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Finally got it^^ And it Looks great.

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Gorbacz wrote:
The only thing that you're convincing people of is that no matter what changes to the Wizards would be made, nothing short of returning them their Tier 1 Godlike status of PF1 would suffice.

The Problem is, that RPGs and D+D esp. have set it, that a Magic-user bending Reality into a pretzel and a fighter getting a +1 on attack rolls is in the same power Level.

Because he can attack all day as i have learned in this thread.

Wonder what we made wrong in our Groups, because that never happened to us.

Dragons can already vary in alignment, as can all non-outsider. It is not on Eberron Level yet, but it is getting there^^

And I like that.

Psiphyre wrote:


Isn't Apocalypse older than Selene though?
(Albeit, not by much...)

Also, isn't the existence of mutants ultimately due to the Celestials who placed the potential for it in the human genome (which'd account for the rare ancient mutant) & that the background radiation of the modern age jump-started the surge of mutations we see now?

Oh, also, time travel shenanigans somewhere... <shrug?>

Carry on, I guess,


Apocalypse Comes from Ancient Egypt. Selene was around during Conans time as shown in the classic storyline in that she met her old rival Kulan Gath as he remade New York to a Version of his time.


I think part of the reason was simply that Radiation was no longer the simple solution like in the 60, so they added the Celestials manipulating the Genome again.

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thejeff wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:


The Snap creating Mutants I COULD see but then how do you retcon much OLDER mutants, like say Apocalypse?

I don't see Latveria working the same way that Wakanda does. Mostly because Latveria doesn't have magic rocks.

How do you explain them in the comics? Why are they all over the place now, compared to even 50 years ago. There were always a few, but after "X" they became common.

I think it was originally radiation from nuclear tests, but not sure that still makes sense.

I think that was the Explanation in the start, but that went out of the window after mutants like Apocalypse or the even older Selene showing up^^

Thomas Seitz wrote:


The Snap creating Mutants I COULD see but then how do you retcon much OLDER mutants, like say Apocalypse?

I don't see Latveria working the same way that Wakanda does. Mostly because Latveria doesn't have magic rocks.

You could easily explain it with Dooms Genius. I mean he could build all what wakanda can even without the mcguffin^^

Rysky wrote:

They didn’t f&+# if that’s what you’re getting at, at least for conceiving Peace.

Basically he was formed through a bond between Iomedae and Apsu that goes deeper than mortal- ya know what they had God Sex.

I just said that the last i know was ,that the relationship and that Peace is their child however it happened, is a rumour.

For all i care it could have happend like in the Simpson Episode between Marge and Krang.

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Yqatuba wrote:
But she did have a relationship with Apsu (as someone mentioned), and even had a kid with him (the dragon Peace Through Vigilance.)

Isn't that still just a rumour?

And even if true, it does not mean that Iomedae is big on relationships.

If she had someone she likes in that way, I do think she would have difficulty to have a relationship, because not having much experience with that.
Stopping a demonlord no Problem but a date? That would be much more difficult^^.

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GM SuperTumbler wrote:
Why Paul Dini isn't in charge of the DCEU I'll never understand.

Because it would make sense and we can't have that^^

thank you very much for this.

Now I just have to wait until the book arrives^^

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Damon Griffin wrote:

Preacher, Lucifer, Walking Dead...with some shows (if, like me, you hadn't read the source material) it's easy to momentarily forget they're based on comics.

I think they represent a kind of stealth infiltration into the mainstream. Get the mundane audience hooked, then casually mention "You know this is based on a comic book, right?" And hey, maybe comic books aren't so weird after all.

That is true. I mean how many People would know, that Men in Black is based on a Comic?

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captain yesterday wrote:

I will say this book contains less sexualized art of any deity book ever.

I'm pretty sure even the bible has more sexualized art then Gods and Magic.

Remembering some stuff in the bible it should have been given an Adults only stamp.

Gorbacz wrote:
For the record, I'm still waiting for Jeff Bezos to fly his drone with my book through my window.

