You Have My Sword, And You Have My Bow, And My Axe!


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New Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Miniatures from WizKids!

Rage, sneak, track, heal, and burn with the newest Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set from WizKids!

The iconic barbarian, cleric, ranger, rogue, and wizard are here! Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #2 brings Amiri, Kyra, Harsk, Merisiel, Ezren, and Biter, the iconic ranger's animal companion, to your table as beautifully sculpted, ultra detailed miniatures! But these are not just for tabletop play. Each miniature also comes with an exclusive card for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, so now you can play with Amiri's Giant Sword +1, Ezren's Arcane Robes, or finally have Harsk and Biter fight side by side!

Don't forget that subscribers to Pathfinder Battles and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game get 20% off Iconic Heroes Set #2 as well as other Iconic Heroes Sets!

Take a look at all the rest of the Pathfinder Battles miniatures and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

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Haven't taken them out of the box yet. The 'action pose' of Amiri looks wonderful, but it makes it hard to store in a mini case.

These are some of the best pc/npc ppm's on the market! Harsk is my favorite; great detail and action pose.

I can't wait for the next sets to be announced!

Picked up my pack and once again, these are great. Well worth the price IMO.

Grand Lodge

Hanging out for Australian distributors to get them

Grand Lodge

Anyone else going to use them as markers for the PF adventure card game?

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