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NG Male Gnome (Umbral Gnome) Barbarian 1 | HP 23/23 | AC 18 (17 while Raging) | F +8 R +4 W +5 | Perc +5 (Darkvision) | Stealth +1 | speed 25 ft. | Active Conditions: --- |

Arak enters the lodge, and likewise bows in greeting to Luna. "Arakwernott Siss, at your service madam!". He stares at Luna's odd colored eyes with curiosity, before remember his manners and taking a seat.

He listens intently, his interest piqued at the mention of ruins to explore. "A forgotten ruin, how exciting! Perhaps we can be the first to uncover it's secrets!" he says he jots a few lines in his notebook. "Are dwarven ruins common in this are?"

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I like the idea of the festival to build that connection to Otari, but I don't want to bore my action oriented characters right off the bat. Inspired by Rise of The Runelords, I'm considering starting things off in a similar fashion with an attack on the town by mitflits in the middle of the festival. I think this could ratchet up the tension right off the bat, and give the party another reason to investigate Gauntlight (someone sees the retreating remnants of the mites heading there).

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On the interactive map of the prison level, there's no way to disable the dotted lines indicating the crawlspace from the hidden entrance in D17 to D21. Characters shouldn't be able to see this from the D17 side as they would have to pass through the illusory floor in that cell.