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We could do that, yes^^

Ok than just a cyberhand or arm. Does not really need more. Or they go the Clayface route and make him a body out of his special clay^^

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The way the goverment in the Comics works someone will do it sooner or later. And will be surprised if it blows up in his face like the dozen of times before^^. I mean being stupid seems to be a requirement for the job.

So prepare for the new and improved Puppet Master as a brain in a jar or something like that.

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That's for certain.

Puppet Master is certainly alive. But I do not think he will be glad about it.

Doktor Weasel wrote:

Well, he doesn't have to steal it from the seller. Stealing it from the buyer might be an easier thing. And pin the whole thing on some convenient stooges (like the PCs) to take the blame instead of him.

Of course there is the very real possibility that Razmir isn't the same Razmir who started the country. Dude wears a mask whenever he's seen. Who would notice if he was replaced by another dude in a mask? I call this the "Dread Pirate Razmir" theory. Another could be that there never was a Razmir, that it's a persona used by an organization, or even some non-human entity.

There's also the possibility of him actually taking the test of the Starstone (assuming he's one person). If he gets desperate enough, he might chance it. He's got some real power, and already being worshiped as a god, and that might help somehow. It's possible he's been studying it and preparing for years. Or because he's got a cult / organized crime ring with lots of magic, he might pull some other shenanigans. Like stealing the Starstone itself. Get all Carmaen Sandiego on that thing.

That could work too^^

And yes that is one theory that would be fun to work with. The real Razmir died years ago and now we have his valet a low level commoner running the show^^

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Just read the new Fantastic Four and I must say it is a great example of the current version of the Hulk. The last page alone ....

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NotBothered wrote:
lowfyr01 wrote:

The discovery is something that would be too easy. That is one reason I think he stays at 19th level .
Do we know he's still 19th level or is it at all likely he might have levelled up when the new World Guide comes out this month?

With 2 Edition it might not make a difference, but I think he will stay at 19th level for now. For me it is one of his perks^^

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Doktor Weasel wrote:
lowfyr01 wrote:
Until old age catches up to him^^

He should have hit 20th level and taken Immortality as an arcane discovery while it was available. Or gotten himself some of that sweet, sweet Sun Orchid elixir. Blind auction where you pay regardless of who wins is pretty rough though. On the other hand, he could organize a heist to get a vial that someone else won. That could be an interesting part of an AP, with the party being tricked into doing it. I'm not sure if any of them have had a proper heist module.

I'm hoping that maybe the second 2020 AP or one of the 2021 ones will finally be a Razmirin AP. I do want him to stay in power though. He's just too interesting to let die.

The discovery is something that would be too easy. That is one reason I think he stays at 19th level . And the struggle with his own mortality and keeping up his con is one of the points that make him such an interesting character.

Getting the Elixir would be the best chance if he does not want to become undead. But I would try to buy it. Trying to steal it would not only get the seller on his case, but the other bidders, too. And that could get too much even for him.

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Until old age catches up to him^^

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I find it funny that working with Sorshen is something that gets such a reaction. Never played Winters Reign? You rescue someone who makes Sorshen looks harmless.

One last thing attacking Sorshen just because she is evil would make me wonder how good the party is. And redemption is something that any person calling themselves good should not ignore.

Starting with 2 Edt. we will adapt the 3.5 Gun rules from the Iron Kingdoms Gun mages and all. Not in all countries but it will get so that you can buy the material in most of the countries. The price will be a lot higher in some regions.

But we will stop at multi-barreled weapons, because the revolver would be a little too powerful. And that is not even talking about the rifle version^^

Grenades will exist too, but we are still sorting out how to make them stay relevant at higher levels. 1 d10 is not so great later in the game^^

I think most of the Wave one titles i will at least read the first three issues. X-Men(if someone is able to manage that powerlevel it would be Hickman^^), New Mutants and Excalibur are a sure stay after that. And even the Rest is not sounding like something I would stop reading with the current information. Mutant pirates anyone^^?

And if Hickman does move the New Mutants forward I would just read the six new titles for that alone^^

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Kevin Mack wrote:
Is pixie in any of them?

not yet.

