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Yes. It has a built in browser. To download from "My downloads" with your iPhone, iPad, or whatever using Goodreader:

1) click on the "Web Documents" tab on the right
2) click on "Browse the Web"
3) login into your "My Download" section of this website
4) click on the item you want to download and "Follow Link" in the grey popup
5) Here there are three ways:
a) wait 5 seconds and you'll get a purple popup error say "Frame Error" -ignore that
b) click on the "click here" and get the purple popup error saying "Frame Error" - ignore that
c) copy the "click here" link and go back to Goodreader - go to step 6b
6) Check your "Downloads" folder in the top left and see if the file downloaded (should be a ZIP)
a) If not then and go under the tab "Resent Downloads"; there you will see the failed download, click on the retry button and it should work
b) If that didn't work copy and paste the url into the "Enter Url" under the "Web Downloads" tab
7) You should have a ZIP file in your "Downloads" folder in the top left of Goodreader now
8) Go into that folder and click + hold on the file.
9) Confirm that you want to unzip the file
10) The PDF should now be there now.
11) I like to remove the ZIP and rename the PDF (click + hold) on the file to do an operation
12) You can now view the PDF in whatever reader you want on your device ... click + hold and you can "Open In..."
13) Enjoy

Does the browser version of Google Maps have turn-by-turn directions? I don't think it does. The native Google Maps apps has turn-by-turn.

Also with Siri you can say "Give me directions to blah via transit." and then it will allow you to select Google Maps app instead of the Apple App.

I don't know how to make it your default maps app.

I like using an iOS app called Photo Collage Creator and create collages of stat blocks. It has a great image editor too.

If you want a really good image editor you can get Aviary to make portraits.

Ashe Ravenheart wrote:

Don't know if it's been posted before, but:

D&D Monster Man

That was pretty good.

Was thinking of this idea of a PFS Scenario where an Alchemist goes mad and joins the circus. You have to capture him alive.

Is that something you'd think would be a good scenario?

From the low end, Chocolate Dice, to the high end an iPad 4. What's on your wish list?

Pretty good. The interface is clean, but it took me a bit to figure out that you click on the little car icon to get directions.

Would like to make it the "default" map program so it would work from my Contacts instead of having to copy and paste the address each time.

The girl voice seemed very "natural" when saying the street names...its like they recorded a voice for each street!

I plan to try out the turn-by-turn directions this weekend. I already got bit by the Apple Maps App when I was off by 1 digit for the Zipcode...grr.

Please consider adding a checkbox next to the "section title" to hide. If selected an AJAX request will remove the entire section from the downloads.

At new filter at the top will be "Show Hidden Downloads" that will show the sections like they were.

FORM 1 High-resolution 3D printer is $3,300. This reminds me of those Laser Disks in the late 1970s.

How many figurines would you need to create to make your money back?

I wonder who will create the .STL files? Pazio willing to sell us some files???

Stupid guy ran into a cactus. What a prick.

I tried to catch the fog, but I mist.

Two florists got married. It was an arranged marriage.

A bra is a booby trap.

If you are looking to learn how to tie knots you should look for a knot-for-profit organization?

So that's what you're talon me? I'm screeching mad!

I got a tattoo with your name on it. It says "Your Name".

I've determined its not a good idea to get a tablet + cellular coverage unless you can justify the increased costs.

Almost always its cheaper to thether from another device (like your phone or hockey puck), than for the device to have its own cellular connection.

As for PDFs, even the "Lite" PDFs are beefy. Compare the processing power...actually take a look at this:

Consumer Reports Tablet Review

The iPad4, WiFi with 32GB got the best rating.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUPk1nGJZrg&list=PLD63319182D9529A4& feature=plpp_play_all

Start off with Conan: Queen of The Black Coast

A guy at the local gaming shop works with a 3d printer and made this:

3-D printed figurine

He said it wasn't finished yet because it still needed a glossy coat of paint.

I know its only Netherlands and Belgium planned for 2013, but it will eventually cross the pond I'm sure:

Staples Will Offer On-Demand 3-D Printing In Stores

Drag your fellow companion - does not provoke AoO from your target's movement.

