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Do not pass Go. Go directly to Hell!


Spoiler: You haphazardly go to Hell! What could go wrong? Love the lore coming out of this one! Let's Go! 5-Stars

Lots of Great Images for VTT but needs Resolution Upscaling


I bought the PDF to pull images for Fantasy Grounds Unity map creation.

There's some fantastic images here for VTT use; however, the resolution just doesn't cut it for VTTs :( These need some improvement in that department; I will need to artificially upscale them somehow; otherwise, they are too blurry out-of-the-box.

Excellent Scenario with Lots of Lore (be prepared)


I played this Scenario (#1-36) on 05/12/2020, low-subtier, 7 PCs in Total.

Story: The story is exciting with some puzzles and twists that takes place in the Pact Worlds Asteroid belt/cluster.

Beware: There is a lot of lore references in this adventure. Luckily there were some Starfinders in the party that were aware of the background that pertained to the story arc. I believe it's important to play SFS Scenarios in a somewhat chronological order so that you aren't left in the dark when it comes to deep lore dives. I recommend playing the previous Scenarios prior so you can enjoy this one properly.

Difficulty: With so many Starfinders in our party, the difficulty was negligible. However, with a smaller party (e.g. party of 4), I imagine things could get messy.

Overall an enjoyable adventure!

A Short and Sweet/Enjoyable Scenario with a Minor Suggestion


I played #1-04: Cries from the Draft on 5/09/2020, Low Subtier with 6-players total.

Note: there are lite spoilers in this review.

The story was short and sweet with a very interesting starship combat encounter that was more like a contest. I especially enjoyed the puzzles in the starship crawl, and the lore surrounding the mission.

Minor Suggestion:
With 6 PCS, the dangers were minimal. More enemies would have made combat more challenging and exciting; however the turrets were great.

Great Scenario with some Questions/Suggestions


Played on 5/04/2020, Subtier 1-2, 6 Players total.

Fantastic Scenario:
Exciting Sandbox, where you're not forced in any particular direction; become the aggressor, peaceful diplomat, or a mix of both. Lightly based on themes from Maze Runner and The Hunger Games. I highly recommend playing this one and I can't wait to run it in the future.

Questions/Suggestions with SPOILERS:
Hopefully there will be a continuation at some point b/c the experimenters are never revealed; where did that drone originate from anyway. Maybe I missed something, but there wasn't a sense of closure except for the fate of the races therein. I didn't play (or run) SFS #1-09, which might have provided some answers surrounding my quandary (?).

Excellent Scenario with minimal gripes and some Suggestions


I GM’d Fugitive on the Red Planet on 4/19/2020, 4 PCs at Subtier 1-2 (1.75), using the Fantasy Grounds Classic (FGC) VTT platform.

SFS #1-02 Fugitive on the Red Planet has an excellent story where the PCs head to Akiton in search an artifact that that was stolen from the Starfinder Society (SFS). The PCs must track down a thief to locate and secure the artifact.

GMs & PCs typically report an average time of 2.5 to 3 hours. It took my group 5 hours! I think the extended time was due to comprehensive role-play and a lack of FGC competency, but as players learned the VTT system the faster and smoother actions (skill checks and combat) became.

Challenge Level - Medium:
Skill Checks were well balanced
PCs were given a run for their money and must use quick thinking to make the right decisions during combat. Note the party might be in trouble without a decent healer.

There was no space combat in this Scenario; good for new GMs (like me), so I didn’t have to prepare for the space combat sub-system.

Positives (Pros):
> Important role-playing opportunities
> Tactical combat with unique elements (i.e a mining cart battering ram)
> Balanced with challenges
> Great ending to the adventure (if the PCs make good decisions)

Negatives (Cons):
Limited to no exploration of Maro City during the investigation, simply roll skill checks to gather information, but I understand the length constraints of Scenarios. One encounter with a map of the area could have made the investigation much more interesting, even if it was short and sweet.

The desert map can be rendered pointless depending on the PCs actions.

It would have been cool if there was a creature-based random encounter on the desert map (maybe a roll table to determine what exactly); however, I’m not sure of what creature(s) may reside in the deserts of Akiton, if any, and if Talbot escapes the mine, he could be devoured by a desert creature or natural disaster along with the artifact.

A map and an investigation encounter at Maro possibly, especially for setting immersion instead of an important but simple roll or two for gathering information.