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That is one of the main problems my group has with Casting not just PF 2 but the D+D based RPGs in generell( The biggest is the Vacanian Casting).
Our first Fantasy RPG introduced spontan modifaction with a new edition among other great things like removing character level and reducing character hit points(no more characters with more hit points than a dragon^^).

We changed both Pathfinder and Starfinder a lot with taking stuff from a lot of other RPGs.

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After reading Order of the Stick I know of at least on use of a rubber ball that is quite innovative and very deadly.

But ignoring that: Items like this are important to show that playing a RPG should not really just be about "how good is a character at being powerful in combat" and they are just fun to have as a character.

Great read and I can't wait for the book.

Berselius wrote:
Ventnor wrote:
Andrew Mullen wrote:
Ly'ualdre wrote:

For its part, Forgotten Realms had lightning as an commixture of Air and Positive Energy.
No wonder my Frankensteins aren’t animating!

Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein was actually the monster all along.

Reading comprehension is knowing that Victor Frankenstein dropped out of college, and is thus not actually a doctor.

Well, I mean, he's was keeping his own wife perpetually alive with an scientific device right (despite the fact she constantly begged him to let her die)? Or am I wrong on that? I kinda thought the whole point of Frankenstein making his monster was to heal his wife or bring her back from death.

That was the Ravenloft version, Dr. Mordenheim. But both created the Monster more or less for "science". Mordenheims wife "survived" the attack and his curse is more or less that he can try as he might he will not be able to bring her back.

Kasoh wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
IF your WotR group hunted down Baphomet again after the campaign (it's also super hard to *hide* from maxed out Mythic people) it's super easy to just ignore the rules for Baphomet worshipers, since there are enough Demon Lords that they don't really need to use the same one twice for anything.

** spoiler omitted **

With the Book of the Dead and a book on Lastwall coming out I hope that means we're going to see more regarding Iomedae and Arazni. It would also be interesting to see if there's anything that Pazio can do with them that doesn't involve Tar-Baphon.

I would like both too.

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Fumarole wrote:
Ashbourne wrote:
I just like cats more than people, cats clean up after themselves.
I don't know about that. I've never seen a cat put something back on a table.

just wait until cats develop the thumb. But after this happening humanity is doomed because they don't need us anymore to open the food cans^^.

Kevin Mack wrote:
dirtypool wrote:
** spoiler omitted **
Yeah honestly some of the complaints make me wonder if these people even watched the show (I mean I assume they did since they use footage in there videos but how they can watch it and come to the conclusions they did just baffles me.)

The obvious answer would be they lied to get clicks. There are more than enough people on youtube that make stuff up to get clicks.

And really? If working together means Teela and Andra are in a relationship, the people making this up should never watch the new She-Ra Series...

Thomas Seitz wrote:
All I know is Season 2 better not take very long...

I think End of the year is aimed at.

Couldn't sleep so I watched all episodes on friday night. And I liked it. Can't wait for the rest.

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Great read. And seeing the other side more fleshed out is always a big plus.

@CorvusMask: "this retcon does mean that harpies can no longer breed with any other creature so I imagine that might turn some characters romancing friendly harpies and having kids non canon"

There does it say that harpies can no longer breed with other creatures? It just put one more option on the table.


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keftiu wrote:
NECR0G1ANT wrote:
keftiu wrote:
I will say that this is undercut somewhat by the bit in the Society Guide where they mention bribing Osiriani officials to circumvent the ban on foreign archaeology - that’s kind of definitionally Not Great.

Where does it say this? I looked in Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide and couldn't find any reference to bribery. The ban is more of a limitation; the Ruby Prince still permits some Society expeditions.

CorvusMask wrote:

Aka, Pathfinder Society isn't N organization retconned as NG, it actually went through character arc as whole of its own throughout organized play campaign.

(and nowadays they are rededicated to archaeology and exploration rather than the paramilitary-ish stuff, just this time doing it in more respectable way)

The Society does still has a Neutral alignment, that hasn't changed.

Not quite as explicit as I thought, but:

However, the Ruby Prince has recently tightened restrictions on the activities of foreign-based explorers. Though the Society has negotiated to access certain archaeological sites from the Ruby Prince, future missions out of the Sandswept Lodge will likely require leveraging political favors, traveling with an escort, or engaging in covert missions.
When the local monarch has given a ban on foreign looting of their historical sites, and you try to illegally work around that... I think you start to give up your Good alignment.

