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Please cancel my Adventure Path Subscription. I am not interested in the next series of AP. Thanks

I painted this guy from the first Bones. I painted a few splotches of black and white for the tar and feathers. I thought it looked good and it is one of the few Bones I have painted.

exile wrote:

Come on Paizo, you have the best vision for halflings of any RPG ever, yet the only halfling miniature that you have given us (that I can remember anyway) is the iconic Lem.

Don't forget about Rosie Cuswell

I wonder if a repaint of the Druid from Heroes and Monsters could be used for a Female Merchant

No blog update this week? :(

While giants may not make the evolution/encouter packs, maybe we might get to the point when a Builder set could be made of large sized giants with 6 repaints and 6 new sculpts.

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I wish the T-shirts would go tagless.

I got my cards yesterday. He made an update in the cards KS saying that ~66 card sets were left to ship and should go out early next week. No ToN information.

I am finding use for the iconics as PC/NPC's. In the Skulls and Shackles set, would you rather have the two iconics (Half elves gunslinger and magus) or Master Scourge and Mr Plugg? I could just as easily use Scourge and Plugg minis as PC and NPC in non S&S campaigns as I could the iconics. For me I would rather have those two or maybe one of them and Owlbear (even though I painted a decent mini for him in Reaper Bones).

I like the minis icluding the iconics, but if I had the choice of more AP specific NPC's or the iconics, I would go with more NPC's.

Fitzwalrus wrote:

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Paizo had a Reefclaw figure in the pipeline but left it out ....

Lame. Utterly, completely lame.

I am glad they left it out similar to the decision to leave the White Dragon out of the RotRL set. The reefclaw could easily be added to other sets like this, but some of the NPCs would not make it into another set. This is especially so because it is only a few months between these two releases.

As far as the iconics, I will be glad when they finish releasing them so we can get more AP specific things in future sets but two per set has become expected at this point.

I am glad to finally get a reefclaw, but it will probably too late for my S&S game kicking off soon.

I had two "breakages" in my case. A Sea Cat broke free at the base and one Sentenal Devil also broke free at the base. Both should be easy fixes with some glue. Much better than the Shattered Star set (for me at least).

At the end they are talking about minis and the expense. You guys should look into the pawns for the AP and maybe the Bestiary 1 Box so you have the bases.

I enjoyed the play as it was educational since I am about to GM this in a couple weeks. The bard brings a lot of humor to the story and I enjoyed his songs

Crit to Hit got some good shots of the minis in the paizo booth here. You can get a good look at the black demon thing in one picture.

Hobbun wrote:

Thanks, I will keep note of that from now on.

But I really wish still we could receive the gargantuan miniatures in one piece. If they need to send us different sized boxes for each set, so be it.

I think all the gargantuan minis have come in multiple pieces. The Black Dragon was huge if I remember correctly.

Someone found some more pics over at pasticrypt .Looks different so my guess is it was from the wizkids booth.

Vernon Fults wrote:
Is that a large green dragon I see lurking behind the demon?

I think it might be the Sandpoint Devil that was previewed last week.

I agree that the boxes of Pathfinder pawns is the way to go.

Fake Healer wrote:

Nobody said to buy the PDFs of them...

FLite did make that recommendation.

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:
douglasiv wrote:
I want a reefclaw and the bees that attack at Rickety Squibs.

Its not a bee, but the giant wasps (swarmlings) from Mage Knight are my favorite bee-type creature. They are fairly easy to re-base.


Thanks those look great. Not too many available in the singles market. I may have to check eBay. Thanks

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I want a reefclaw and the bees that attack at Rickety Squibs.

I think the reefclaw is the only mini needed to complete the encounters for the Beginners box as everything else has been done. They could then do repaints for a beginners box monster set if they wanted to target beginners.

Fire Mountain Games wrote:

If we can make it less than another $2200, then everyone will receive an exclusive 32-page adventure written by myself available nowhere else.


When you say "everyone will receive", does that include those at the explorer level or only the super explorer? Also is this a pdf or printed item? I'm already a backer, but wasn't sure about this stretch goal. Thanks

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Haladir wrote:

Well, just being in physical possession of the deed to a piece of real estate doesn't mean that you actually hold title to that real estate. Legally, the Brothers of Seven hold title (due to Vorel's contract with them) although with the destruction of that group by the PCs, that clause in the deed would be moot, and title should pass to Foxglove's next of kin.

I ruled that Aldern's sisters Sendeli and Zeeva now are the legal owners, and that they both live in Korvosa. My PCs asked Mayor Deverin to send word to them about their property.

Not sure how Brothers Seven claim would disappear. They own other property as well if I remember correctly (i.e. the sawmill). That groups property rights would go somewhere and my guess is Magnimar may use this as an opportunity to sieze the groups properties to make some money for the city. The Mayor of Magnimar seemed like a greedy type to try to do this. Kind of like a drug dealers siezed property in todays world.

pres man wrote:
douglasiv wrote:
pres man wrote:
If anyone is in need of a reference buddy let me know.
If you still need a reference buddy, I am your man.
Cool, sent you a message with info.

