but what about the ability damage? Second, what is a reasonable profit from starting an Opium trade that has virtually no production cost? Thoughts?

I would say that dealing the damage by the drug is an instantenous effect. As such, it persist even if the drug that caused it disappears from the reality. The same with addiction. But the ongoing effects of the drug would disappear (in case of the opium it would be the buff lasting for 1 hour).

Compare with how the summoning magic works. The instantenous effects of the abilities of the summoned creatures persist (for example healing they may provide), but as CRB states

Core Rulebook, p. 210 wrote:
When the spell that summoned a creature ends and the creature disappears, all the spells it has cast expire.

While Major Creation is a creation spell, not summoning, and the effects of the opium ar chemical not magical, I would use the same rule - when the cause disappears, all the ongoing effects it causes disappear as well (but not the effects it caused in the past).

notice that like making bread instead of wheet(when making a complex item), you'll need a craft check to make the drug (probebly craft alchemy).

To not get caught you'd need to run the Opium den yourself. Or at least supply it daily. That is the only way you'll be able to explain away how it disappears when the duration runs out.

How much you'll make is dependent on who your customers are. You can charge 100gp a hit, but if none of your customers have 100gp that would be a problem. You and your GM are going to have to discuss this, but it would probably involve skill rolls between appraisal, ks: local, and sense motive. Possibly bluff and diplomacy to draw customers.

Or you could make a one time delivery of as much opium as you can make. Again, no idea what the value is since it doesn't exist in Pathfinder but either way after the duration runs out you will be hunted. It is also possible that a spellcaster could recognize anything created with Major or Minor Creation since it is a spell effect. It isn't like your the only caster around that can cast Major Creation, right?

Also you might want to specify that you create already cut opium. If you just made pure opium I'd have tons of junkies OD.

Also I'd say the high disappears when the duration runs out, but not the affects of addiction. If they become addicted, they immediately lose the benefit of the conjured substance when it poofs.

Be very mindful of using this cautiously and sparingly. The moment you open up this door the GM has full rights to use it against you.

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