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Forcast would be for spells that while memorized give the character an additional cantrip. I would limit to classes that prepare spells: wizards, magus, cleric, paladin, etc; and keep them away from spontanious casters.

Addendum would gives spells an additional effect when cast using a longer action than normal: a swift action increased to a standard action, a standard action increased to full round, etc.

Cypher could be that after it is cast, choose a weapon within short range. For the next minute, that user of that weapon may use that spell as a Swift action spell-like ability after dealing damage with the weapon.

Haunt would be similar, but choose a target within short range. If that target dies while within range, the caster may use the spell as an immediate action spell-like ability.

Replicate could allow the caster to sacrifice additional spell slots of the same or higher spell level to effectively recast the spell as part of the same action.

Radiance and Overload are the last abilities primarily for spells, I don't know how to make them work in a manner that fits PF mechanics and the original feel.

By a quick bit of looking around, it takes about 2 to 5 minutes to fall from a low orbit. So call it 25 rounds for simplicity sake, more or less to preference. Characters take a cummulative 1d6 fire damage each round, with the increase being avoided by a DC21 Acrobatics check. If the check succeeds by 5 or more, the character only suffers half of any fire damage that round. The check is treated as a Flight check, with characters without a flight speed suffering a -10 penalty. Failure on a roll increases the difficulty on all future Acrobatics roll related to this fall by 1. Characters count as being in vacuum until after the halfway point of the fall. Impact with the ground deals the normal 20d6 damage, which may be avoided by creatures with a Fly speed as noted in the Acrobatics skill.

Yes this makes it easy to avoid taking damage if you are built for it, or even just solidly prepped for it, but this is science fantasy. A suit of sealed armor with a forcepack upgrade is all you need to survive, along with some Acrobatics training.

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