The spellbook apps usually have "Favorites" and some actually have spellbook "bookmarks", but really its easier just search for the spell you're going to cast on someone else's turn than trying to maintain a list.

You could just use a "Reminder App" and place all your spell there and check them off as you cast them. Then unremind them after you rest :-P A shopping list app might work too - each store is a "spell list".

There are offline webpage apps that store a page for later use. PFR for iOS has it built-in and I use it to take offline pages. I've also created some pages with Javascript with simple forms controls to do things like calculate potion, wand, scroll costs and stuff like that (just Google for them).

You can always just take screenshots of stuff and make an Album in your photos of rules. If you don't have the page number in the photo you can always "annotate" with text on the photo with free apps.

Assuming you have already maximized your casting stat.

Brian E. Harris wrote:


With capacitive touch screens (as most of the current generation of tablets are), the stylus isn't a fine-point at all, so don't expect that level of fine input. That said, I do have a couple, and they have they're uses.


I just bought myself Jot Stylus. According to their YouTube Video demonstrating it it is very accurate.

I used Goodreader ($4.99 for the iPhone, $4.99 for the iPad), today for the first time at the table. I just "typed" extra loot and lined-out items that I used. I had a "HP" text object near my portrait that I kept updating with my current hit points. This created an "annotated" verison of the PDF I was modifying (a print-out from HeroLab). So now I will update HeroLab with the changes.

The unsubstantiated rumor is that HeroLab will come out with a limited version of their app this December - so lets hope we get favorable Harrow deck reading on that. This unsubstantiated rumor is why I have not invested in Character Folio.

The problem with creating apps is that its takes so much time to make a half-way decent app. You have to spend 500-1000 hours just learning how to program to get good enough to make a good app...and then getting paid pennies, literially, for all your hard work. Unless you get paid as an App Developer its going to be a serious hobby. At least Google doesn't take 30% of your profit from the app you just created...

Oh and when you have a half-way decent idea for an app there are guys with a team of programmers behind him, that will make a knock-off within days. I know a guy who spends a time just searching for apps that he then turns to his team of App Developers. They create the app in a day or two and then come out with a copy. They can turn them out so fast because they have a large library of apps to pull from. They also have a network of apps where they can "see other apps that this developer has made," that get people to rank it up. I've heard of some people paying for ratings to star up their apps, but that's unsubstantiated.

Oh and here's the latest on the iOS version of Herolab (November 16th).

I wonder if there was anything of the sort in the 3.5 Book of Vile Darkness?

You can turn on multi-finger gestures and use 4 fingers to switch between apps on the iPad by simply swiping left/right.

The apps I use:

  • PFR
  • PFRPG rd
  • Spellbook
  • Summoner
  • iBooks
  • Goodreader
  • Occationally, Feudz Dice and Feudz Loot

I have iCrit and iFumble, but we don't use those decks. I wish they provided the other decks as apps...

And for fun I have iPatch (when playing pirates!)

Is this what you're talking about: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/remote-desktop-lite-rdp/id288362576?mt=8?

Has anyone tried using https://join.me/ with their tablet?

Was thinking it might be possible to run this on the desktop (free basic version), and then control it from a tablet's browser.


For the 4.3 guide, having a little paragraph about how to handle holiday boons would be nice.


Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Hey there Everybody,

Alright everybody. Lets just take it down a notch. I got a few quick points.

- We are currently looking into the whole armor spike/misc non-hand weapons and how they threaten. This was a slightly bigger issue than I first thought when I gave an off the cuff opinion.

- The thing to remember here, that I want to stress, is that generally speaking, the only places where a PFS judge is required to follow rulings is the rulebooks, updates, FAQ posts, and PFS rules documents. Everything else is left to judge discretion at the table. There is no way around this. We cannot ask our judges to be familiar with every ruling or thought from every messageboard post, even if it comes from a staff member.

- For you home game, you don't even have to pay attention to the above sources. Its your game after all.

I hope to get a FAQ on this issue soon.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

So I see this post marked "Answered in the FAQ"...where exactly?

Umm this post that I originally asked you guys to +FAQ says its "Answered in the FAQ".

Where is this answer? I'm not seeing any red.


Thought I'd start a thread to theory-craft and perhaps have approved some new vanities to spend our hard-earned Prestige on.


