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hogarth wrote:
Why has "discussing the rules" become a four-letter word?

Perhaps you and cappadocius can have an engaging discussion on that ?

Tnemeh, thanks for throwing your thoughts in...

Personally, in my game, I award heavily for ROLE PLAYING...I've even instituted a practice where if everyone at the table foregoes mentioning game mechanics ("Hey, do you have any cure light wounds left", "Will your sleep spell effect those higher hit dice characters") and works to replace them with statements that the character would be more likely to make ("Father, could you take a moment to pray over my wounds?", "Do you really feel that your arcane energies can lull that Giant to sleep?"), I award the party a 20% bonus to earned experience points for the night!!!!

I feel, as does everyone who's worked to achieve this, that it truly adds to the overall experience and makes it alot more fun!

shameless bump

I mean, honestly folks...it seems as though the mechanics have overrun the entire game.

Whatever happened to having a weakness?

Whatever happened to creating an interesting character concept based on the personality and the way it interacted with the class?

Why does everything have to be "the best"?

Thurgon wrote:
They can't associate with anyone who offends their moral code....I can't see how a CN wont do that, never mind worshiping a CN diety. Even a CG will offend their moral code often. Remeber they are Good true but they are also very definitely Lawful as well.

But what about the moral codes related to codpieces?

Or the pirating of snipes, for that matter :)

It is decidedly Un-American to be against the sniping of pirates!!!!

Just thought this was too funny...

"Hey, The Tick has "SPOON!", the fact this guy wants a greatsword is not so bad... LOL"

I emailed the link to this thread to a buddy, and that was his response :)

KaeYoss wrote:
flynnster wrote:
Just remember folks, assault against a mail carrier is a federal charge.....
Actually, that's not true. It's a federal charge to leave witnesses or evidence to the assault.


Chris Mortika wrote:
flynnster wrote:
Come on now...you just can't have a COOL munchkinized 'toon if you don't use a GREAT SWORD!!! Longswords just aren't "optimized" enough :)
Ignore him; flynnster is just trying to pick a fight. You're trying to do something that offends his sensibilities, and he's calling you a munchkin because he doesn't like the way you and your friends play the game.

Joey, ignore him...Chris Mortika just likes to appease everyone :)

Just remember folks, assault against a mail carrier is a federal charge.....

Joey Virtue wrote:
But now looking at how I worded it can see as a little on the over the top munchkin style of gaming but if you dont make optimized characters at our table you get laughed at and joked about being a worthless party memeber because all the other characters outshine you or in my brother case your characters are really worthless

Perhaps a new group is in order?

Wicht wrote:
I have chosen characters based upon a campaign concept and I have chosen characters based upon the simple desire to use a particular weapon or class feat. I have had fun with both. There is no one right way to create a character Flynnster.

I am sorry to inform you of this, but you are wrong. However, due to Paizo's rules, you're allowed to your opinion...so enjoy :)

Ungoded wrote:
Breath weapon or quarterstaff.

Silly question time...

How does one "wield" a breath weapon ? :)

Joey Virtue...

I'd like to challenge you to something.

I'd like to challenge you to read through the Gods (Gods & Magic, for sale HERE!!!), and find one that would be interesting to be a paladin for. Find something particular about the deity and their laws/views that inspires you, and create a character around that.

Somewhere, deep down inside, I think you'll have more fun playing the resulting character.

Gary Teter wrote:
I'm not going to debate this with you, flynnster. You're being a jerk, you've stated you know you're being a jerk. Knock it off, please.

Wasn't debating it with you, Gary. Sorry for making you feel as such.

The very first response I put on here was commenting on his deciding factor for choosing a god his Paladin would revere be that of what weapon the god uses.

I'm sorry, this is just monumentally lacking in character concept, and should be considered a slap in the face to the contributors that created the Gods for Golarion.

Thurgon wrote:
There is nothing wrong with saying : My image of this paladin has him wielding a great sword, wearing heavy plate armor, and dealing out justice to evil doers.

If you'd read anything this guy has to say, you'd realize you're giving him entirely too much credit....

Wow, something of an ass-backward way to go about a character concept, ain't it?

Any thoughts on what you wish to multi-class into? I mean, with the character concept of "I use a great sword", there's just so much to move on to!

This just begs for a level of Rogue (sneak attack!!!)...and possibly barbarian (gotta get that extra 10' movement!!!)...

