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Drop Dead Studios "Spheres of Power" has you cover for both the shape-shifting and the at will teleport. You can do both at first level with some options left over if you went with a spherecasting class or you can dip into it with a few feats if you already have a class in mind.

I'm not sure if you plan on keeping the 3 class format, but I think using a "martial, caster, and skilled" format would be nice. That way you can approach the theme from 3 different angles.

Thank you for the suggestions everyone! I'm really leaning more towards Mage Knight at this point. I assumed self buffing was the way to go with the either case but it's always good to hear it. It looks like the popular consensus is to go with a control build. I'll start looking at it more in depth this weekend. Thanks again!

Hello all! I need to make a new character for a friends Pathfinder game and he has given the okay on characters from SoP. I love gish characters but I don't have a ton of on hand experience with the new magic system. I come to the fans of 3PP and humbly ask your advice on this matter. What are your favorite builds with the Mage Knight and the Armorist? Which spheres do you think fit them best? Do you prefer one over the other and why? I'm not asking for a full build, just some ideas. We are going to be second level, 3d6 for the stats, and starting gold. I can take any race to the GM for a case-by-case approval. Thanks in advance!

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To answer your original question, all three of the Gish classes operate differently in my experience. The magus mostly locks you into one style of combat if you want to use your abilities effectively, dishes out some serious burst damage, and goes down like a porcelain doll if he doesn't have his spells up. The Battles Scion plays like an arcane paladin, he has better armor, a spell like ability to cast force blasts, and mostly uses his spells to augment his abilities. An Archon is very much like an Eldritch Knight blown out to 20 levels. I haven't had the opportunity to play this one yet, but most people load up on utility spells with them and ignore the damage dealing stuff. They can use rivenspells for extra versatility, the expanded book gives them some amazing options, and they can really hold their own in combat. Honestly, I think versatile the the best word to describe the Archon.

Sadly, I haven't had the opportunity to play the White Necromancer or the Death Mage, but I've always liked the White Necromancer a little bit more due to his archetypes and the way that he plays like a solid support character.

I second the post concerning Interjection Games. They are a top tier producer of material, along with Dreamscarred Press. I typically also allow LRGG material, RGG, and Rite publishing. Good luck and I hope this helps!

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An expansion for "Heroes of the West" would be great. I've really enjoyed the first book. I'm always excited for expansions on necropunk. I'd really like to see Element themed martial classes that aren't tied to vancian casting. Heroes that can control plants, sheath themselves in fire, summon armor made of ice, take on the speed of lightning, etc. Of course, if that's already been done then ignore me. Have you folks considered doing another full campaign setting?

Any hints for those of us that can't wait? :D

That's what we assumed it was Justin. Thank you for the answer though! I just wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked it.

Owen, I remember when you initially tossed out the ideas for those microsettings. I stand by what I said then, I would gladly lay down some cash for a book that expanded those settings a bit more. Either a single book for all three or a 30-ish page book each. Either way, congrats on getting Anachronistic Adventures out! Can't wait to get a game going with it.

Hey folks! Not sure if I just overlooked it, but I can't seem to locate the Hit Die for this class. Anybody care to fill me in?

I want to back at the $25 level but I currently own both the gonzo 1 book, alt paths martial, and LIC. As this is my first kick starter I don't know if I have an option to swap them out for other lrgg products or to possibly gift them to another person. Any words of advice from you veterans?

DHAnubis wrote:
fafnir_bane wrote:
The Armorist from Spheres of power would probably do this wonderfully. Pick up the blast power and you should be golden. It's even better if you pick up the expanded options book and go Armorist with Symbiotic Warrior Archetype. Assuming you are willing to go third party.
I have heard plenty of things about Spheres of Power...this has made me quite interested. I should probably pick these up.

I highly recommend it. We've completely replaced vancian casting with the sphere classes and archetypes. I really hope they keep the line going with further support, but you honestly have all of the tools you would need to make your own material. Let me know if you have any questions!

The Armorist from Spheres of power would probably do this wonderfully. Pick up the blast power and you should be golden. It's even better if you pick up the expanded options book and go Armorist with Symbiotic Warrior Archetype. Assuming you are willing to go third party.