Keeping the window open during winter is so worth this book^^

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Gorbacz wrote:
A 1-star review because the reviewer ... heard that there's sexualized art? That's new in the "didn't read, 0/5" department.

Did they dare to show an ankle again^^?

Yes it was not so Long ago that People distanced themselves from making a Comic book movie or series. "It is based on a graphic novel" was the usual Thing to say. Or removing the Things deemed to Comic like.

If someone said to me in the 90s that we would get superheroes TV series in this quantity , I would have called them crazy.

To say Nothing About a Preacher or Doom Patrol series to Name just two that would have seemed even more impossible^^

Just preordered it again. Hope for the final time^^

Love the Windsong Testaments and esp. the tidbits like about Achaekek. Makes me want more^^

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Looks great and and can't wait to read it.

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Him getting more desperate About his age is one of the even more dangerous Things About him.

I could see him using his People in a ritual to get Young again like the one shown in the Villian Codex i think. Always looked like made for him^^

Kasoh wrote:
Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Just making these people level 20 isn't going to cut it. So, they pretty much gotta do mythic again at some point.

Well, the system allows them to just make powerful NPCs higher level. Tar-Baphon could be a Level 30 creature.

I hope there will be mythic again, but I don't think it will be required.

I don't think, that they would do that, because it is too similiar to the D+D Epic stuff.

And I liked the Pathfinder Version better, because for one reason it did not require reaching the endlevel.

Was it perfect? No, but that is Always the case.

Sounds great. Can't wait to finally see it in March.

And hearing rumours About a Doctor Aphra Series, if they put that much Detail into that it would be outstanding if true.

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If they bring back the book line, they should write a book about the story of Iomedae and her Connection to Arazni and her history.

Just explaining how they got the different alignments together, could make it a doorstopper^^

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Berselius wrote:

The Glorious Reclamation in Cheliax failed, Heart's Edge is now in the hands of Thrune (and has quite possibly been corrupted), Alexeara Cansellarion is either dead or damned to Hell (via sacrifice, evil spell, or betrayal of her vows), Last Wall is in ruins, the Whispering Tyrant is free, and old Erum-Hel is still around and is preying upon any divine scions Iomedae has sired with mortals.

As much as I respect Iomedae and admire her, she needs to start getting her act together I feel.

None of this is her fault. Even Erum-Hel would only be her fault, if trying to stop him and barley surviving it could be called that.

And I think the list of her successes are a lot longer. But that is never mentioned in this kind of discussions. Wonder why.

I think a cleric of Rovagug is one of the things that would not even work in an evil Party. But it would be a reason for good and evil to work together^^

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Paradozen wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Spamotron wrote:

I their CRs mentioned often when either comes up. Is there more context? Because my understanding is that in the lore Arazni as a Lich was much weaker than she was as Aroden's Herald, and Tar-Baphon didn't just defeat her but performed a humiliating one-sided curbstomp when she was a Herald.

So Tar-Baphon is only just as strong as the inferior version of a foe he defeated utterly?

I don't think we have any evidence she's weaker as a Lich than she was before. Indeed, evidence seems good that it added the standard +2 CR.

That being the case, even assuming she hasn't gained any levels since getting wrecked by Tar-Baphon their original fight would've been him at CR 26 and her at CR 24. Him defeating her pretty easily at that point sounds about right.

When Arazni faced Tar-Baphon she had the powers of the Herald of Aroden, when Geb reanimated her Iomedae held that mantle, so I think a solid case can be made for Arazni to be on-level with Tar Baphon, and lichdom brought her powers on-par with heraldry. Which would imply her humiliating defeat was because of some tactical misstep or sheer poor fortune, rather than Tar-Baphon being noticeably stronger than her.

If I remember correctly in the Adventure Path it was mentioned that part of the problem was that the knights summoned her and forced her to fight the Tyrant and that made her weaker.

That is one part why she is not very fond of the knights to put it midly.

The irony is that they could have asked and she would gladly helped them but the knights being what they are thought not like this.

Great story. Hope to read more about the siblings.