How about a PRC?


Nownow, this is about how someone feels victimized....not reality :)

You, sir...are horribly wrong in thinking that humor does ANYTHING to promote the advancement of <insert victims here, such as gays, fatasses like me, etc> *chuckle*

bugleyman wrote:

Actually, I did.

And as a result, you were putting your own agenda ahead of what I was saying, which oddly enough, is along the same lines of what you are saying....

bugleyman wrote:

You apparently didn't read what I said (multiple times in this thread!): That *I* have no intention of boycotting. I don't think boycotts are (generally) effective, and I also think they are many, and far more serious, miscarriages of justice going on every day that are more deserving of attention. I was simply expressing support for the OP's feelings that people of his sexual orientation are under-represented on Star Trek, and pointing out that his perception is borne out by what we know of rates of homosexuality, etc.

In any case, we seem unable to communicate, so I'm moving on to other threads.

I was talking in reference to the OP...I was commiserating with him...and offering him my thoughts on the overall scenario...not to you...who the hell are you ? :)

And with regards to failure to communicate...well, ciao...enjoy the other threads!!!

bugleyman wrote:

I love how many people seem to define "cry" as "people talking about things that aren't of immediate concern to ME."

It's called compassion; try it some time. Jeesh.

I am curious...did you actually read what I had to say? Please try re-reading it.

What I said was, there are LOTS of people not represented by hollywood as being a cross section of the demographic. I added in the commrodary of stating my own personal situation and how I identify with him. What I then did was state that hollywood, which bows to the mighty gold piece, bows to what "most" people view as being "normal"...as "acceptable"...and that whinging about it won't change a damned thing.

Boycott. I am certain that the USD10 will not be missed in the buckets, and buckets of cash the swine of an industry will be wallowing in. This is where my comment about "you never go full retard" came in...because apparently you didn't read what I had to say.

bugleyman wrote:
flynnster wrote:

Hmm, any mentally disabled people? Any handicapped people? How about grossly overweight people?

Perhaps EVERYONE should boycott!!!!

And yet those are all reasonable criteria for baring military service, whereas sexual orientation is not.

As I originally stated, I have no plans to boycott. But, like it or not, the OP has a point.

The point I was attempting to make is that the film does not diminish someone simply because they are not "included" in representation.

I am grossly overweight. I'm never represented in anything unless it is the target of jokes and slapstick humor.

The simple fact of the matter is, with regards to homosexuality, not everyone accepts it. So sorry, but that is the truth. Boycott it all you freaking want. Remember "you never go full retard" ? Well, that got that movie boycotted...yet, oddly enough, the movie did VERY well.

Our society is not perfect. Humans are FAR from perfect. Cry all you want, hollywood will continue to offend in the name of "decency".

Hmm, any mentally disabled people? Any handicapped people? How about grossly overweight people?

Perhaps EVERYONE should boycott!!!!

The language is what the language is. Learn it to work in our society, learn it to THRIVE in our society.

Vic, do you have or want more children? I'd carry your children for you!!!!

Sounds like the Klingon Empire to me...which, hey...would be a VERY cool thing....

Frankly, if the teenager is mature, perhaps joining an older group might be a *good* thing.

I was almost always the youngest in my group.....

Frankly, I doubt the knife will come into question if he never branded it as a weapon, or attempted to use it as a weapon.

No, it doesn't make you a bad person at all. Someone you care about was hurt, and you want retribution to be served.

I hope Alex gets well soon.

DM_Blake wrote:

You say that's "non-munchkinised" and I'll take your word for it, but it reeks of munchkin.

Oh, come on...you're not being OPEN MINDED here.....

The best accent related comment my ex ever received (she was from the North of England)...

"That is the worst fake english accent I've ever heard"

We were standing in line at the drink stand at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival...two of the "actors" were behind us....

houstonderek wrote:
And, while the English did, in fact, invent English, I still insist that a boot goes on your foot, a bonnet is headgear, cake is not a "pudding", and "to knock someone up" results in marriage or child support...

And taking the piss...well, is not urination...

houstonderek wrote:
Tina Fey? Chick needs to eat a sandwich (or twelve)...

Yeah...Tina Fey....a sandwich or twelve? What, you sayin she's dinin at Callista Flockheart's Diner (specializing in Ethiopian entrees..diner open 'til 12am)? NAH...she looks just fine....doesn't look boney at all to me...

