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I have somewhat the same issue, but for a 179$ charge...
No answer from the customer service so far...

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Sigh, looks like ordering an extra book to support Paizo was just too much for their system. Lesson learned.

It look like it was a bad idea !

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Maybe perhaps... or maybe not

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I was wondering, what is your favorite or most efficient eidolon in your opinion ?

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I played one in a oneshot. It was fun to use the 4 action mechanic. It also make for a fun roleplay opportunity with your eidolon.

Nevertheless, mechanic wise, being shut down from most of the permanent magic items and bonus feels very weak (boots of bounding ? cloak of the bat ? not for you sir eidolon).

It is like playing a quarter caster and a half generic martial at the same time. It's missing something to be a full class.

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Alchemist : make player quit the game
Barbarian : doing big damage
Bard : debuff, buff everything while being able to take hits and do damages
Champion : the good one protect their team and tank, the evil one are good at being bad
Cleric : healing and buffing while telling you about their lord
Druid : blast with focus, summoning things, changing form, hugging trees
Fighter : hitting thing, crit hitting things, hitting and doing manoeuvers on things
Gunslinger : using bad ranged weapon
Inventor : taking attack of opportunity and missing things
Investigator : breaking the 4th wall and using skills
Magus : doing that big one hit massive damage
Monk : running while doing wind with their arms, can cosplay a windmill
Oracle : trying to be a cleric with both hands cut
Ranger : walking in difficult terrain
Rogue : being better than ranger and using skills
Sorcerer : casting spells all the day
Summoner : dying when your best friend die
Swashbuckler : trying to run as fast as a monk and hitting like a rogue but once per round
Witch : petting their familiar
Wizard : MAGIC !

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WaifuCanada wrote:
Okay so this is my first AP subscription, i started it late in june, but am is it normal to not be charged OR have the pdf's on release day? or have the sidecart products actually purchased?

I don't know but I have the same issue as you.

I suscribed in june, but so far the mwangi book is still in the sidecart. No pdf on sight and no charge.