Depends on what they have to do to still get acess.

No more outright looting for one thing would be a good one for example.
And covert missions can be something good.
Bribing is not something mentioned so that not something that is implied to be the usual stuff.
And not to forget if they negotiate with the Ruby Prince can it be called illegal?

Franz Lunzer wrote:

I think Yqatuba didn't ask how many attempt to take the test, but how many just take a stroll over one of the remaining bridges just to have a look around inside the cathedral.

The first step for the test is crossing the pit without taking the bridge.
I now too wonder, how many just take the bridge and have a nice day on the steps leading into the cathedral.

But knowing people going there have a tendency to die, who would even just go for a visit. And I doubt that the public does have a lot of real information and not just a lot of rumours.

During 3.5 we started using the resurection rules from Iron Kingdoms
(no true resurection raise dead replacing it and most faiths having rules about bringing someone back).
So even if you found a cleric powerful enough to do it it was not a sure thing that they bring someone back. And with just raise dead aviable there are a lot of situations that make bringing someone back just not possible.

Michael Sayre wrote:

Note that these aren't intended as arguments, just responses to how I see the characters.

Midnightoker wrote:

As an avid Marvel fan and the original Naruto run I am surprised to see that a gun bouncing a weapon back based as a 9th falls in line with what you say.

Like Captain America's Shield is basically his only real power besides being superhuman, and even that falls more in line with say Incredible Ricochet since it's just the shield and it's his one specific iconic weapon (and tbh, it might as well just be called what it is, a magical weapon).

He's a super-soldier with strength, speed, durability, and healing all pushed to the edge of human limits. He also throws his shield over 30 feet to bounce it off of multiple targets before it bounces back to his hand on multiple occasions, often with someone else trying to do the same thing in the same arc or movie and failing miserably to show that it's a matter of training (or having someone else do it successfully for the "Oh crap, this guy is as good as Cap" moment).

And it gets even more over the top if you include the things people said to be without superpowers like Hawkeye or Bullseye can do.

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beowulf99 wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:

Personally, I'd be okay with skipping ahead to advanced firearms being the norm. Not really keen on the balancing headache of starting with flintlocks. Like, how many people who are okay with guns in their games are not okay with a little more modern weaponry with fewer headaches?

Balance them right and make sure the Uncommon tag stays on and it's unlikely it be a huge problem right? Also, everyone who is imagining a gunslinger is already imagining a six shooter.

It would make my life easier when converting Starfinder stuff over anyhow...

That would also open up the Advanced design space for other weapons that are even more interesting.

An Alchemical Blunderbuss that fires reagents that mix literally on the fly to create an unstable reaction.

A "silenced" rifle that fires a less damaging sub sonic round, but makes no noise and doesn't make you automatically observed after an attack.

A Magically enhanced pistol that allows a spellcaster to imbue a normal bullet with a spell similar to the Eldritch Archer. They could be called something snazzy. Like Magelocks.

And to think we just finished adapting the Iron Kingdoms Gun Mage to Pathfinder 2

Looks good so far. Can't wait for the book.
And now I have a reason to adapt the stand-in for guns of another RPG to Pathfinder^^

Aberzombie wrote:

I saw a rumor today (and I'm not sure how long it's been floating around) that the TV wrestler Sasha Banks will be playing Sabine Wren. I'm taking that with a mine's worth of salt grains.

While I think it would be cool to bring in some more established characters to the show, I would not be crazy about this one. Of all the characters from Rebels, she was my least favorite. I think it was the whole artist thing. Not that I hate artists (much), it's just that I never saw the whole artist Mandalorian as making sense.

Being an artist was one of the things, that made her one of my favourites of Rebels. Made her different , but still the usual Mandalorian badass.

To see her showing up here or in another series seeing what she did after the Fall of the Empire would be great.

And Sasha Banks already showed up in the last episode Playing Koska under her real name Mercedes Varnado. So the rumour of her playing Sabine may be coming from that. Becuase you can't have someone playing a new character in Star Wars^^

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KrispyXIV wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:

I realize I may have come off as sarcastic or dismissive. I love you to death and your playstyle is totally valid.