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I do not think he has not much emotion left regarding anything not related to Nex. Arazni was just a mean to the end of showing the Knights how outclassed they are.

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Bodyswitch.Twist is he ended up in an ewok. Or Jar Jar if they really want to mess with the hardcore fans^^

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Arcadia has developed societies. The same can't be said of the Gravelands and Andoran.
What are you basing this statement about Andoran on?

It's on Avistan, it's definitionally backward.

Their feats of seamanship and shipbuilding are along the lines of the tenth-century Norse, and they don't actually use plate - their soldiers go entirely unarmored in the art despite none of their enemies using armor-penetrating technology more advanced than the longbow. Their smithing is restricted to handicraft production, and accordingly to very small scales and without replaceable parts. They have no knowledge of chemistry.

Did I get the wrong version of Pathfinder regarding Andoran? What you wrote is so far from the description of the country to take it seriously. Tenth-Century Norse and using no plate, really?

DeathQuaker wrote:

lowfyr01 wrote:
Wouldn't it be the surprise that an AI does not get out of control and tries to destroy mankind? I mean most of them more or less go the Skynet route sooner or later. So yes Lena pulling a "what have I done" and the AI keeping her plan or even going further is the most obviously move they can make to still be able to get Lena back on the Supergirl side.
It absolutely would be a twist that the AI remains totally just a banal and harmless computer program. Maybe it will be the one that has a grand revelation and stops Lena from killing Supergirl. But I'm not sure...

would be a new one for CW for sure^^

Lena being bent on revenge for some time and than getting back seems far more likley.

goldomark wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

Barbatos being a great old one is certainly an amusing notion... but if the time comes for us to reveal what he is, and if I'm still the creative director... he won't be. I don't think that the flavor of Hell works with the flavor of Lovecraft at all, and don't wanna mix the two.

There's SO MUCH MORE he could be that is more interesting to me. But at the same time, now isn't the right time to nail down in print what he is.

A... a Qlippoth!?

Or a fey or agathion. Those can have tentacle esthetics.

Or all of it^^?

VerBeeker wrote: he was killing himself because he wanted to eat sweets? That’s some Willy Wonka ass s%!% right there.

Interested to see how he interacts with the other Iconics.

I mean it should be no surprise that a child will always choose sweets if it could get away with it. And changing brocoli to something with sugar would be too great a temptation^^

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CzarGarrett wrote:

Here’s a question- do we know for absolutely sure, that Aroden is dead?

Why couldn’t he have just continued his lessening involvement and left reality? No phone to call, no forwarding address to send the mail. He’s just gone.

I would think that the result would be the same as dead - no spells, no connection to holy places, etc

And the other gods, Pharasma in particular, know he’s gone, but don’t want to let that knowledge out so if/when he comes back, things can go back to the way they were.

If he was still alive, wouldn't his clerics still receive spells? I always thought only death of the god can stop that.

And Pharasma had said that yes Aroden is gone. Out of game some Paizo staff had said so too.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Still, I feel like ultimately what is going to happen, painfully obviously even, is Lena will pull back from trying to get vengeance upon Kara, only for her AI Hope to become a hybrid ADA/Ultron/Hal* and become a later season villain who tries to kill Kara based on the sequences Lena designed.

Wouldn't it be the surprise that an AI does not get out of control and tries to destroy mankind? I mean most of them more or less go the Skynet route sooner or later. So yes Lena pulling a "what have I done" and the AI keeping her plan or even going further is the most obviously move they can make to still be able to get Lena back on the Supergirl side.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


But I still don't see how they can turn Bailey Hoskin (a guy that self-detonate ONCE and die) into something cool/respected.

Seeing that death is more or less meaningless now for mutants, it could be possible^^

Remembering that how long till Destiny comes back? I want the first gay relationship I read about in comics back^^

Thomas Seitz wrote:
So what you're saying is if Ike Perlmutter were to have an unfortunate accident, then Feige would have greater control?

He is already no longer the CEO of Marvel Comics, so there is no need for an accident^^. Feige just needed to threaten to quit to get Perlmutter out of the movie descisions and now he has even less power.

