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An amazing supplement with flavor never seen before in Pathfinder


The book is amazing a must have. Perhaps you´ll think it is kind of expensive, but it worth every cent spended on it.

The only thing I could complaint is the art of monsters, I would love to see the art in Cthulhu´s Portfolio, but the miniatures from Cthulhu wars are ok.

the revised monsters from pathfinder are amazing, gugs now are scary as hell.

I put 5/5 but if i could i would give it 1000/5

It has flaws, a few, but at the end you really won´t care about them

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Well, the idea was good, the material has potential, then what happened?


I will say the things I said before (an expensive pdf for something you probably will never use)

Character options: Shifter class; it have a good starting levels, also, combining it with other classes could even stand alongside with the barbarian... could. but in the end, you will be the guy using the barbarian.

Archetypes: they are all bad. really, non of the archetypes had something to offer to say "hey! I want to try this" It´s like the issue with the Trapper ranger archetype; sounds good, yeah, in your mind but it crashes at the table"

There are a starving orc, really, the mere image made me sad (rot warden) also, none of the art are inspirational, nor make the archetype atractive: Besides the rot warden, there are a storm caller who inspires nothing but a random npc. there are a psychic archetype walking over water?

The races are ok, they weren´t needed but ok.

Feats: more feats, thank you paizo, now we are near the 3k official feats.

Spells: more of the same.

enviromental rules: this is one of the best parts of the book but again, you, as a gm must work on the rules to make them actually work (but for when that times comes, you will be using something else instead). The herbs as ingredients has a potential, but again, useless due the over ruling on it.

There is a bestiary; second best part of the book, but neither needed.

Conclusion; I love pathfinder, i won´t change to another system since this is where i want to be, but man, with books like this you should learn that if you didn´t playtest your upcoming rules, and if you dont listen to your customers, your ship will be going to crash.

I´m thinking that this book was made this bad as an excuse to drown Pathfinder to focus on starfinder or something (I hope they don´t since there are a lot of ppl incluiding me, who doens´t like space opera)

Cheers guys, I know you would do better next time.

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At last a "new" mechanics


I like the book, and the options...
I hope more Mythic options, more tiers, more paths!!

Ok let´s see
All the paths are awesome, and unique within itself in every option made for it (sadly there just a few options for each path and tier)

i dislike the reroll option... i dont know, it feels rare
as always as an experienced GM i know none of the books are perfect, and every rule or book need to be checked, and make it to fit in our own table.

i love what i see and read, but theres just feats and spells, one cant just complain about that because youll never gonna use all of them!!

my favorite part, at last mosters with powers more than vanilla version

Mythic Magic item: i felt this chapter some kind of empty... the needless part from this book.

Thank you paizo, i like this one, now my campaigns can last a bit more!!

4/5 because is a good material, "new" at all for the 3.X system (there was a post where we talk about epic like the druid with trials and voilá!)

Feats and Spells scalating (i wish unique option, maybe a some kind of new system to cast spells... Maybe using spells like force skills from SWD20)

Behind the book, and everything it has inside... I can see a more growing up Paizo, with more fresh ideas, and their own rules (also, if they decide the next step for PFRPG is levelling without XP, t´will fine for me)!!

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Now we are talking


Every change is in most of cases both:, Flavorlful and utiity. im not going to specif what it has inside, the other reviewers do it so well that i have nothing more to tell about.

This is a mix between ranger and rogue, in fact, this is the way i always want to play a ranger without spells!!

it Must be into your "must to have it"

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More Pawns (and npc´s)


I love this pawns, i admit it!!

Theres a 171 paws in total, and is filled with a lot of NPC´s (i don´t have this AP, as the RotRL, but i have boths expansions and are a lot of usefull at my table).

My players take one npc pawn to represent his/her character and thats when the magic comes!!

absolute a must have at your table (unles you have minis and even so, you can mix ´em up)

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a not so lot of pawns


great pawns, sadly, there are a lot monsters that stay at the adventure!!

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Very Neat!!


This box comes to save my wallet some months ago!!
i was wondering how to buy the minis, because in my country, there are a lot of taxes for toys...
so... this one comes to see the light and i was very nervous with this... so, i toss the coin and buy it.

its a huge box with a lot of pawns, there are missing creatures and maybe paizo decides colossal sizes were too expensives (i agree with them), actualy, no minis nor pawns are realy needed to play the game, but this is a great adition to it.

Congrats paizo, this stuff was a great move that keep me waiting for more.

i already buy the RotRl and Skull & Sackles pawns (i dont run those paths, but there more monsters some of which were missing from this box and now i have a lot of pawns)

The only thing i dont like about this box, is that you dont have how to storage inside after you cut this from the pages!!

the issue isn´t a huge deal, with some GM power, you can figured how to store them (the very box were this box came to you will provide a lot of material to deal with)

also, i want to recommend this!!

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Good, More Pawns!!


i buy this one monday 6th at amazon, today it arrives, very hasty timing Cheers for amazon!!

Good pawns, i dont realy care the absence of bases in this expansions, and the fact that pawns haven´t colossal sizes!!

but what can annoying me, is the fact that theres a lot of missing creatures and npcs from this, and rotrl!!

Still a great buy to add to my collection of pawns
-Skull & Shackless
Waiting for more!!

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a great book, please, where in golarion can i put the Midgard?


Ok, maybe for someones the book is not so good!!
but try to read me and i explain why my 5stars

There is no classes inside, its ok, i would prefer one or two but i can handel it.

what you will find inside this pages is a lot of flavor, old and beautiful flavor!!