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I was extremely excited about this product when I first bought. I could finally play the brilliant tactician and general I always wanted to. Then I realized I could re-skin this into Squirrel Girl for myself and a crazy cat lady for my girlfriend. After that, I was ecstatic.

Legendary Games: Making dreams come true.

I'm a fan of keeping the arcane pool out. Keeping everything simplified to a single pool mechanic is pretty great. I'm not sure what mechanic you would sub in for the sphere recall ability though.

I'll take one. Sounds like fun.

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Let the toe sacrifice begin...tomorrow! I'll put together on my second read through. Really excited about playing/running an Undying or a Tataued Warrior.

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Great work folks. I'm loving this book so far. I have noticed several typos as I'm reading it. Do you have a place I can submit those?

Just dawned on me that I can finally make characters based off of codex alera and do it justice. Thanks for making this awesome product!

Hey there folks. Quick question for you. How does the navaja interact with the double slice when wielding 2 knife like weapons?

Harry Dresden as a future conversion? I love your version of Bronn and my group has fought your Iron Man. (It didn't end well)

Our party has recently gone through a TPK, so it is time to roll up characters. The other three members of the party have all rolled up ranged damage characters (bomb tossing Alchemist, archer Marksman from dreamscarred press, and a Warlock conversion our DM put together)and I'm kind of at a loss. We are in dire need of someone to provide a wall between the enemies, and my Investigator can't do that by himself. I'm opening up to any suggestions. My stats are 18,16,14,12,10,8 and we are starting at 5th level with appropriate WBL. Not sure if I should try to hold the line solo or if I should join the firing squad. Ideas?

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'd completely forgotten about the river rat trait! Sadly, we aren't going to be allowed path of war material for this specific game. The GM is testing out the book of martial action, which does something similar to the PoW, but with an action pool that refreshes. Keeping that in mind, I'm probably going to build a slayer that will use the martial action material. Thanks for all of the help!

My group is going to be starting an E7 game in the next few weeks, and I've started tossing around character ideas with my lady. I've become pretty set on a knife wielding character with a background as a butcher's apprentice. Now that I have that, I just need to set up the execution so to speak. We are doing a 20 point buy, and all of the characters need to be the equivalent of 17-18 years old for the campaign.

We as a group are pretty extensive users of 3PP, and the GM will allow most things as long as it is reviewed by the group first and discussed. With that in mind, I'm looking for ideas on classes. I'm looking at using a fighter with the Navaja archetype out of "Blood and Steel" from D20pfsrd.com. Our fighters receive 4+int mod skills, so that helps with some of the out of combat issues. Another option is of course Paizo's own Slayer class, with some material from RGG's "Slayer Talents and Lethalities". Any other ideas for an effective and fun knife wielder?

Considering how the most recent update on this is a year old, I'm going to assume this update is never coming out. Is this a correct assumption?


Massive bump for the sake of bumping.


Just a pool of points to draw from. I wasn't sure it it worked like grit or in a way similar to arcana pools. Can't wait for the update and thanks for getting back to me!


I bought this product today for the tarot character creation. I may be missing something, but the Major Arcana is completely missing from the tables for History cards and the Nurture card. This is despite Empress card being used as the example card in the History section. Am I missing this somewhere in the book or is it just not there?

All right fine folks of Paizo Messageboardia, I pose this question to you. Who do you think fills the archetype of "detective" better? Is it the inspirational Investigator from Paizo's own ACG? Is it instead the logical Deductionist from TPK Games? Is it instead some mysterious third contender? I want to hear your opinions on these masters of reason!

How does one regain Elan? is it just after 8 hours of rest or does it have a mechanic similar to grit?

So, I'm talking over the "Meager Living" feat with my group, and we're considering changing the limitation on it. As it is, a person could toss a ton of enhancements on a single item. Instead, we're considering putting a GP cap on the number of permanent magic items a PC can have. Any thoughts on how this would affect the feat?

Interjection Games wrote:

I just added a whole pirate expansion to the gadgeteer. Would you like inflatable rowboats with ballistae and a killer fishing pole?