Perhaps with Perlmutter out of the picture perhaps we will get more of a crossover between TV and the movies.

Proves again there are no bad powers you just need a writer who thinks creativly^^

Regarding Hope this is more or less the same as on Utopia just with more mutants. And I think writers tried to ignore the potential she could do with that. Her being on a mutant team would be bad enough^^

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
So while I'm sure there are some that will complain about Hickman's work around, I for one welcome the fact he's made Goldballs WAY more fun and interesting that before.

The fact that this group of mutants works together to make that happen, proves what a great writer he is.

And yes making that work is a stretch but that happened before. I mean one example that comes to mind is Storms power makes her highly resistant against telepathy?

Just that Hope is on this Island would make anyone wonder, what she could do with all this powers at her hand. I mean Mimic with just five powers duplicated could get bad. But her duplicating jamie madrox and having all the other powers for example would get out of control real fast^^

I think the last time I really liked the Legion was the Abnett and Lanning run. Legion Lost is still one of my favourites.

Legion of three Worlds was just "how fast can we write out one version of the legion" almost as a afterthought. If they can not even get the name of one of the characters right they write out ,it is not a good sign.

After that it became reboot after reboot so i gave up on it.
I will give the current version a chance.
It is Bendis but perhaps he can salvage the mess that is legion. He surprised me with All-new X-Men after all.

Hope he does not just bring back the usual suspects, but some less known. Bringing back Shikari would be great^^

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Great story. And he should have worn Glasses. That would have worked^^

Lord Fyre wrote:

That is already Semi-Canon. Kobolds of Golarion, page 19 under "Rare Scale Colors."

Also check out page 15 of the same book.

Think I need to reread that book than^^

Thanks for the info.

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now I can't get the picture of a large group of cobolds following a metallic dragon everywhere and wondering than he will start doing "dragon stuff" (meaning the things the evil kind of dragon is usually up to)

And after some time they start to learn by example and discover that not being evil is something that is good for them.

Looks great. Can't wait for the book^^

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We could do that, yes^^

Ok than just a cyberhand or arm. Does not really need more. Or they go the Clayface route and make him a body out of his special clay^^

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The way the goverment in the Comics works someone will do it sooner or later. And will be surprised if it blows up in his face like the dozen of times before^^. I mean being stupid seems to be a requirement for the job.

So prepare for the new and improved Puppet Master as a brain in a jar or something like that.

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That's for certain.

Puppet Master is certainly alive. But I do not think he will be glad about it.

Doktor Weasel wrote:

Well, he doesn't have to steal it from the seller. Stealing it from the buyer might be an easier thing. And pin the whole thing on some convenient stooges (like the PCs) to take the blame instead of him.

Of course there is the very real possibility that Razmir isn't the same Razmir who started the country. Dude wears a mask whenever he's seen. Who would notice if he was replaced by another dude in a mask? I call this the "Dread Pirate Razmir" theory. Another could be that there never was a Razmir, that it's a persona used by an organization, or even some non-human entity.

There's also the possibility of him actually taking the test of the Starstone (assuming he's one person). If he gets desperate enough, he might chance it. He's got some real power, and already being worshiped as a god, and that might help somehow. It's possible he's been studying it and preparing for years. Or because he's got a cult / organized crime ring with lots of magic, he might pull some other shenanigans. Like stealing the Starstone itself. Get all Carmaen Sandiego on that thing.

That could work too^^

And yes that is one theory that would be fun to work with. The real Razmir died years ago and now we have his valet a low level commoner running the show^^

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Just read the new Fantastic Four and I must say it is a great example of the current version of the Hulk. The last page alone ....

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NotBothered wrote:
lowfyr01 wrote:

The discovery is something that would be too easy. That is one reason I think he stays at 19th level .
Do we know he's still 19th level or is it at all likely he might have levelled up when the new World Guide comes out this month?

With 2 Edition it might not make a difference, but I think he will stay at 19th level for now. For me it is one of his perks^^

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