@Thomas Seitz: For a number one compared to a lot of other stuff it is living up to the hype in my opinion. Esp. compared to a lot of X-Men stuff from the last years.

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Rednal wrote:

Later, I saw some quotes from the director indicating that he liked creating movies where some people loved them and some people hated them.

It's not like that would not happened anyway. Pleasing everyone with a movie was impossible with the first one and it is even more impossible now.

And it is a difference between not liking something and writing or making videos talking about the "agenda" of the movie or just trying to sell made-up stuff as fact. I mean some people on youtube seem to make a habit of talking about the "agenda" of Studios for getting more women or minorities in lead roles. Seeing that they do that to every movie that fits that I wonder what their agenda is^^

Hickman's take is great, yes. Moving away from the "mutants are doomed" stuff would be enough, but his take feels right like you said.

That is one comic that lived to the hype. Does not happen too often^^

Thanks for clearing that up^^

The last pages were a little missleading in that regard.

And just read the news about excalibur. Like the mix so far. Hope they clear up what happened to Brian.

James Jacobs wrote:

We will.

I've got a half dozen different adventure path ideas (aka new toys for GMs) in my head Right Now. I'm not gonna reveal all of them, but just to name a few potentials between established bad guys whoa re still active and new ones who have new stories to tell...

** spoiler omitted **

...are ones I'd love to get more details out there in the form of adventures or, at the very least, story hooks. None of those things are really appropriate to start talking about in a more generalized overview of the world like these posts are doing... although some of them ARE mentioned.

Sounds great. And the ideas I am getting^^

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Deadmanwalking wrote:

That bit of the story makes perfect sense to me. Walkena and Mzali are responding to a real and legitimate problem that the Mwangi Expanse has been having. They are doing so in an extreme and unrepentantly Evil fashion, with fascist leanings.

Many of the best villains are not purely Evil for the sake of it, they have a point. An argument and a cause that, taken on its own and ignoring their actions, even the most reasonable people can look at and say 'Hmmm, yes, that makes sense.' It's the things they do in pursuit of that cause (or that they claim are in pursuit of that cause, but actually reveal their hypocrisy) that make them villains.

That is true. That kind of villians are always better than the usual being evil for evils sake. Classic Examples are Magneto, Ra's al Ghul or more recent the already talked about Killmonger from Black Panther.

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
VerBeeker wrote:
Though...why Zimmer would she aid a nation ruled by despot Devils? Or go after Galt or Ravounel?
She is a Romanov, and that house for four hundred years was among the most barbaric and despotic on Earth; for a hundred its armies buried generations of revolutionaries from Paris to Budapest to Warsaw. Anastasia was returned from death itself to ensure that this legacy would continue, and has been transplanted to a world that has not yet learned to fear the names of Moscow and Rome. It will. Its peoples run rampant. They will be brought to heel.

You make her sound like a more bloodthirsty version of Ivan the Terrible. That would be quite a feat. And with revolutionaries in Paris I hope you do not mean the war fought against the french revolution. That was not so black and white you make it sound.

Not to forget to conclude from her family to her being the same is not really a thing to do. Leaves a bit of bad taste.

Sounds great so far. Lots of good stuff.

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Great Story. And more than a little gross^^

Can't wait to read more about this.

Just read the last Wasp issue for now. Great issue as usual and I hope they get the series back fast.

And X-Force 10 had the ending to expect. But I need to reread it because who of the cast returned is not clear.

Cori Marie wrote:
I think it's more akin to the Injustice suit than the New 52 suit tbh. I interview the cast on Saturday morning, so stay tuned!

I must say I totally forgot the Injustice costume. I just reread the New 52 Supergirl series so that was the first thing that came to mind^^

Great news about the Interview. Can't wait for it.

Melissa Benoist Instagram

New Costume looks good. Reminds me of the New 52 suit just with covered legs.

