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OH MY GOD, i missed the news, well i'm glad i randomly logged in today, this news has made my day

see next in what?

You could use the item fusing rules, you basically add together the prices of the single items plus 50%of the cheapest.

if you interpretate the bonuses as derivant from technology (like batman's) then you could try and find one that gives blindsight (i think mutant could give it)

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You wrote witch twice

I think that could also give you a 10 minute cognotogen for a +4 int -2 str

You could take one level of rogue amd one of alchemist (vivisectionist), they both give level 1 sa, allowing you to take the prestige class one level earlier, but you will lose 2 points of bab

I'm currently reading "Guards! Guards!" By terry Partchett, it's a sort of comesic fantasy

Epic bro

I don't have any spiritualis related tips, but i can see that you've only spent 10 of your 15 points

there is a focus on alignment presumibly because it's a "knight", and you don't get knighted for plundering murdering raping and being caotic

i think it's just easier to change the flavor or the way you look at a class instead of mechanically changing the world, if you just look at the cleric mechanically, they don't even need to be strictly religious

Do you mean darkfire adept?

I think you would need wild speech (or something else that lets you speak in animal form to utter a comand word, but yes, i think you can

More fey themed small races

I just go with what i feel like, i don't like giving weird personalities because then i'd feel "bound" by it, so i just like playing sone morally average guy who i can relate to and be myself with. I often start the character creation by just reading through the classes/archetypes until i can visualize a character i feel like playing, i like either high point buy (20/25) or rolling for stats, i find 15 and 10 just a bit depressing, like "you give me the power to choose, but nothing to do with it"

Poison dusk's profile picture might do

You need to take it using your precious pool pf bonus feats

You beed to take it using your precious pool pf bonus feats

According to the wording you don't need to have the feat, but i'm not sure if that's the intention

My players just faught themselves, they had controversial characters, the clerica wanted to bully the mad sorceror into lawfullness abd they anded up fighting each other, stalking and tricking, until the sorceror was captured, handed to authorities and executed (his fellow bard went to jail), so now the players have made new characters and seem to be getting along, though with that pain in the butt cleric i doubt it'll hold up (our ranger has already grappled with him once because he was being stopped when trying to get some scrolls)

Fey trickster mesmerist?
Fey speaker driud is very flavourful

Thank you dr dre

But i do have a question: when the shield champion gets to deal unarmed strike dmg instead of the shield dmg, would the damage die increase due to the bashing shield property (which increases the damage die by two steps)?

I think the shield master feat is badly worded, i'm pretty sure their intention was to remove only TWF penalties, but it covers everything, so even debuffs, shaken, blinded... Althpugh it feels a bit abusive and unrealistic, but it's all written there, i probably would still take penalties from effects, so it's up to you/your gm

Shield master does remove ALL penalties, maybe they weren't thinking about it when they wrote the shield champion. When you throw your shield you're making ranfed atks, so you can use deadly aim, rapid shot... With no penalties because of shield master. About the flanking i don't know what they meant

i find inquisitor has more flavor, but zen archer is great and more simple, if your team needs a divine spellcaster or face inquisitor is better, but if pretty much all the essential roles are covered zwen archer can easily fit in (more damage is rarely not welcome)

Lol i let off a player in my current campaign with a roc companion, i don't think i'll bother with making him change

I just started with 3.5 then we bought the pf core rulebook thinking it might help to guve another perspective, we liked it and stuck with it. I love pf for all the builds and options, i don't mind other style rpgs, but i love thinking up builds and combos, so pf is great

it could give you a point or two to ad to your pool

to me it seems like precise strike would apply to all attacks (bucler and falcata), i don't know if it's intentional, but there isn't a reason (other than common sense) for which you should not.

ACG states that the class abilities with the same names as the abilities of the parent classes do not stack

Ok so first things first: this is my first post ever on a nerdy forum thingy.
second: can gunslinger with the musket master archetype, rapid reload and alchemical cartridge load both barrels of a double barrel musket in the same round. for example: shoot two shots, load both barrels and shhot again for rapid shot, then load both barrels again and shoot for high BAB? is this possible