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I didn't realize it was a restricted ancestry, my bad. I'll do my homework and get a new character up soon.

I'm new to PbP entirely, but I have played PF2e some (mainly GMed). A PFS scenario sounds like a good way to get my feet wet. I'd like to join with my Catfolk ranger.

One of my player's (an alchemist) gathered some of the Blood of Belcorra from the light-house into a vial and took it back to Otari. They haven't been there at night yet so haven't seen the haunt. They brought it to Wrin, who took it for further study. I'm not sure what to do with it though. Should it be inert after leaving the lighthouse? Or perhaps Wrin can figure out something from studying it, so that when they return after dark they may come prepared to handle the haunt. Any cool ideas?

Dogan. wrote:
Thanks all for the great ideas. I've stolen a lot. And let me know if you want to see the barrow race rules. I'm particularly proud of them :)

I wouldn't mind seeing those race rules, or anything else you've got for the Founder's Day activities that you're willing to share.

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I like the idea of the festival to build that connection to Otari, but I don't want to bore my action oriented characters right off the bat. Inspired by Rise of The Runelords, I'm considering starting things off in a similar fashion with an attack on the town by mitflits in the middle of the festival. I think this could ratchet up the tension right off the bat, and give the party another reason to investigate Gauntlight (someone sees the retreating remnants of the mites heading there).

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On the interactive map of the prison level, there's no way to disable the dotted lines indicating the crawlspace from the hidden entrance in D17 to D21. Characters shouldn't be able to see this from the D17 side as they would have to pass through the illusory floor in that cell.

I'm planning running a couple friends through the Abomination Vaults soon, it'll be my first time GMing Pathfinder. I know 4 is the recommended party size, but we really want to try keeping this a small party, and I'm wondering how I should modify things to make this doable.

I was thinking I would start them out at third level to make them less squishy and bring their power level comparable to a party of 4 starting at 1st. They are not interested in running 2 characters each. Would the higher level be enough to get them through the Abomination Vaults? Will having less characters leave too many gaps in the party skillset? I could offer them the free Archetype as well but we haven't discussed that yet.