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The enthusiastic welcomes are wonderful :). I'm going to hold off for a bit for now. I was really bored a couple of weeks ago, and now things seem totally crazy! I'll check back more frequently, and try to catch up on the narrative. If I can do that relatively soon, I might have the time.

I'm interested Elondor, have an interest in a neutral drow sorceress with tendencies towards evil and the pursuit of an undead future... ie vampire or lich... but who knows :) I'm working on the character sheet and will put it up when finished

If you want to keep Tavlor around in an NPC role, things might settle down in a couple of months and I'll want to get back into it. I just can't make any promises. Tavlor is one of my favorites :).

Thanks again, and see you around.

This does sound like fun, I'll have to think of a character as one of the non-standard races. I'll get back to you with it soon.

Well, looks like we'll still need someone to start one here... My brother and I also want to play in a Carrion Crown game if anyone wants to run that one. Have an Elven Wizard and Dwarf Monk that want to make it through that adventure

My opinions:
I like playing PbP here.
I have no interest in 4e.
I'd prefer to get right into LoF, even if it means starting slow.

I want to play a wizard, but haven't decided the details yet.

I would like to play it as well.

I'm interested, but I won't be able to put a story together for a few hours (Dentist :( ). I have a few ideas, but I'd like to read through the game thread and such to see how I might fit.

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 3) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 6) + 6 = 16
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 1) + 6 = 8
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 6) + 6 = 13

Is the deadline 10hours from now, or tomorrow?

I've been wanting to play this one for a while. I'm putting together a Halfling Ninja or Plain Rogue, will get it up today.

DM Aron Marczylo wrote:

Yeah, I could've made them large, though what I should've done is perception checks to see if you guys notice the Kobolds first, giving you time to unmount and meet them on the battlefrield, so to speak.

That would have worked too. :)

So, just to clarify. If we want mounted bonuses (+1 attack) we will need to make ride checks on frightened mounds. If we want to avoid penalties (frightened mount), we need to dismount which we could do if we prepare, or which take a move action.

All, of course, until we train them up to not freak out in combat.

I'll pull out, seems you have plenty, and the only idea I can come up with is a monk, which would totally cheat on the no equipment idea :). GL, sounds like a fun game.

I haven't given a thought to a water adventure yet, but I do love a challenge in creating a character, and I love the setup. I will post a character shortly.

well speech is going to be first person because it's what is said. I just describe actions in 3rd. To me, it doesn't matter as long as we understand what's going on. :)

I use third person when playing. It's generally only the backstory I tend to do in first person... I don't know why :)

Awesome, I'm looking forward to the campaign! I have an alias set up and should be ready with her story and such finalized when we get started. This is my first Witch, and I'm a little bit confused about the stats for the Familiar, but we can work that out in OOC.

I'm excited about Jynerva, as well.

I originally built Jynerva for either Council of Thieves or Legacy of Fire. I also have a Martial Artist Monk (from UC) that I want to play that works well for Carrion Crown, Serpent's Skull, or Legacy of Fire. I have a Wizard/Ranger/Spherewalker that I put a lot of time into for Curse of the Crimson Throne, and a super-stereotypical Dwarf Barbarian I want to play that would work anywhere :).

So yeah, there are options.

ETA: I am currently playing Jade Regent and Kingmaker and might get into a RotRL game, so I'd prefer one of the others.

why not do all three? :D

I'm building an Elf Fighter with the Archer Archetype.

I will post the build sometime tonight.

DM Acid:

I realized as I was finishing up the backstory that why she was a witch was missing, so I will work on incorporating that before we start, if you pick her for the campaign :).

The short version is that she was injured badly, and felt she needed to hide the scars and sometimes the fact she's an elf. She also felt that magic might help her ensnare customers. The scars have mostly faded, and she's grown talented enough the magic is unnecessary, but she has grown to relish the power her witchcraft provides.