Lord Fyre wrote:
phantom1592 wrote:
yeah. Gamora should have just stayed dead and found a different direction to Guardians. It was a decent death that stabbed at our cores... but at the same time, her story was told. Thanos is gone, she's made up with her sister and she's romantic with Quill... Killing her off was fine with me.
I do find it somewhat alarming that the most prominent female heroes (Black Widow and Gamora) in the MCU were killed off. :(

Rumour is that the Black Widow movie is not a prequel and if that is true I think they will just use how she came back after the Secret Empire comic crossover.

Great story. Would love to read what happenes next.

Just saw the previews announcement that during the Absolute Carnage stuff they make a one-shot with former Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones and Dan Ketch. Ketch being my favourite I hope they write him better than the last times. And there is no reason that two riders can be active.

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Great story. Would love to read more about the two.

I mean the worst that could happen to him is losing his stuff after getting destroyed and that could be easily solved using a spell.
And a lich creating spells like that is not really new.
The van Richtens Guide to the lich from Ravenloft did it over 20 years ago. And is still a great read. As are the other guides^^

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Rogar Valertis wrote:
Luis Loza wrote:
He has to be, right? Look at how adorable he looks in his portrait! That's the face of a sweetheart!

Seems like he just stepped on one of his "experiments" by mistake...

"Whoops! Sorry! It wasn't really my fault, you know... I wanted to test human reaction to high pressure and he just died on me! He obviously was flawed. We need more testing! Bring me another human!"

Next on the list is "how humans react to fire". He is really waiting for the results^^

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Love the story esp. that after all the talk that only gold matters, he has limits how to achieve it.

Regarding the wording "church fart" does not seem modernism to me. People in the middle ages talked a lot like that or worse^^

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Doktor Weasel wrote:

If he just needs to get to the Starstone, then actually walking alone through the city might very well be the best way to go. He can easily magic up some disguise for himself to look like a normal person, then once he gets to the temple, go do his thing. I haven't read the AP (mostly skimmed part 1) so probably his plan is more complex than just go take the test of the Starstone. But just walking in disguised would get a lot less resistance than marching a huge army of the undead across the continent.

I do not think he is the kind of guy to do that. Hiding himself or showing up and showing why he is the big bad? I would think the second option would be more likley^^

Freehold DM wrote:
lowfyr01 wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Well it's not like they can do much worse after what Tom King did to poor Wally West....

Or a whole lot of other characters in Heroes in Crisis or other comics. I mean DC had some stupid stuff in the past like identity Crisis for example but in the last months they really set a new low.

Part of the problem is that it seems that no one has something like a plan for the stories.
Other than back to dark and gritty it seems :(

I liked identify crisis, if only for handling Teddy so well. They bungled it afterwards, mind, but he was true to his character throughout the whole setup.

My Problem was that the story made no sense starting with the crime scene and the writer being a Deathstroke fanboy.

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Roswynn wrote:

I think it's Dr. Strange's cloak.

Or, the illegitimate child of Dr. Strange's cloak and Aladdin's carpet.

That night they were watching Tangled and things got unusually literal in bed.

That is a crossover, that needs to happen^^

Hama wrote:
I don't think that Agents of SHIELD is in the MCU. Because AFAIK Feige hates the show. And doesn't want to connect it with the larger continuity.

I don't think he hates the show. His problems were more with the former boss of Marvel comics Perlmutter. And that lead to seperating the TV and Movie stuff.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Well it's not like they can do much worse after what Tom King did to poor Wally West....

Or a whole lot of other characters in Heroes in Crisis or other comics. I mean DC had some stupid stuff in the past like identity Crisis for example but in the last months they really set a new low.

Part of the problem is that it seems that no one has something like a plan for the stories.
Other than back to dark and gritty it seems :(

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Yqatuba wrote:
Something I'm surprised no one mentioned: I don't like how Nocticula turned out to be a fallen empyreal lord as it's pretty obvious the only reason why they did this is because she's pretty (where as most of the other demon lords are hideous monsters). Indeed, I'm not really a fan of the whole "beauty equals goodness" trope in general.

Her being a fallen empyreal lord was just a theory if i remember correctley. She changed because something extraordinary happened and it is not like she is suddenly a force of good^^

I will give it a chance too. Hoping that it will be good with Hickman at the helm. And hoping that some series that are canceled because of it will return like Rogue and Gambit or X-23 for example.