But if I tried to pass off a book of evocation spells as a big gift for my necromancer player I would face a mutiny!!

I mean, from the pure metagame mechanics standpoint, in my experience a book of evocations is way more valuable to a necromancer than a book of necromancy spells, which would at best be a bunch of free gold for selling it, and at worst a 'taunt' making them feel like they wasted their resources.

Most Wizards I've run for choose all their core spells - in this case, all the necromancy stuff they really want - as their level up spells, or they buy them as soon as they can. A book of Necromancy spells would typically be strictly useless, but a book of spells of another desirable school (like evocation) would be pure gold in terms of giving them access to new resources. Especially if the character could justify using them while maintaining their idiom.

There's some exceptions in 2E, because of things like Animate Dead being rituals, but those are so iconic to the character archetype that I'd assume they'd be worked out with the GM ahead of time to ensure the character will work at all in the campaign.

So yeah, this particular case isn't exactly my normal perspective on things - its largely a mechanical/metagame item :D

True. We never had a problem with reflavoring the look of a spell without touching the rules of it.

Even more so after reading an article in Dragon about it.
Started after we read a book with someone casting magic missiles and other spells that have a bees theme^^

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Rysky wrote:

Also explodey burny sheep are awesome.


So true^^

Gortle wrote:
Themetricsystem wrote:
I don't see how Poison is any more or less immoral than, say, setting someone one fire or cutting an artery so they bleed out...

Or using a crossbow? But that got banned historically because it felt like cheating, or it was dangerous to nobles in their heavy armour.

One of the popes tried to ban archery and crossbows but it was largely ignored even at the time and never stuck.

And even he only tried to ban it against certain groups.

sherlock1701 wrote:
In some older versions of D&D, poison use was mostly restricted to evil characters, and was on the list of things that a paladin would leave a party over. I could see some players still having that sort of holdover if they started in those games, even though they no longer apply.

And later they had "good" poisons called ravages. Did the same thing but were totally different and not evil^^

looks good.

Sounds interesting. Can't wait for more information.

First Hero Quest returns and now this.

One of the strange things in the last two books for me was that the Archive was ignoring Harry(I know the reason out of story), but seeing how his attempted suicide would devastate her, her not forgiving him is a good explanation for it. And for Kincaid not showing up. Anastasia not showing up is still in the air though.

Just finished Battle Grounds. And will just say it is awesome.

ArchSage20 wrote:
the dreams of having a class that lets you become a lich as a captstone

That is the thing that I would change about the class^^

jdripley wrote:
Liches “live” forever, and after you’ve gained ultimate arcane power, it's no big thing to put an illusion on yourself to look however you want or need to look :)

Or use a certain ritual that makes you look alive again at least. And even without being undead it would make you young again^^

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Andrew Bud Adams wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Cyder wrote:
Love this story, sadly I will never get to read how it ends or why they are there. I miss Pathfinder novels.
Just because we don't have novels now doesn't mean there never will be, and even in the absence of novels, if enough people asked for it, we might expand this to give the before and after.
I'd read that! ;)

me too^^

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Andarr wrote:

I bashed those segments because, truth be told, they deserve bashing. I did not point any individuals out.

The premise of boards like these should be debate, and people should be open-minded, and willing to accept evidence of issues, and, if presented with enough evidence, perhaps have a honest change of heart.

Both categories I mentioned cannot, because the first category sees the current state of casters as desirable, and the second category refuses criticism on the ground that they love Paizo so much.

This is a systemic issue. You can't fix it with a new book. You would have to fix it with a massive errata, but that would mean actually accepting the fact that mistakes were made, which reading these boards does not seem to be the case.

I have accepted that PF2e will have weak casters, and that nothing will change it.

Late to this but someone could say the same about your side of the discussions.

I would love to see something done with ghosts for example. I like the undead horde stuff but the class should be about so much more.

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Great Story. And now I want Starfinder Tales too.

Just read it. Awesome book.

Gives a lot of characters time to shine.

Can't wait how it continues

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Great story. Can't wait for the book. And it makes me miss the Pathfinder Tales even more.

Wish her best of luck. She will need it :(

Regarding the "mystery" of Season 2:
One possibilty is them trying to salvage the mess they made with Ryan finding Kate in during season 2 and they introduce the new actress for the role.