I know I want the Enchantment theme Patron. I think Jynerva believes her patron to be Calistria herself. I think the Enchantment theme is similar to the Charm domain, which is kind of how I worked everything together. If you wanted to work with the patron behind the scenes as someone different, potentially with its own agenda, I think that would be really cool.

Jynerva's familiar was going to be a scorpion, but the more I've worked with her and the witch class, the more I want to pick things that are very old school witch things, like poison apples and cooking people, which has made me reconsider the familiar and I might go with a cat... probably not black, though :).

DM Acid:

I'm not totally set on assassin. I think the character will definitely want to dip into some other classes, maybe rogue, maybe assasin, maybe even shadowdancer. The backstory lends itself to a cleric even, though not a healer :).

The only requirements for assassin that are a problem are the evil alignment and the kill for assassination's sake. I think we could work the second into the game without much trouble. She could find out one of the guys that killed her mother has a price on his head for instance and track him down... Personally, I think you can be an assassin without being evil, particularly as its defined in Pathfinder. But, this character is close enough to evil I think it can work.

I don't intend to be graphic at all or seduce any PCs :D. It's an aspect of the character. The idea was more for infiltration and interaction with NPCs, particularly targets. I'm not sure if this works in this campaign or not, but I thought it sounded like it might.

I'll try to come up with some more questions later. I'd really like to see the characters go through development as the game goes on, so I fully support the dip into evil. However, if you're just planning on doing it because of the requirements for assassin, then you might want to think about whether or not it would make sense for her. Like I said, I -might- change the requirements for assassin to help with this, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The dip into evil is not just for assassin. I see her as hovering at the corner between Neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral evil, and even a little chaotic evil if she's driven there through frustration.

I'm definitely very interested in the mental transformations of this character, and look forward to seeing where she ends up :).

I too would like to start a PFS character. I've been wanting to do either a Archer Fighter, or a Style master Monk if that's legal in PFS yet...

Character: Jynerva Heesel
Race: Elf
Class: Witch - Enchantment Patron
Alignment: True Neutral, tending towards Neutral Evil, see end of post.
History: See below
Personality: Secretive, Seductive. Will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and will sleep peacefully afterwards. Will act in the best interests of herself first, her god second, her companions third, and anything else later.
Motivations: A devout follower of Calistria, she is motivated by pursuits of pleasure and vengeance. The crimes perpetuated on her and her family have twisted her goals in life to include vengeance upon those who are responsible. She will do whatever it takes to discover those responsible and end them. Perhaps then, she will be able to live in peace.


DM Acid:

"You ask me of my history? Few have heard the whole story, and I doubt I will give it to you. But if you wish, I will tell you some of my story. It is a tragic tale, and it may disturb you. However, if you are to know me at all, you should here it."

"In my early youth, my father was killed in an unknown battle to reclaim an unknown city from an unknown enemy. That, at least, was how my mother described it. She was a devout follower of Desna and was consumed with a wanderlust that she attributed to the goddess. After the death of my father she took me out of Kyonin and we started to travel the world."

"For fifty years we traveled far and wide. I could not tell you all of the places we visited. We met many different peoples and saw many wondrous things. When I can stomach looking back on those times I remember being happy. However, I do not remember what it feels like to be that kind of happy any more."

"Eventually we ended up in Westcrown. I could not tell you why my mother wanted to come here, but we did. It is possible we were only passing through. I have heard from other elves that pass through this city that there are settlements not very far. I have never felt like finding them. We had only been in the city a short while when life changed dramatically for me."

"I'm not sure if my mother was incompetent, or merely foolish. We had never required much protection in our travels. Perhaps it had been divine providence or simply luck or perhaps divine luck, but we had not had to deal with more than a few dangerous situations over our long period of travel. That changed on one night roughly ten years ago. They came upon the two of us at night when we were out for some needless reason. I believe there were seven of them, but my memory is not clear. We did not present much of a challenge, but apparently we had become a target of someone. By morning my mother was dead, beaten into submission and then discarded with a slit throat to finish the night. I believe I only survived because they thought I was already dead. I was close to it. It took me months to recover. Months in which my mind was forced to relive the pain and humiliation over and over again."

