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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Self destruct +Drone +Small fighter= Really big missile?

That was not how the question started, but it did head that direction.

So the question came up, can you purchase both the Autodestruct and Self Destruct features on a starship?
And if you do, can you deal damage equal to your max hull points to any adjacent enemies when triggering the Self Destruct, as it would then trigger the Autodestruct?

Laclale♪ wrote:
Gunbrella(Umbrella with Gun function)!

If you're going to do that, I want the whole Kingsmen umbrella.

Kuma wrote:
lightningcat wrote:

Page 4 and page 7 each have a third column that is mostly cut off.

This is on a computer, so no mobile weirdness here.

Huh. That's really weird. I double-checked and the pages display correctly for me but I fiddled with the formatting a bit to try and fix these mystery columns.

If it still displays incorrectly for you, can you tell me the last legible section before the error and the next legible section after it so I can pinpoint what's going on?

It all looks good now. Whatever you did fixed everything.

As for the class, it has decent options, nothing is obviously overpowered or useless. So it might need played to find any problems.

Page 4 and page 7 each have a third column that is mostly cut off.
This is on a computer, so no mobile weirdness here.

Kuma wrote:

I've hesitated to put this up as it's the most complex and ambitious thing I've worked on. This class is meant as a psychic caster primarily and I have included the feats that it references.

I tried to hew closer to the standard starfinder classes with this one, giving a single progression with multiple different options that radically alter the way it plays.

Criticism and comments welcome.

You cancheck it out here..

First and foremost, your chart has been pushed off the first page. Which makes reading it a tad difficult.

Belabras wrote:

They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer, and now there is a spell for that! Unlock the ability to pull those pesky foes right into punching range with Telekinetic Lash.

Not bad, except one minor thing: generally, when playing a caster I want my opponents a nice distance away from me. I rarely want them to come closer, and usually want them to back off. This does have uses in cases of traps, pits, and similar situations, either to drag an enemy into them, or an ally away from them.

Loreguard wrote:

There is another side of Starfinder that is a little odd, from the exploration standpoint. Starfinder is multi-planar fantasy. While they have not explored the entire galaxy, they have sort of implied that people have learned how to travel to the Boneyard where souls go when they die. So without having traveled to their homeworld, there isn't a whole lot of reason why sages wouldn't already know about any number of solitary species that live on different planets out in the vast. (potentially even species that are even now technically extinct) You wouldn't have to go to their planet to find them, and know about them, and know something about their language, culture, and faith.

That is an aspect that is completely different from typical space exploration fantasy. (although sometimes you have the mystical dream, or greater species guiding the meeting of some species through extra-normal means, which could be viewed somewhat similar to dimensional...

There is an implied reasoning for this. While most of the other planes are infinate, or at least for all practical purposes, places where there are beings have a metaphysical weight which draws others beings there. But like attracts like, so there may be a mention of a race, but seen through a lens of whomever wrote it. So if you met a Selamids, whould you think entire race of beings, or awakened ooze experiment? The latter is a bit more likely. You might find out otherwise in a conversation, but what are the odds of either of you bothering to have it.

While the prime material may be infinate as well, the galaxy is fairly self contained, but it is still huge. There are between 100 and 400 billion stars in our galaxy, so we can assume similar numbers in Starfinder. So if you had 100,000 ships dedicated to cateloging the star systems, it would take at bare minimum 16,438 years in order to visit each system for 1 day. And maybe up to 328,767 years, depending on number of stars and how your luck with drift travel is.

Do you mean stuff like the Indominous Rex?

Or just more different types then presented in the Alien Archive 2? Which we can all agree is a very basic listing.

I can't help on either as I have not done any homebrewing for Starfinder yet, but if you want ideas for both, the old Broncosaurus Rex campaign setting, especially the Dinosaurs that Never Were book is a good source. Silly campaign premise, but great ideas for dinos.

Claxon wrote:

Yeah, I mean if you're willing to disappear in the middle of the night, kill everyone who isn't part of your cult, and instill a mindset of discipline that places importance of the group over concern for yourself.

Nothing at all like the GPI.

That sounds a lot like what happened with the Clans from BattleTech. And absolutely nothing bad came from them.

Another alternative for where they came from is people fleeing the Swarm. I could see a generation later society being real leary of going anywhere near their old home if that might still be around.

It is part of the armor aesthetic that Starfinder (and to some extent Pathfinder and D&D before it) where light armor is about mobility and agility, where heavy armor is about strength, stability, and durability.

While other IPs use power armor to turn the user into an one man army, Starfinder uses it to create a durable frontline member of a team.

Unless it is mentioned somewhere I am not finding it, Improved Unarmed Strike doesn't make your unarmed attacks non-archaic, so the current Ability Surge wording makes taking a worthwhile option if you want to be a sci-fi monk. But as it also improves melee weapons, it is not the only route a character could take.

