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Xenocrat wrote:
If you're having issues with resistance so that your hits don't do any/much damage, increase the to hit of your friend who can pierce the resistance and/or up his crit chance.

But the whole point of aid another was to aid “the other”. Your basically “wasting” your action in the hope to win the fight. Distracting the enemy enough (AC 10) seemed logical for the fighter to see a window to hit or cause the enemy to miss.

I’m getting really sick of losing so much with the new system. It’s like make everything mediocre so we all can have fun? Wtf! In my last game I was a halfling swashbuckler with the feat that raised my aid another from +2 to +4. So when we fought the BBEG and needed him to drop I gave the barbarian the extra. It was a viable loss of my action to have a real chance at a big payoff.

In PF1 the static AC was 10 so the idea was a monster with a super high AC could still be fought if your friend helped. The other situation was to give AC to the fighter so they could stand toe to toe.

Correct me if I’m wrong but now you have to actually also hit the monsters real AC to get the benefit? How does this help anyone?

Valdir the Wanderer wrote:

Wait, I think I got it. The one attack from Double Slice counts as two attacks, and so technically the multiple attack penalty wouldn't apply until you made a third attack, at which point it would take the -10 penalty.

Am I right?


dpirate wrote:
In the Bestiary under Clay Golem, “Harmed by Cold and Water: Any cold or water magic that targets the golem causes it to take 5d12 damage instead of the usual effect. “ So (3) Ray of Frosts to autokill ftw?

I just noticed all golems have this weird dynamic.

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In the Bestiary under Clay Golem, “Harmed by Cold and Water: Any cold or water magic that targets the golem causes it to take 5d12 damage instead of the usual effect. “ So (3) Ray of Frosts to autokill ftw?

Thebazilly wrote:

I don't like it, either. It removes a lot of the nuance in the religions. Not only for evil deities, but for the good ones too. The Glorious Reclamation and the Cult of the Dawnflower don't make sense if Iomedae and Sarenrae can't have Neutral worshippers.

Asmodeus should allow LN as well.

Clerics historically were allowed to be one step away because they worshiped one or both facets of the God’s alignment. So a LN cleric should be able to worship because he totally believes in the Law part but can “understand” the evil way to accomplish the goals although as an individual he’s less absolute on that point. If you match both alignment pieces of your God your very hardcore.

I mean are we are going to simplify everything just for the sake of simplifying? I am excited in one sense because I hoped PF2 would make it easier in leisurely play but starting to get cross-eyed in another wondering how stuff that was basic in PF1 got erased or mostly lost in the shuffle.

TheFinish wrote:
It's a Skill Feat called "Recognize Spell", which lets you use a Reaction to try and Identify a spell being cast with one of the relevant skills.

But is there a way to get that feat at lvl 1? So in essence you need to adventure in order to recognize spells you cast every day lol.

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Is there no way to use the arcane skill in combat to identify a just cast spell or is there a new spell lore skill that deals with this? Taking an hour to identify a spell effect is ok in exploration mode but what about encounter mode?

Unfortunately the question isn't about can but should. I hate when as a player you ready an action and the DM metagames his actions based on what you just said. IE I ready an action to attack a creature that comes into my reach. Even though the creatures been attacking me for the past x number of rounds all of a sudden it switches targets? That's a d!ck DM move. Or I ready my spear to brace against a charge but all of a sudden charging ememies stop charging. Again a d!ck DM move. But conversely as a DM I hate when players try to conserve resources or retcon actions because they failed to alert the DM. IE The Barbarian could have said I ready an action to rage and attack when the wraith materializes. That would have solved the issue in my opinion. I personally think it was a player brain fart. But I suggested in my group that when you ready an action you write it down and then when it goes off you give the DM what was written. That way he can't metagame what you wrote and you are forced to write down exactly what you readied and if in the DM's opinion it didn't satisfy the requirement the readied action is lost.