Thomas Seitz wrote:

It's not but considering how they were screwing things over with Extermination...I'm okay with restarting this. If only because I hope Hickman can write better than some others.

Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk though is classic gold.

The usual "do what you want, it doesn't make a difference" tradition^^

And yes Immortal Hulk is still a great read.

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Well it was a good issue. I just wish it was continuing past issue 10.

But at least we'll see what happening with Carnage...

Perhaps they learned something and skip the canceling before looking at the trades sold^^

I am still waiting to see what Hickman will be doing with the X-men. -x-men-relaunch-and-2-reasons-to-love-it-x-ual-healing/

And yes doing a relaunch once a year at least is something Marvel should stop doing. It is not really helping.

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Like the changes and I am glad that her belt has been changed. Was not a fan of that. Surprised that the most important thing has not been commented on yet^^

Just read the latest wasp issue and it was great. People just having fun and no big crisis or lifethreatening stuff happening should be written more again.

Watched it a second time this weekend and is still great. If i make a list of stuff i liked the post would be too long^^

Loved that characters who played a smaller role before get time to shine. Ant-man and Nebula come to mind. Esp. Nebula continued her development starting with the first guardians. The scene between her and past Gamora was great and showed what good actors cann do even under heavy make-up. And Nebula in a sense following the way Gamora made after all they both had to endure, shows that someone has not to be set in the way of the past or let it define the future.

Widow had her moments too. Her being the one to try to hold them all together was a nice twist.

Captain Marvel could have done more but her scenes with the other avengers and in the end destroying the ship and giving Thanos a beating after absorbing power from the stones were great. But I heard that her scenes were made before her own movie so that could explain why she is not showing up during the time heist

So great movie and it could break my record for seeing a movie in a cinema^^

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Would have loved to see more of West Coast Avengers. But perhaps the next version of Young Avengers will be better received. Should get Kelly Thompson on it to continue her great writing esp. of Kate and America^^

if all goes well, i will see it tomorrow. Can't wait^^

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Whispering Tyrant is not a lich but a Plant-that-walks?^^

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Roswynn wrote:

You know, I feel it's not a matter of modesty... it's more like, this chick was adventuring with her strange round breasts covered only by strips of cloth that somehow didn't completely fall over every 2 seconds... I'm all for sexy (men, women, etc), but it was a little too... "Hey, you can be a badass sorceress!!! (If you show your boobs & ass)".

Oh O_O That I didn't know. Seems to me she's dressed absolutely sensibly both on the Playtest cover and everywhere else she's wearing the new outfit. I really don't see the problem. Different strokes I suppose, but still, dammit...

Mmm, maybe they can look hot if the artist wants it, but if someone's totally covered that's literally the exact opposite of skimpy, I think... still, I might be wrong!

-Yes, I think practical is the word i should have used. And the difference is often "that looks sexy" compared to "that is over the top and can not really work."^^

-It reminded me of the old Simpsons joke about showing the ankle.

-Oh, I thought the word meant something more general. But any excuse for using the dictionary again is a good one^^

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Yes I know that her first outfit was not what someone would call modest^^.

What I meant was that all someone could see of her on the cover for the Playtest for example was a part of her leg , because we see her in an action pose from behind with a big cloak and we got a discussion about seeing too much skin.

I like the new outfit too, but i wonder, if for some people that will be enough.

And let's not forget even totally covered someone can look "skimpy" if the artist wants it^^

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Looks good and to anyone who thinks she needs bigger muscles. That does not say much about strength. Bodybuilders for example are not nesc. the strongest. They just have the muscle build after training for it and the usage of certain dietary supplements^^.

And if anyone thinks wiry people are not strong enough anyone remembers Bruce Lee for example^^?

And rereading this I kind of dread the Iconic Evolution of Seoni.

I mean if seeing part of her leg got someone to write about her being not "dressed right" I fear what kind of outfit she could get to not have page after page of discussion about it drowing out the interesting stuff about her and the scorcerer.

Negachaotic Teenage Slaadhead wrote:
LoT is back tonight!

Great news^^

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