But I was expecting the class to lean into the transhumanism aspect of the idea more. With something like the Augmentation Upgrade Biohacker theorem (also the Test Subject ability from the Biotechnician theme or the Nested Augmentation ability of the Augmented archtype), or an ability to have free biotech implants with a total level no higher than your level - 2, that can be changed when you level. (Which is an ability I swear I saw somewhere, but cannot find right now.)

You might also look at the Personal Modification ability from the Genethurge Mystic Connection for ideas for the Genetic Enhancement ability, although you have very similar ones in a few cases already.

Toxicsyn wrote:
A good example of VI would be Joi from Blade Runner 2. The Doctor from Voyager is a better example of a VI that became an AI. There's also Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda which got a good example of an AI and the AI's android avatar.

Andromeda is wierder then most examples. She has 3 seperate personalities. The android, the hologram, and the viewscreen image. They had the same memories and experiences, but were still seperate personalities of the same AI. I don't recall any of the other AIs have the same split, although some of the android avatars did if they didn't reconnect with the core AI for some time.

If you are going for something like the Death Star, a Borg cube, or the World Eater Engine, then it is not really a ship by Starfinder standards. It is an environment, and should be treated as such. At best you need an entire fleet to fight it, and a) I don't think those will showing up in the rules very soon, b) fleet battles are generally less fun than finding an alternate path to blowing it up, at least at the table.

The Death Star trench run could be recreated with a half dozen weapon emplacements and opponents in fighters equal to the group's tier in the trench. Maybe another fight to get into the trench, to make them work for it. But the run itself is more of a chase scene.

I always prefered the LoS movie retractable helmet over the GotG style. Plus, it would really work for some manufacturers of Estex suits, Freebooter armor, and D-Suits.


Jelloarm wrote:

Also, it's the link from the Black Lives Matter website when you click their Donate button.

I appreciate the caution, concern, and suspicion - and I promise that we put in the research and work.

Except the legal information on that donation page is not for Black Live Matter Global Network, it is for ActBlue Charities. Which means that the Black Lives Matter is not a seperate organization, it is a subsiderary organization of ActBlue. ActBlue does act as a finacial service to charities (taking around 3% in fees) but the charity would still need to list their own creditials on the site for your tax information. As is, the IRS says you donated to ActBlue Charities.

ActBlue Charities is a registered charitable organization formed to democratize charitable giving. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by emailing info@actblue.com or calling (617) 517-7600. Alternatively, our report detailing our programs, a financial summary, and the percentage of contributions dedicated to our charitable purpose, along with a copy of our license, may be obtained from the following state agencies: FLORIDA (registration #CH46938) -- Division of Consumer Services 800-435-7352 www.800helpfla.com; GEORGIA (registration #CH012361) -- contact ActBlue Charities; MARYLAND (registration #29971) -- Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401; MISSISSIPPI (registration #100024326) -- Secretary of State, 888-236-6167; NEW JERSEY (registration #CH3867000) -- Attorney General, 973-504-6215, www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/charfrm.htm; NEW YORK (registration #45-25-27) -- Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271; NORTH CAROLINA (registration #SL009830) -- State Soliciting Licensing Branch, 888-830-4989; PENNSYLVANIA (registration #104758) -- Department of State, 800-732-0999; VIRGINIA -- Office of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218; WASHINGTON (registration #37969) -- Secretary of State, Charities Division, Olympia, WA 98504-0422, 800-332-4483; WISCONSIN (registration #16203-800) -- contact ActBlue Charities; WEST VIRGINIA -- Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305. Registration with and reporting to these agencies does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation of ActBlue Charities.

That link is not to any actual Black Live Matter group, but to Act Blue, which means the Democrat party. So any money sent there is going directly to help the individual who wrote the laws that are being protested by Black Lives Matter. So, this is not helping fix anything. Support any cause you want to, but maybe don't support the problems.

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It is more likely that the masks started off as dust masks, as they are originally from a desert planet.
In the Wheel of Time series, there are two instances of where dust masks turned into cultural traditions. The first is now nowhere near dusty areas, but maintain wearing a veil for modesty/propriety reasons, even if the veil is sheer silk. They even use light-weight chainmail veils for their helmets. The other group still lives in a desert, but uses the veil to signify their readiness to kill.

kadance wrote:

I disagree with using a profession check for a baseline.

With your ability to walk into any station or village and just use profession for a week to earn some money, it feels more like freelancing, Uber driving, or being a day laborer; profession (corporate attorney) pays the same as profession (ditch digger).

I assume most people with normal jobs in Starfinder are paid a better salary or hourly rate than a profession check would indicate.