And in Season 3 they take a page from the "Secret of the Batwomen" movie and both of them will use the name. Or they go the Oracle route with one of them.

But I think I am putting too much stock in the higher-ups and they act more like paniced chicken esp. after how they handled it until now.

Great story. Can't wait for the book.

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MaxAstro wrote:
Tridus wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

Yup, Merisiel (and the author) is bisexual. And thank you so much for the kind words, folks! This is a story I've been wanting to write for a LOOOONG time, and when I was doing the initial art brief for the APG and saw that heartbond was in there as a ritual, the way I wanted to illustrate it was a no-brainer... love how it turned out! (insert a long line of heart emojis here)

EDIT: Reading the responses has me weepy eyed too! In a good way!

Oh man, heartbond is in there? That's awesome! Definitely something I'd love to have in my games.

On the one hand, I love the lore and thematics and this story is SO endearing.

On the other hand, I can't wait until I have my players deciding to marry each other for the mechanical benefits. :P

For this reason I think we will get a lot of group marriages^^

Great story. And I think I got some dust in the eye.

This is getting more stupid by the minute.

Seeing what she did during all this, I would not even make a crazy guess about what Caroline Dries does next.

But the Twitter about her not using the "Bury your gays" trope is classic backpedaling. Replacing a lesbian character with another did not go so well with the fans? Big surprise.

Wonder, how long the higher-ups at Warner look at this mess and stay quiet. Her saying she created Batwoman should not really go well with them.

With all the talks about how they respect Rose and the Character Kate Kane this makes me wonder what the showrunner would have done if she did not "respect" her.

Revealing in the next season that Kate was evil all along?

The best option would have been just recast and move on.

But this makes me wonder what kind of plan the higherups have or if they even have one.

On one hand I would love to know the talks they had leading to this.

On the other hand do I really want to know too much about the things happening behind closed doors?

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He is not someone, who you would call subtile.

I am always reminded to a degree of Xykon of Order of the Stick.

just read Marauders 10 and love it. Just wonder how often telepaths do the thing Emma did in the end to the crew. Would explain a lot^^

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
This sounds antithetical to his self-proclaimed moniker of WHISPERING Tyrant...

Perhaps because that is him whispering^^

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Rysky wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
NECR0G1ANT wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
I feel like the universe is going to have lots of sun gods. For the most part they're probably going to be largely uninterested in what the entities with similar priorities are up to and more interested in what the entities with conflicting goals are up to.
Speaking of which, I wonder how Nurgal fits into all this?
As an enemy who knows better than to shake the proverbial bee's nest by being too much of a jerk about it. He's just a demigod, after all. He has stats that full deities can push around with impunity if he gets too big for his britches.
Also they can distract him with laser pointers.

I heard Woolballs work too^^.

Malk_Content wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
lowfyr01 wrote:

I mean how Long ago did her new role start? few months a year at most?

For a deity that is Nothing, so no surprise that she is not yet settled in.

She's hardly nothing. She's been granting spells to followers for quite some time already, but it wasn't until the edition change (aka about a year ago) that she ascended to the deity level you see in Gods & Magic.
I dont think he meant Arazni is nothing, that the time frame is nothing compared to the eons gods can work with.

That is what I was trying to say, yes.

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I mean how Long ago did her new role start? few months a year at most?

For a deity that is Nothing, so no surprise that she is not yet settled in.

Just reread the current X-Men run and it is even better reading it like that^^

Just heard that in September the follow-up to Peace Talks will get published. Name is Battle Grounds. So I have a Feeling what Kind of result the Peace talks will have.

Sounds like the book got to big and they just split it.

Aratorin wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
...and it's why creating undead is (99.999% of the time) an evil act.

So you're telling me there's a chance.

Though I don't know if such things exist on Golarion. Never played PF1.

Does not exist in Pathfinder. As a lich has to do some serious Evil Things for the Transformation in Pathfinder, even if he would somehow not be Evil at the start after it he would be Evil.

And as I am not a fan of good lich I am glad for it. Just one of the many Problems I had with FR

Aberzombie wrote:



Great news. Now just give Bruce Timm and Paul Dini the job of making the DC Movies and it would be perfect. But that would make too much sense^^

Finally got it^^ And it Looks great.

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