"I was not unaware of Calistria throughout my life. She is, after all, a popular goddess among my people. I had never given her much thought, though, as my mother was so devoted to Desna. Now my thoughts were almost always filled with ideas for vengeance. I devoted myself to the Lady in the Room with a fervor that surprised even me. I began, before I could even walk correctly again, to search out those who had destroyed my life. I would not be denied my vengeance."

"I decided that I would remain in Westcrown until I had seen them die by my own hands. I needed a means to survive, so I turned once again to my goddess. I became a prostitute so that I could survive. I had no particular skills, but I was an elf and in this profession that was a rarity in Westcrown, so I was able to make a decent living."

"Aha, I see in your eyes that you do not believe such a living to be... decent. I assure you, my faith has allowed me to find pleasure where others scoff at the idea. It has provided me with a position where I can gather a great deal of information and I have started to peace together a picture I did not even realize was there. I do not now believe it was an accident that my mother was killed and that I was left for dead. I do not yet know the reasons behind the attack, but I know there was someone that put a price on our heads. I have been able to act in secret so far as I believe they think I am dead. They will perhaps be shocked when my knife slides across their throat. Yes, they may be surprised, but they will deserve it!"

"So, did you enjoy the story? I admit it is a bit depressing, but it is only the beginning of my story. I will be happy to tell you the rest when it is done. I'm sure there will be more pain in it in the future, but then again, there will be pleasure too..."


The character is True Neutral to start. She cares nothing about the results of her actions. She cares little for good or evil, and nothing for law or chaos. She is not evil in her intentions, but the longer her obsession goes the more willing she will be to kill to see it done. The only reason she would go into an actual evil alignment is to meet the requirements for a level in Assassin. Her devotion to Calistria will lead her more towards Chaotic Neutral than towards Neutral Evil in the end. I would envision that during her quest for vengeance or perhaps after it is complete, she will be able to resolve her internal struggle and come back from evil. In the long term, she would probably end up chaotic neutral, in full alignment with her deity.

I don't believe that this would cause any problems with the group, as she will endeavor to hide any evil actions (and she should be good at it), and will generally work towards the goals of the group as long as she sees value in it for her own goals. I don't believe she will ever fit the full Pathfinder definition of evil, as she will not kill for pleasure. She does believe killing those responsible for her mother's death will give her pleasure, but I expect in reality it will not.

I hope that's not TMI. If this character is too dark or you don't think it will work with the group or AP, I have a few others that are ready... A dwarf barbarian, a Martial Artist Monk, and a Halfling ranged Paladin to name a few...

Awesome, I'll get the character up tomorrow

i'd also be interested in playing in Council of Thieves. I want to play a Witch/Assassin if someone would actually let people play a potentially evil character :) But I have other ideas too.

i've got characters ready for runelords, crimson throne, and jade regent. Can make them up for other APs as well of course.

Still thinking about class ideas, but I definitely want the Childhood crush on Ameiko trait, of no one objects :)

I don't really have a preference for class at the moment so I don't mind seeing what others want to do, and then fill in what we might be missing.

ETA: Do you have Character Creation ideas yet? We buying stats or rolling? Or do you want to wait for the guide to decide that kind of stuff?

DM Patcher wrote:
halplm wrote:
Quick question, I'm interested in playing a Varisian wizard that eventually takes on the Spherewalker Prestige class from RotRL, would you be ok with that?
Looking at the prestige class, I don't see anything broken about it, and the flavour is fantastic. I would allow it. The swarm of butterflies in particular.

Cool, I'll work on the character and post it soon.

Quick question, I'm interested in playing a Varisian wizard that eventually takes on the Spherewalker Prestige class from RotRL, would you be ok with that?