I want a golarion as flavorful as Midgard

There are a lot of races to expand with the ultimate race guide, there are some new spells. feats and items. I also love the traits per nation!!

Seriously, im still waiting for the traits for every etnithy in the iswg!!

Great game, my second purchase from midgard (the 1st one was the crossroad and there is one of my favorite class: The Shadowsworn)

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Half the way because two things


i´ll be very fast in this one!!

This book have a great use for you if you are new to the game and gming and the rules... otherwise, stay away from it.

For experienced GM, this one has a town, town-name, tavern-name generator, a useful npcs with boons and some traps and curses and poisons and so (things that an experienced gm knows how to work with, without a book at all).

veredict: buy this one only if youre collecting all the books, or if youre new to the gming system!!

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a guide, for races!!


good book at all, it has evrything you need, and things you dont!!

its good book, short, but you dont need more

Maybe in the future, the paizo crew may give us some companion for the race builder with more options for all!!

and in one future, maybe we can see some class builder, just like the race builder!!

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Pathfinder the Bestiary


great one, some draws are so ugly, without creativity at all (sphinx)

but it is a bestiary, 3rd printing which i have!!

i always love the monsters and bestiaries and call them how you preffer, i want more bestiaries!!

one gothic bestiary would be nice (with carrion crown monsters and alike)

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a great world, huge history


i love this one, i buy it when it was a brand new book, but i have doesn´tt read it yet... i love a lot of things, hate some others.

the bestiary part is great, the prestiges classes are good...

theres a lot of etnities for humans, but i also will love if came options for every one in here (i have to make my own, and there is not a description of what every human likes to do in theyre homelands)

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jeeezzz Again? Paizians crew, be professionals please!!


its a Good item compendium (not so good as 3.5 magic item compendium but its ok)

something annoyin is the fact that always paizians sell a book there will [and it WILL] be a lot of issues.
how many flaws we gonna see until paizo learn how to sail a book without huge errors?
dont buy this one, wait the first reprint. the book is good by itself...

Few words and one example:

Paizians, p. 370 Table 7-13, tell me the weapons from 66-84 please!!

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ultimate magic, rrrrright!!

this book owes its selling rate for the Magus.

lazy feats, some options are good, some others just dotn´
Archetypes: the best Bladebound Magus
worst of all: Trapper Ranger

Spellblights: interesting but too complex for a fumble system
Spellword Casting: at the beginning it looks very nice, then i read it and... is the same spell restriction and opportunities at a expensive cost of time

feats: ok those are feats

Magic spellbooks: why you dont just paraphrase some words concerning about how to protect the spellbooks with some spells and thats all. maybe a feat or two for scaling this option, besides the spellbooks looks greats.

spells: again, the magus options are great.

my advice for you: buy the book, cut the pages concerned for magus, and dump the rest or Download the pdf at any place you can, print the magus and drop the rest

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again robbed by paizians!!


ugly classes, the gunslinger has nothing to do versus a wizard with a shotgun!! his lost!!

samurai: an ugly and awful alternative for the worst class in the whole game: the cavalier

Ninja: if u will us it, then you can start to think how to say "good bye" to the rgue and the monk

archetypes: read the first one for the cleric. really, youll gain 1 extra feat every five levels?
so Jason, how did this math work? 1+1+1+1+1=6??????!!!!

Feats: ok those just feats, maybe one or two kind of good but nothing else!!

Equipment: at last, a good chapter, good items, good suplies, good, thats all just good

alternative rules: seriusly, stop to doing that, i believe the piecemeal armor will be good, but, it wont!!
the performance combat subsystem: Jason, did u notice it looks prety much like the option for spell duels?? so, theyre robbing yourselves?

Spells: one or two are good, but nothing else

this is an issue kind of "ups-i-did-it-again" stuff

i just felt like when i by the Rule of Fear book

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In a Gothic Horror´s Adventure


there was upon a time, where the mist abduct your players from theyre native world and drop them in a misty land where any npc have question and needs!!

this plug-in reminds me that very feeling!!
youre not just the hero who came to the town and kill the boss and solve the riddle and collect the treasure and so...

you need to explore the town, talk with the people who lives at one place without a leter on it (for example an N in the map for lorrimor´s place)...
This AP is for me my first non handwrited adventure that i run for my players ever (since ad&d2e till now) and with this add on im having an excellent first time doing so!!

very flavorful, little creepy, with more ties to the town and the mob than in the vanilla AP my players enjoy it and one of them almost cried at the end (i can´t say how it was because the spoilers ¬¬)...

Thanks legendary games!!
This is one of those Must-to-have for everyone arround!!

i wish the AP for wich its was designed were almost a half flavor rich as this article is!!

i also buy the Fiddler´s Lament (still reading it and waiting for running it then i will reviewed it in its place)

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Where is Carrion Hill again?


1.- the map is awesome great detail with it
2.- narrative is some kind of tedious but do it well
3.- theres not stat for the rulers, and not advice if u can role it, and some stories are good and other just dont... (bad thing i guess)
4.- no character sheet or something, no cultural issues at all.
5.- the adventures ideas are good enough to keepingme reading it
6.- the maps for the cities and description are very good at all

in advice to buyers... this is not the same as varisian and korvosa reviews there was good enough that just happen once in this books.

in page 30 it refeers to explain a carrion hill altar and... there is not a carrion hill at all in any way to mention it... where is carrion hil???

is a lazy setting... maybe with it issues...
or i missing something? maybe my copy comes with bugs