Edit: Also, as an aside, if you're willing to make some noise online about how your play experience was, I'd be willing to push something your way for you to make noise about. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. Particularly ethermancer, maestro, or truenamer. There's going to be a kickstarter any week now and I can slip you some beta content.

Let me download the class+expansion. If my GM okays the tech level, I would love to give it a whirl. Looks like the other player opted for the Shadow Warrior class I picked up.

Thanks for all of the suggestions folks! I love the third party community Pathfinder has. It's full of so many creative individuals and so many of you truly love your products. So thanks for keeping our hobby varied and fun.

In The Company of Dragons was actually the initial back up plan if my character died and my wyvern survived. Hand wave magic would have uplifted my wyvern to true dragon status. Alas, he passed on with me and I don't have a good excuse to introduce another dragon into the setting right now.

I love the Thunderscape setting, but we are keeping most tech around "Age of Piracy" levels so only black powder. No steam sadly. The GM has stated he wants to save higher tech for some unknown future adventure.

I'm a fan of the races in the Akashic Mysteries play test, but I'm going to hold off on playing anything from the books till we get an official final draft of it. Dreamscarred's other works are great. Stalker might actually be on the table..

The Marauder looks like a lot of fun, but I want more space to really get the speed going for the character if I'm going to play him. Mention of a fantasy based WW2 game has been tossed around, so he has potential.

I'm seriously considering some of the interjection games stuff. I own at least three of the classes, but I haven't tried them yet. Which class from the company is liked best?

Another big contender is the Shadow Warrior or the Vanguard from RGG. Any thoughts on these two are welcomed.

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far guys and gals!

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My Wyrm Rider Cavalier (from Companions of the Firmament) was utterly and completely decimated during tonights game session, so I am looking for my next race and class combination. As this current game is being played fro me to test out some of the vast amounts of third party material out there, I've come to the boards looking for some ideas and suggestions. I'm not looking for something exceptionally overpowered and theme matters a lot to me. I own a pretty decent library of material and I'm willing to spend a little bit of money if a product looks interesting.

Some background on the setting/players: The game is privateer themed and we are currently hunting some dragon eggs that were stolen frmo my previous characters Weyr. The GM is giving me a lot of freedom to help in setting development, and I'm trying not to abuse this freedom to much. We currently have a Synthesist Summoner, a Soulknife (Soulbolt archetype), and we just lost our Druid. The Druid player is most likely going to be rolling up a Toon from LRGG's "Gonzo" class book.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance!

One style in Path of War is built towards throwing and ranged attacks.

Any info on what the archetypes/class features are? It would probably go a long way towards convincing us to shell so much out for a PDF.

The Peltast Fighter archetype published in secrets of adventuring is great, as is the rogue archetype published in the same book. Both circumvent the pitfalls of playing a thrower. The soulknife can also do a good throwing build, so look at ultimate psionics.

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I recently bought this book,and I'm loving a lot of the concepts in it. On my first read through, I did note a flaw in the Kung Fu Artist archetype. How is this archetype supposed to use Stunning Fist before 5th level? It takes 5 points to use the ability and it's gained at first level. The rules state that one can only spend 1 martial action point per point of Base Attack. Thanks for the help!

Can a Shenxue with the Wandering Eye Obeisance see through an intelligent item?

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I'm super excited about these books! I will point out that the Young Avengers had female heroes and a gay couple, as did The Runaways ( along with what is kind of a step towards a Trans* hero).

Synthesist Summoner will do exactly what you want it to do. That or a rework of the Alchemist. I'd personally go for Synthesist.

Hope you hear some good news my friend. My family is in Heber Springs, and I'm out of Fayetteville. Been a rough night for most of the Natural State. Take care and may the Gods keep you close.

The first question being, do gunslingers still receive the Deadeye Deed? Seeing as how Thunderscape did away with the touch attack rules, I'm drawing a blank...

I think I might be in love with this campaign setting. I'll probably be running my next game in it, so expect a few questions and feedback as we start. Really amazing stuff here!


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