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I hate to be a party-pooper but the Skinsaw Murders still doesn't make it to the all-time greats that everyone is ranting about.

Firstly, I'm not a PF hater (look into my nick and you'll see I'm a die-hard subscriber of many), instead I'm a game lover. I've read extensively and as such, Skinsaw Murders will only be ranked as above average. Why?

(1) Game hook is too weak - a good game needs a really good hook to involve the players. Of course the DM can think of something (which I did) but the writer should have done this. It's part of the game. Why will player go to foxglove manor? Why go to Magnimar? Why even kill ZZZZ? Is it that important to do so? What if the players miss the lead in the manor? How will the players know that XXXX is the cause of all the problems? Was it mention in the manor climax?

(2) Passive villains - again and like many other rpg games, the villains are way too passive. No doubt XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ had done evil things according to the writer's synopsis but will the players know? Are they actively seeking out the players or like YYYY and ZZZZ waiting at the final point for the players to turn up and fight it out? Good villains should be involved along the plot, dropping hints of their (mis)doings or frustrating the players at certain points. In Skinsaw murders? Nope. I had to improvise here again.

(3) Too much is too little - The Foxglove manor is definitely creepy and innovative in its handling (although it was done before by other writer, can't remember which game) but throughout, it is just like this. This haunting and that haunting...room after room. Possibly the players found its a relief to meet XXXX and have a good fight with him.

Well, I'm off to read the Hook Mountain Massacre. I hope that it doesn't disappoint.

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Oh dear...


Well, my original review was lost.

Nevertheless, my take (a summarized version of the previous):

Not a 5-star as it's not the best of the best.
Not a 4-star as there's still better out there.

The good:
(1) excellent paper
(2) well thought villians (eg Nualia and Erylium)

The bad:
(1) Poor fleshed out Sandpoint
(2) Hooks not good to tie story together (i devised my own)
(3) No good motivation for players (yet another problem that was mentioned on page 56 but not thought out why the players want to "feel" for Sandpoint)

Overall, its still playable with modifications to be made by the DM.