PP Cost 5
Cost 0 GP
Requirement 5 ranks in a Knowledge (arcana, history, and planes)
Category Membership

Your expertise in your field of knowledge have others coming to you for information. You can use Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), and Knowledge (planes) to make Day Job rolls.


Teleportation Network

PP Cost 4
Fame 20 in any faction
Cost 0 GP
Category Membership

You have done enough favors for mages that you have access to a network that can offer you and your party teleportation services to and from any major city once per session.

You can also get one of those hockey pucks that is a hotspot for all your devices. If you have more than one data device it will pay for itself.

There was a big paddle sale at the boat store. It was quite an oar deal.

I went to the store to buy some soup, but they were out of stock.

What kind of Tea is sometimes hard to swallow? Reality.

Improving Your Class With Items (Core, APG, ARG, UC, UM) [Discussion]

How many years before its power would be a consumer product you think?

Forget about capabilities for a sec...what do YOU want this internet appliance to do for you?

List them in the order of importance. THEN we can help you choose the device that best suits your needs.

(E.g. if all you want to do is play Solitaire then your 486EX running Windows 3.11 will work just fine)

Don't thank me, thank all the guys who created these guides. Perhaps some of those other authors would come here and add a discussion thread.


Maybe we can borrow some of the logic from the Real-estate industry? I remember signing docs digitally...super simple.

Only problem is that the Chronical sheets are not CUP and thus could not be hosted.


What about day jobs? If I didn't witness the rolls, must they take 10? Or if they give me their skill modifier some have asked me to roll for them?


On the Evoking Day boon sheet there is no '--' in the Fame section. If the character earning the Boon gained 2 Prestige, do I add another 2 Prestige gained here?

Also there spot for Day Jobs does not have '--', does that mean the character that gained the Prestige gets a Day Job roll?

1) Alchemical ways
2) Magical ways
3) Mechanical ways

All the ways need to be reversable, like (get out if the mount dies). Really I'm looking for something like a "locked gauntlet-like"...(seatbelts???) or just a magical saddle?

Was thinking, if money wasn't an object, to create a saddle that uses the "Arcane Lock" spell as a base.


I forgot to print out the chronical sheets for an event and we played anyway. I have already reported the event on this website but still need to get the filled out chronical sheets to my players.

The ones I'm unable to physically meet again I want to email them their sheet to them.

Do I need to:

1) hand-write and fill everything in and then scan and email that sheet to them
2) #1 and then physically mail the sheet to them
3) digitally write in everything (Adobe Acrobat), print and sign and then scan
4) digitally write in everything included digitally signing and then emailing the PDF

I'm a little confused. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Phasics wrote:

Well spell says you share body with the host soul, do [n]undead have a soul[/b] to share with ?

If they have no soul then , would that not mean they have no space for a soul ?

I mean if this is possible then by the same token using this spell on a mindless construct would let you slip in your soul and fight as a construct.

taken further, could you then inhabit any animated object with this spell ?

Reminds me of this when the wizard turn the cleric into an undead with a soul with a botched spell casting. Undead don't have souls and thus I would rule that the spell would fail.

Sorry, but the rules for Retrocasting don't exist in Pathfinder.

If you want to control undead cast Control Undead.

Pendagast wrote:

hmmm i see what you're getting at I guess.

No one ever takes crafting in our group, we find it, trade for it or quest for it.

No one ever has spare slots to put into crafting.

Crafting is underrated in my opinion. Not only does it save gold it allows for expanded resources while in the field (e.g. deep in a dungeon, need a Bane arrow for the creature that you know is at its bottom but you don't have time to go back to town? Maybe you can craft it there? Or you have spells at the end of the day you know you need extra for next day. etc...).

Anyhow I digress.

Go Team Prehensile Hair!

Just a reminder that you can get an Amulet of Mighty Fists with a +0, yes +0 enchancement. So a Flaming Amulet of Mighty Fists +0 costs 5,000 gp instead of the 20,000 that an Flaming Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 costs.


You know I've noticed a trend in faction missions. Some factions will have you use skills like Slight of Hand and Stealth, where others will have you use Diplomacy and Sense Motive.

