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Is there a new update on this?

Joining of the ranks of the people who would like an answer to the question: when is this being released? Please?

I should have these as part of my subscription, and order history says I bought them. But they're not in my downloads.

Customer service isn't answering...does anyone know if they're working on this bug?

I'm pretty dissatisfied they didn't use Kickstarter. The obscure crowdfunding platform will cost this project a lot of money and cost us a lot of content that won't see the light of day because it won't have been unlocked.

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I love kingmaker, and I am also sick to death of 3.5 in all of its forms. Upgrading it to the new edition is probably the only way to get me to buy for Pathfinder products. It should basically be its own campaign setting, and get a fraction of the attention that's lavished on Cheliax.

I think there should be more ways for the P2E & DD5E communities to cross-pollinate as well, so this is a good idea.

They can clean up a lot of the plotting problems in adaptation, especially how all the actual kingdom management is more or less abandoned toward the end of the path in favor of conflict with a big bad nobody's interested in. More involvement with the rest of the kingdoms would add links to other areas so people can explore more.

Marco Massoudi wrote:


-Dancing Lights (translucent white orb)
-Shield (of...) (translucent white)
-Floating Disc (translucent blue)
-Spectral Hand (translucent green)
-Spiritual Weapon/Mage's Sword (translucent yellow)
-Flaming Sphere (translucent red cupola)
-Wall of Fire
-Wall of Force/Wind Wall (translucent)
-Wall of Ice
-Blade Barrier
-Prismatic Wall
-Interposing Hand (large translucent)
-Magic Circle/Teleportatin Circle (translucent red pentagram) tentacles! and Entangle!

We use the horses that came in the last set, but would also happily get medium sized ponies (mount for small PCs), or more chargers/destriers suitable such as knights or cavaliers would use (yes, I have Mounted Alain already).

Natural animal minis are useful in a variety of campaigns. I also have the fox, owl, raven some guard dogs, a goat, and squealy nord. Just throw in an aurochs and I can start PathFarmer Chronicles :)

I have all six Iconic Heroes sets (with no quality problems on any) and would happily snap up a #7 that includes the missing Occult Iconics (plus vigilante).

I will obtain multiples of all the dressings even if through the secondary market. But I am discouraged by nasty posts on here about them. Seriously, I could go the rest of my life without seeing another demon or devil mini but I don't come on here and trash other people's favorite types of figure.

I second whoever suggested dressing minis meant to be fit around other figures, such as circles of flame or other magical effects. Reminds of the the classic mini of a gelatinous cube that you could put a figure inside, a hit with every party that's seen it.

Anyone heard of an update on this so far? Now that we are into season of the runelords, it seems like the set of season of the righteous should be out soon.

I looked in other threads and wasn't able to find anything relevant...if this has been answered recently a link would be helpful...

I just received my case today. My counts:

5 x #:7,8
4 x #:1,2,3,6,10,11,12,21,27,30,32
3 x #:4,5,9,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,26,28,31
2 x #:22,23,24,29
1 x #:33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44
1 x barrel, small cart, large cart, bed
2 x table, crate

Had at least one of everything including all the dressings.

Feiya was somewhat of an improvement from the joker face original, but I also noticed she's leaning forward sharply.

I'm very happy with the quality of everything mostly.

This is the first set I've ever seen where I genuinely wanted every piece. The number of NPCs is invaluable...I can't tell you how many times I've had to say something like "okay, this dude with a wand is really a merchant."

The dungeon dressing is very important. If needed I can go to Dwarven Forge for things like this, but my strong preference is to get it from the source. I will continue to obtain these whenever they come out, in whatever set they come out, and won't go to the secondary market at all as long as Paizo leaves me another option.

The quality of the miniatures continues to visibly improve with every set. The difference between old D&DM and these latest sets is very stark...even the difference between these and the (sloppy, unprofessional) D&D Attack Wing miniatures is really startling. You (and we) are definitely getting what we're paying for with these new sets.

RDI was my first case. I am buying all of the Iconics sets (including a future #7 please so I can have my Occult Iconics?) not only because I like the minis themselves but also to send a message of support for fixed non-random sets. I'm sorry that the undead and goblins fixed sets did not do well, but I respectfully submit that if a lot of these same minis already came out in previous sets that re-using them in a new set is not truly a new product and sales figures will be misleading. A completely new fixed set (such as the Iconic Heroes) is the true yardstick to measure by.

My point is that a fixed set of dungeon dressing would do better than you might think. And while you ponder that I will keep on supporting the other sets you put them in. Keep up the good work.

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I'm strongly dissatisfied that these were listed (and then many immediately sold out! Gee, thanks!) before subscriber cases even shipped.

Someone over there made a really bad call.

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A Pathfinder 2nd Ed discussion which gradually devolves into a Godwin's Law poster child comes up about once a can cover all the main rhetorical points without delay by searching the message boards. All the hate, none of the wait.

please be considerate, there are classes that have no mini at all yet...

This was probably already answered previously, but regular PFACG subscribers get a discount on the class decks too, correct?

Would Tanis & company be willing to reveal their favorite Jeni's flavors? ;)

I can't wait for the next sets to be announced!

Will you be at Origins? I would like some hands-on time...immediately before I jettison the messenger bag that has been my next-best-thing for the last year...

Unfortunately the D&D horse mini is among the most lifeless they actively posed mount from a better sculpt is preferable.

Will you be holding PFACGG events at cons? I was hoping to see Tanis and friends doing guild events at Origins (early June), but I haven't seen anything in their listings so far...

There are a couple places early in Kingmaker where some characters will die...make sure you don't make the plot so tied to individual PCs that you can't adapt. Other people besides your problem child will be rolling new characters at some point.

Without mentioning specific numbers, are orders proceeding as well as/better than expected? I am hoping for the announcement of additional sets and it was pretty clear from the outset that the number and variety of future iconic sets are strongly contingent on the early sets doing well...

If these had come out as scheduled, they would have been able to ship with either my subscription PFACG S&S deck 5 in January or deck 6 in February. Now deck 6 has shipped.

Does that mean that since the Iconic set #1 came out 2/26 that I have to wait all the way until May for these minis (which I preordered) to ship out with the WotR PFACG base set? That seems punitive.


While the goldahkos did not actually kill us, we sure thought this scenario was tough! Now we get to pat ourselves on the back for accidentally playing in nightmare mode...

I had a clarification question...will each of these sets contain a PFACG card for each of the iconics it contains? In other words will each box have six minis and also five cards in it? Because honestly, I love the minis (and yes, expensive as it is, I have a mini for every iconic* currently released), but I am at least as interested in new promo cards for my PFACG adventure paths as I am in the minis.

*And yes, this means I have both an original Kyra and a joker-face Feiya, which I contrast in person to at least one newcomer during my PFS games every week

Thanks for the post redirect. Even bad news is better than no news.

22nd has come and gone, still nothing...I suspect the printer issues affected S&S and not just the class decks. Sounds like the 'erroneous' listings of September ship dates are the real deal.

My order is still showing pending, not even shipped. We're in fiasco territory...subscription means you get yours dead last? really?