Ahhh...I feel...more focused now...

HONESTLY? Easy on the eyes? Ick...not even in a school marmish way with Palin's glasses and hairdo do I find her to be attractive...

Now, what's her name from 30 rock and SNL that did the Palin impersonation...now her...whoa.....particularly so even in the Palin conservative outfit...whoa...

Ok, must...stop...think....

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Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
(Then I started muting the TV whenever she was on, and our relationship dramatically improved.)

Same thing with Shania Twain, Britany Spears, and just about any other vapid chick...

houstonderek wrote:
flynnster wrote:
houstonderek wrote:
I grew up in Upstate New York, but I've lived in Texas for 22 years now, so my accent has morphed a bit.
I grew up in Eagle River, Alaska...and someone freaked me out once commenting on my "Alaskan Accent"...there IS no such thing...but they had no clue that I'd lived there before!!!!
Sarah Palin has an accent, to my ears. But I don't know if she's a native Alaskan. But yeah, most Alaskans I've met have neutral accents.

Honestly...Palin to me sounds like she's from Minnesota...and nobody else I know from Alaska (especially Wasilla where she's from) sounds like she does....

houstonderek wrote:
I grew up in Upstate New York, but I've lived in Texas for 22 years now, so my accent has morphed a bit.

I grew up in Eagle River, Alaska...and someone freaked me out once commenting on my "Alaskan Accent"...there IS no such thing...but they had no clue that I'd lived there before!!!!

houstonderek wrote:
As to the multiclassing: I thought I pointed out that my sandwich's mother was born in a Parisian bakery. Man, you write a background and the DM doesn't even read it. Sheesh.

As to the parisian mother...well, in the UK she'd be considered a slag....

As to bakground story...comeon...GROW UP and BE MATURE....pork goes ON A ROLL...dammit!!!

Kirth Gersen wrote:
wouldn't let it multiclass with french bread..

That's it...mustard at twenty paces...

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
flynnster wrote:
Come on now...not EVERYONE is ready for college. Not everyone NEEDS to go! And what in the world ever happened to vocational schools?
FINALLY! Someone agrees with me!

Muwahahahaha...my plan has begin to reach fruition....muwahahahahaha...

houstonderek wrote:

Seriously, I think the problem has crept into the university system. When I went to school, they didn't have "remedial" classes at four year colleges. The assumption was if you're in college, you are capable of doing the work.

Nowadays? The assumption seems to be kids coming out of high school aren't ready for prime time. It doesn't help when Texas schools, for one, dropped the "top 10% automatically get in to a state school" rule, as it was deemed "unfair" to underachievers, apparently.

Unfortunately, My feeling is that we have ENTIRELY too much of a production line from Kindergarten to College.

Come on now...not EVERYONE is ready for college. Not everyone NEEDS to go! And what in the world ever happened to vocational schools?

houstonderek wrote:

You could mark their papers with "This is full of fail. The English language pwned you."

Might get their attention...

I'd simply mark it with a large red F.

Failure is sure to get their attention.

Readerbreeder wrote:
RiseFlynnsterRise wrote:

...it's GOT to creep into work somehow...you know?

I can tell you, it more than creeps into my students' writing, it busts in and takes over sometimes... U no?

My IT experience started with being an online tech support person for AOL back in the day when "internet access" was $4.95 an hour. We did all of our work in the chat rooms, and we're expected to type in complete sentences and with a modicrum of decent spelling....if we didn't, we'd get let go from the position (which waived the hourly fee for our own internet access!!!).

I for one know that I am butchering english when it comes to run on sentences and punctuation (I write very stream of consciousness and find it hard not to use "....")...but dear lord, at least I KNOW the difference!

It's been real.

- Flynn

Vic Wertz wrote:
flynnster wrote:
It's not a matter of "not like"...it's a matter of...Why? What great benefit does it convey that a battlemat doesn't already provide?
Well, your playing surface no longer has to take up more room than the currently active area; you no longer have to worry about running up against the edge of the mat; you can prepare individual tiles in advance and only reveal them to the players as needed. There's three benefits in just 30 seconds of thinking....

Valid points all. That was precisely what I was wanting.

One thought...dry erase does tend to wipe off rather easily (think putting your hand on the map, etc...) and more easily than overhead projector pens that you use for battlemats...


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