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Best book in the Tales line so far


I really enjoyed this book and the adventured contained with in. While it took a few chapters for this to get off the ground once it got started it shot for the stars. The over all story arc was very enjoyable and the characters are very easy to connect with especially Elyana, the story lead.

It was great to see Paizo have a tale in the line that returned to the standard adventuring party. And to be able to see the dynamics between the members in the party develop and not be assumed was really enjoyable. There were also plenty of twists to make this sometimes overdone story line interesting and it will keep you at the end of your seats at times.

While the writing style of the book, in particular the use of Interludes to bring in back story, took some getting used to they were always tied into the book very well and they didn't seem like a distraction which was my first fear when I saw they were there. The authors use of story specific humor was also very enjoyable and I often found my self laughing out loud at the slight turns of phrase used.

Overall I would highly recommend people pick up this book and I also hope to see Paizo extend this series because there are many ways I could see this developing down the road.