I think you'd first want to make sure your character matches the faction in skill so you'd have a better chance at making the skill checks.


Unless the faction missions says otherwise, you can get help. If you're a charismatic type and the checks requires some kind of strength check or climb, don't be afraid to ask the big dumb barbarian.


I wouldn't do this that often, but you can sometimes trick your party members into do your mission for you. Like you can lie to them and say that the merchant you just talked to wants the ledger to remove a transaction that he made, but your faction mission is return the ledger to your Venture-Captain.


Bribery goes a long way. I usually assign +1 / 10 gp spent as a general rule. So if you roll a 16 and the DC is 20 you could add a "little extra for your family...".


Other players who also have the same faction mission so sometimes you don't need to do nothing - effectively riding their coat tails. If the player had to bribe an NPC, be sure to share the cost - its polite.


And of course you can always, usually when you first get the mission, ask your GM to clarify the mission if you're not exactly sure what needs to be done. If its secret take your GM aside and ask exactly what is expected of you.

I find that a lot of times when players fail their missions is that they didn't understand the mission in the first place.

Also as a GM you need to make sure that they give opportunity for their players to do their mission. Like if a player's mission is for a bit of information to NOT leak out, be sure to pause right before the you're about to spill the beans from the NPC interrogation, or allow the player to steer the conversation away.

Also if you're new I would hope a GM would be a little more forgiving and instructive on missions - I usually make sure to explain what a mission is to new players and what is expected of them to accomplish.


Have you tried http://www.meetup.com/ and typed in "Pathfinder Society" in your zipcode?

You can also take a look at the Grand Lodge sub-forum and see if you get any hits.

If that fails you can always try an online game. I've been meaning to take a look at that (roll20.net, skype, maptools, etc...).

Some Random Dood wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

Belli Vit (Ninja)

I can probably think of more but I can hear everyone groaning already so I'll stop.

That ninja name was horrible. lol

What, you don't believe its any good?

Kami Kazi (ninja)

Willard Spearmint (halfling cavalier)

Ro'Gayn (bald monk)

Tonov Bric (strong fighter-type)

Imarok (dumb orc)

OMG...I just found this: http://www.punnames.com/ ... looks like its a canonical list we can pull from (I love you internet).

Prehensile Hair (Su) wrote:

The witch can instantly cause her hair (or even her eyebrows) to grow up to 10 feet long or to shrink to its normal length, and can manipulate her hair as if it were a limb with a Strength score equal to her Intelligence score. Her hair has reach 10 feet, and she can use it as a secondary natural attack that deals 1d3 points of damage (1d2 for a Small witch). Her hair can manipulate objects (but not weapons) as dexterously as a human hand. The hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a separate creature. Pieces cut from the witch’s elongated hair shrink away to nothing. Using her hair does not harm the witch’s head or neck, even if she lifts something heavy with it. The witch can manipulate her hair a number of minutes each day equal to her level; these minutes do not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. A typical male witch with this hex can also manipulate his beard, moustache, or eyebrows.

Source: Ultimate Magic

Add Steal and Disarm. I would think any that would be allowed by a natural weapon.

Weatherby Goode (druid, archtype: storm druid)

Miles Straume (druid, archtype: storm druid)

Art Burn (sorcerer, evocation specialist)

Brock Enrol (charismatic fighter)

Patty Larseny (a female rogue)

What would you suggest to use as some punny character names at the table - without being too obvious?

Joe Kerr (Perform (Comedy), bard)

Scott Free

Patty Melt

Stare Roy (a barbarian of course)

Jack B. Quick

Rollo Dyce (a gambler)

Justin Tyme

Robin Banks (a rogue)

Paige Turner (cleric: cloistered archtype)

Norman Arminger (fighter)

Jimmy de Lokk (trap specialist rogue)

Abby Normal (oracle)

So the spell should say "prevent" not "overcome" then to avoid confusion.

Please this post by James Jacobs

James Jacobs wrote:
Which is more damage than any other 1-handed weapon, which is not really the intent of the ability. ...

But if you're paying for a +1 shield property that ads +1d6 to damage, what's the difference between that and +1 Flaming or +1 Acid ability? You're still paying for a +1 shield property.

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