Knife Focused Character (3PP Allowed)


My group is going to be starting an E7 game in the next few weeks, and I've started tossing around character ideas with my lady. I've become pretty set on a knife wielding character with a background as a butcher's apprentice. Now that I have that, I just need to set up the execution so to speak. We are doing a 20 point buy, and all of the characters need to be the equivalent of 17-18 years old for the campaign.

We as a group are pretty extensive users of 3PP, and the GM will allow most things as long as it is reviewed by the group first and discussed. With that in mind, I'm looking for ideas on classes. I'm looking at using a fighter with the Navaja archetype out of "Blood and Steel" from Our fighters receive 4+int mod skills, so that helps with some of the out of combat issues. Another option is of course Paizo's own Slayer class, with some material from RGG's "Slayer Talents and Lethalities". Any other ideas for an effective and fun knife wielder?

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Path of War stalker focusing on Thrashing Dragon discipline (makes TWF great) and Steel Serpent (for when you want to throw your knives). Use Deadly Agility for dex to damage. Main weapons as kukris for the high crit range and loaded down with daggers for throwing.

Edit: It's a medium BAB class with only a good will save but it gets to add wisdom to reflex in addition to dex at level 2 so that helps. A lot of manoeuvrability from the veiled moon discipline and has 6+Int skills with a solid list

Stance to take straight away would be Outer Sphere stance from Thrashing Dragon for an extra 1d6 on your attacks in exchange for a -2 to AC.
Proposed first 5 levels:
1. Weapon Finesse, TWF, Deadly Insight (art), Ki Pool, Deadly Strike 1d6
2. Combat Insight: Wis to Reflex saves
3. Deadly Agility, Critical Edge (art)
4. Combat Insight: Uncanny Dodge
5. Extra Stalker Art: Ki Vampirism, Deadly Strike +2d6

Classical: knife master rogue / weapon master fighter.

Or maybe Vivisectionist alchemist?

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What kind of Knife?

Kukri, Dagger, Kerambit, Kunai, Switchblade, Butterfly, or War razor?

Can't give you advice on 3PP, but within Paizo content the best you can do is a TWF Slayer with the River Rat trait and Deific Obedience (Pharasma).

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Warpriest can also be effective. WP of Pharasma with River Rat will let you have 1d8+1 daggers, 3rd level spells, and two bonus feats (three if you are human or half-human) at level 7.

With Deific Obedience and using your level 6 bonus feat for Improved TWF, you can have +5/+5/+0 pre buffs, and thank you Fervor you can add +3 to hit and damage as a swift action with divine favor and the fates favored trait.

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Kukris are pretty cool knives.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'd completely forgotten about the river rat trait! Sadly, we aren't going to be allowed path of war material for this specific game. The GM is testing out the book of martial action, which does something similar to the PoW, but with an action pool that refreshes. Keeping that in mind, I'm probably going to build a slayer that will use the martial action material. Thanks for all of the help!

ummm Ninja.

He gets increased damage for close weapons and there are some "knives" in there. Kukri, for example. It gives you 1d6 base damage for close weapons from level 5 on. Space for 2 levels of something else.

As an alternative go fighter (Brawler) for close combatant (+1 to hit +3 to damage for the close weapon group). According to some FAQ this should count as weapon training as it basically does the same thing only for one weapon group. You get that at level 3 and it increases to +2/+4 at level 7. So stay in the whole 7 or bail out after 4 (to get weapon specialization) and go slayer 3.

Both ways open up weapon specialization. Both ways give TWF without a dex prerequisite. Sadly mixing both would need E8.

For the butcher flair add the anatomist trait (Butchers got to know what's where). It goes well with the kukri which could be refluffed as a butcher's knife. And river rat, certainly.

Sohei monk.

Besides the fact that it can flurry in light armor, it also can flurry with the weapons it gets weapon training in, and throwing weapons is one of its limited options. (side note- this also qualifies as weapon training, so gloves of dueling with your freed up hands slot for a nice +2 to attack and damage)

The fun thing of going with sohei and flurry is that yu can make all your attacks with a single weapon. So besides the fact that you save on weapon costs, you also have a certain flair that other knife builds lack.

For flavor, I could joke that the butcher he trained under had some secrets he needed to tell, but the kid just never asked, no matter how weird the training got.

@ Umbranus-...kukri aren't close weapons, nor monk weapons. So no brawler's flurry for them, or enjoyment of the brawler fighter's rather nice benefits. In fact, close weapon group does not ahve any proper knives (just katars and such, which is not the flavor intended here). There is a nice weapon that is basically a dagger with 20/x2 crits and the monk property though... unfortunately, it is a martial weapon (it makes a nice option for a sohei before level 6 though).

You are right. I was sure it was in there. My bad.
Just investigated a brawler 6/fighter (brawler) 3 build using shield bashes and I while working on it I thought I'd seen it. Gotta sleep more.

A knife like monk weapon would be the Lungchuan Tamo (Hidden Daggers)


What appears to be an ordinary baton sheaths a pair of matching slender-bladed daggers, perfectly balanced throwing blades.

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Thanael wrote:
Vivisectionist alchemist?

I second this. It would give the character a very, Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York feel.

Vivisectionist with one level Knifemaster Rogue. Hellcat Stealth is a great talent to get. Look to get Underhanded, Betrayer, etc as well.

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