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PFS in Northern Indiana

Moving to Miami Co. Indiana, looking for local Pathfinder group.

Moving to Farmington Hills / Plymouth, MI area, looking to join the Society

BloomingCon 2016 - November 11-13

Announcing PbP Gameday 5!

Minnesota Venue Your Mom's Basement Ends Four Year Run October 30, 2016

LF (preferably) CORE game to play, starting with a 1st level character.

AVL Scarefest 2016 (Oct. 21-23)

PFS Quests at Anime Nebraskon, La Vista / Omaha, Nebraska

24 Pathfinder Society Sessions at FG Con 9

Extra Life: Level 2

New PFS site in Moline, IL

[Roll20 / Discord] Saturday 10 / 15 Double Feature - 9AM PST 0-07 Among The Living & 2PM PST 1-49 Among the Dead

[Fantasy Grounds] FGCON 9: October 14th-16th, 2016

ConCeption 2016 - Glen Ellyn, IL - Oct 14-16 2016

Lodge Con 2017 Will County Illinois

[Roll20 / ?] Gongoing PFS groups seeks players / GMs, CET evenings

CONTRAFLOW VI New Orleans Sept 30 - Oct 2

Nuke-Con 2016 in Omaha Nebraska 9 / 30 to 10 / 2

KumoriCon 2016 10 / 28-10 / 30 in Portland, Oregon

[Roll20 / G+ ] PF Mod: The Emerald Spire, Level 16: The Emerald Root

ZappCon PFS - Oct. 15-16 - Fresno, CA

PFS at Con of the North 2017!

Pathfinder in South Bend

This is Skål Con 2016!

LFG - PentaCon November 11-13, 2016

Gamerati All-Day PFS and PACG in Tacoma, WA Saturday, September 24

TridentCon Oct. 8-9th 2016 (Maryland)

New player(s) looking to join

Asheville Pathfinder Society Lodge

Griffcon40 2016, South Bend Indiana

Pathfinder Society in Cadillac, MI?

HavenCon Frederick MD 5-6NOV2016 20 Free Events to Choose From

Pacificon September 2nd – 5th Santa Clara CA - Calling all players

The Richmond, VA Pathfinder Society Lodge (High Level Play Supported!)

Portsmouth Virginia

[Roll20 / G+] #3–25: Storming the Diamond Gate (tier 3-7) - Wed 31 Aug @ 19:00 BST (GMT+1)

Jackson MI Pathfinder

Pathfinder Society in Concord, NC

Tri Con Fall 2016, South Sioux City, Nebraska... WHO'S READY?!

Tavern Con October 2016: Call for Players (Central Michigan)

PFS at Archon STL: September 30 - October 2

Player looking for a game

Amphisbaena Weekend, August 13th & 14th 2016 -- Tri-Cities WA

Game Day in San Francisco at Gamescape SF on September 10th!

Summerfest August 19th to August 21st - Spokane Valley, WA

May move to Rigby Idaho, would like to still play


London UK - Sunday Pathfinders 21st August

[ROLL 20 / G+] #7-98 Serpents Ire (Tier 7-9) Saturday August 20, 7am MDT (GMT -6)

[LFG] August 20, Evening Fort Wayne, IN PFS Module

At Ease Anniversary Mini-Con

Delta H Con - Houston, TX - Aug. 19-21 2016

AnimeFest 2016 - Dallas, Texas - August 12-15, 2016

Pittsburgh GASP Game Day in Springdale, August 12

[Roll20 / Hangouts] [Core] Thornkeep 1-5; Aug 8-12, 9AM to 2PM EDT

Pre-Gen Con at Hotel Lobby, Wednesday Aug 3rd 2016: Sign-up's Open!

Pre-Gen Con at Scotty's Brewhouse, Wednesday Aug 3rd 2016: Sign-up's Open!

Post-Gen Con at Hotel Lobby, Sunday Aug 7th 2016: Sign-up's Open!

AetherCon 2016 - GM Call: GM Session Submissions Now Open for PFS

[Roll20 / G+] All for Immortality Part 2, 12th and 13th August

PFS in Las Vegas, NV

Pathfinder Society Online - "Official" Discord Server

New Pathfinder Society in Longview, TX and East Texas

PFS in Columbus Ohio, not at GenCon Con

Looking for a PFS Philippines

Eyes of the Ten Michigan Area

PaizoCon UK 2016

Northeast Michigan Gaming Group (New Pathfinder Chapter)

Gameday at the Greentree Phantom in Pittsburgh this Saturday (07-23)

Pathfinder ACG in Salem, OR?

PFS in Vancouver?

PFS at Queen City Conquest, Buffalo NY Sept 9-11 - advice needed

Temple Con 2016 - Rhode Island's biggest PFS event!

Registrations are now open for Québec PFS Mini Con !

Pathfinders in Turkey

Is PFS Dying Over At Game Kastle-Santa Clara,CA

Online PFS (Text Only)

So what is your experience with online PFS?

BAPS Game Day - Heretic Games San Bruno CA July 23rd, 2016

Community Gameday Spotlight: (PbP)Year of the Shadow Lodge: June 7 - July 20, 2016

Roll20 Table Request for Newb-Friendly scenarios

PFS at O Comic Con 2016! July 8-10

Weekend PFS in Central London, UK

InConJunction 2016!!

Second GM Needed! (Roll20 / Hangout) Confirmation. 7 / 12. 7:30 PM CST

Sad news, many questions

Paizocon Oz

PbP GM Needed

Dunedin (NZ) Pathfinder Lodge

Announcement: Official Retirement of the OG Online VLs

PFS PbP Looking for a group

Call for GM's : Pre-Gen Con August 3rd, 2016 at Scotty's Brewhouse

{Roll20 / G+]CORE Ancients Anguish, 28th June, 6pm BST (GMT+1)

Houston, TX

PFS in July at Epic Loot in Centerville and Springfield, OH

Kickoff July with some PFS

Origins 2016 June 15th thru June 19th.

Pathfinder Society Italia

Red Deer, Alberta Pathfinder Society events happening soon

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