For abstracting cost of living, I like the Shadowrun lifestyle system:

** spoiler omitted **...

This special lifestyle applies only when a character is sick or injured. The character is confined to a hospital: a real one, a clinic equipped as a hospital, or a private location with the necessary equipment. Characters cannot own this lifestyle. They only pay for it until they get well or go broke, whichever comes first.
Cost: 500 credits a day for basic care, 1,000 credits a day for intensive care.

Long Term Medical Treatment costs 100 credits per day as listed in the Armory book. With high end or luxury facilities costing 2 to 10 times as much.

Using this as a baseline, your prices are probably 5x what they should be. 100/month for squatter, 400/month for low, 1000/month middle, 5000/month for high (changed to make it fit the difference better), and 20,000+/month for luxury.
This also puts it a lot closer to what is available on the Lodging table of the corebook. As 3 poor meals per day, plus sleep pod for a month adds up to 120 credits, and that is effectively squatter level.
While poor is closer to having 3 common meal per day plus efficiency lodgings for a month add up to 360 credits, so there is that...

While not exactly the same thing, one of the Dragonlance novels has the characters go into a high level mage's memories as the main part of the story. It is treated as more of a demiplane than normal memories, as they convince the mage to change what he did in the past, which had no bearing on the real world. I do not remember the name right now.

While not usually anime, I can Sentei series being very popular in Starfinder. All the excitement of going out and adventuring, without having to leave an existing location.

QuidEst wrote:
Well, the setting of Pathfinder is ancient history (and legend, thanks to the Gap) in Starfinder. Record of Lodoss War would make a convincing period anime. Using different deities might be common in fiction to avoid annoying any gods or goddesses.

This amuses me, maybe more than it should, as Record of Lodoss War is a couple of generations decended from D&D, as is Starfinder.

Tender Tendrils wrote:

An anime about skittermanders actually resisting the vesk when they invaded

This makes me think of Grave of the Fireflies for some reason. I can see this being one of those classics that most people never watch again.

Dabber Raccoon wrote:
d20 Modern has a stat called "Defense Bonus", which advances differently for different classes. This Defense Bonus added to Dex bonus and Armor bonus when figuring defense. Perhaps this could work for Starfinder instead of constantly buying armor?

This is not a bad idea, as long as it doesn't stack with armor, use either it or armor, whichever is better. I would also keep it below the protection provided by level appropriate light armor. You could use it for a basis of a full "space monk," or as minimal protection when everything goes wrong in formal situation.

The finalized version of the Whitestar had a crew of 50 and carried 4 fighters. But it went through a few changes as the plot demanded changes to its capabilities. So it should have a medbay, but it had dorm style sleeping areas instead of individual rooms. Although due to Minbari superstition, the beds were at a 45 degree angle instead of being flat. Obviously not nessicary for this effort, but still a fun fact.

Forcast would be for spells that while memorized give the character an additional cantrip. I would limit to classes that prepare spells: wizards, magus, cleric, paladin, etc; and keep them away from spontanious casters.

Addendum would gives spells an additional effect when cast using a longer action than normal: a swift action increased to a standard action, a standard action increased to full round, etc.

Cypher could be that after it is cast, choose a weapon within short range. For the next minute, that user of that weapon may use that spell as a Swift action spell-like ability after dealing damage with the weapon.

Haunt would be similar, but choose a target within short range. If that target dies while within range, the caster may use the spell as an immediate action spell-like ability.

Replicate could allow the caster to sacrifice additional spell slots of the same or higher spell level to effectively recast the spell as part of the same action.

Radiance and Overload are the last abilities primarily for spells, I don't know how to make them work in a manner that fits PF mechanics and the original feel.

By a quick bit of looking around, it takes about 2 to 5 minutes to fall from a low orbit. So call it 25 rounds for simplicity sake, more or less to preference. Characters take a cummulative 1d6 fire damage each round, with the increase being avoided by a DC21 Acrobatics check. If the check succeeds by 5 or more, the character only suffers half of any fire damage that round. The check is treated as a Flight check, with characters without a flight speed suffering a -10 penalty. Failure on a roll increases the difficulty on all future Acrobatics roll related to this fall by 1. Characters count as being in vacuum until after the halfway point of the fall. Impact with the ground deals the normal 20d6 damage, which may be avoided by creatures with a Fly speed as noted in the Acrobatics skill.

Yes this makes it easy to avoid taking damage if you are built for it, or even just solidly prepped for it, but this is science fantasy. A suit of sealed armor with a forcepack upgrade is all you need to survive, along with some Acrobatics training.

The Ragi wrote:

"Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and the file exists."

There is a extra space in both urls.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/111JcYQdi_Voj3kocJOgmlxwMW-8QGYDPE0oZrtZ EZls/edit?usp=sharing

https://docs.google.com/document/d/18YqEYECkRI1-wCV4lbyI-yNpoPlnB_20kWMLJsz PTaE/edit?usp=sharing

Edit: which must be from the board, as it reappears in my post as well.