Done. you have a message too.

pres man wrote:
If anyone is in need of a reference buddy let me know.

If you still need a reference buddy, I am your man.

I can not open the FAQ at the bottom (My IE at work is an old version). Can someone tell me what the difference is between the $90 package and the $120? I see some riding bat and 3 legged goat and rider are in the $120. Thanks

Ninja in the Rye wrote:
HangarFlying wrote:
The AP PDF includes interactive maps (as well as a player handouts file).
The OP specified that they didn't want to drop another $40 on the PDF on top of his purchase of the hard copy, especially when other interactive Maps sell for around $15. A sentiment that I agree with.

The second poster was asking about buying the complete pdf version and I think that is what HangarFlying was talking about

Here is a link to a post where someone listed all the Minis and tokens to run the AP. I found the post helpful.

Click Here

Please cancel both my subscitptions to Adventute paths and Gamemastery Maps. I am going to pass on the next AP as I have a huge backlog of older ones to read. I still want my January shipments with book 6 of Shattered Star. Thanks.

I thought this would be released by now since it is available at many other places. Can you please cancel my preorder of Escape from the Temple Curse (Preorder moved from order 2304779). Thanks

Any idea when this will be available? I think some online places started selling it on Wed. I was hoping it would make it with the Dec subscription shipment. Thanks

Hello Customer Service people/creatures.

2118610 is my pre-order for the RotRLDCE.
Can you drop it into a "Ship It Now" order and leave the rest of the items in the side-cart? Thanks.

3rd set is the current AP, Shattered Star. They are previewing the minis every Friday (although I think they missed yesterday). Here is a link to what has been revealed so far

# Name Quantity
My results are listed below:

1 Bugbear Hero 3
2 Goblin Commando 3
3 Goblin dog 3
4 Goblin Warchanter 4
5 Kobold Champion 4
6 Faceless stalker 1
7 Ghoul 3
8 Harpy 2
9 Ogrekin 2
10 Yeth Hound 2
11 Denisen of Leng 3
12 Redcap 3
13 Sinspawn 2
14 Sinspawn Axeman 2
15 Sinsaw Cultist 2
16 Alu-Demon 3
17 Lamia Kuchrima 3
18 Shining Child 3
19 Warrior of Wrath 2
20 Wraith 2
21 Goblin Commando/Goblin dog 1
22 Jakardros Sovark 3
23 Lyrie Akenja 2
24 Ameiko Kaijitsu 2
25 Harsk 3
26 Lamia Matriarch 3
27 Malfeshnekor 3
28 Orik Vancascerkin 2
29 Tsuto Kaijitsu 2
30 Vale Tremros 2
31 Kaven Windstrike 2
32 Khalib 2
33 Ogre 3
34 Ogre Brute 3
35 Seoni 2
36 Shalelu 3
37 Viorian Dekanti 3
38 Dire Bear 3
39 Stone Giant 2
40 Stone Giant Champion 2
41 Vraxeris 3
42 Lamia 1
43 Wendigo 2
44 Yeti 2
45 Aldern Foxglove 1
46 Jaagrath Kreeg 1
47 Lucrecia 1
48 Scribbler 1
49 Skinsaw man 1
50 Highlady Athroxis 1
51 Mithral Mage 2
52 Karzoug 1
53 Stone Golem 2
54 Azaven 1
55 Lamatar Bayden 1
56 Mokmurian 2
57 Forgefiend 2
58 Nulia 1
59 Ripnugget on Gecko 1
60 Young Red Dagon 1
61 Statue 1
62 Lamia Harridan 1
63 Storm Giant 2
64 Treachery Demon 2
65 Rune Giant 1

A lot of the stuff or the equivalent can be found on the community created stuff in this forum linked here

I ordered three copies of the Adventure Gear Deck (PZO5004-2) and only one of the decks shipped. It is acceptable to sidecart the missing 2 decks as opposed to shipping one package just for those couple items. If it is easier for you to just ship them that is fine too.

HawaiianWarrior wrote:
douglasiv wrote:
David Haller wrote:

Waiting 3 weeks is one thing - waiting FIVE MONTHS is another.

(Cancels Amazon order...)

Amazon always moves the date out to Jan of the next year. Then they come back in a couple weeks and fix it to send out the following week. Based on past paizo products on Amazon you should disregard the January date that Amazon told you and expect them in 3-4 weeks.
I just contacted customer service to see if someone can get to the bottom of this weird delay. Sure, it's cheaper, but I don't want to wait 5 more months, either. If, as you say, they will readjust the date and then ship it out, no problem. Otherwise I'll cancel the order and go buy one at my local FLGS (which is what I usually prefer to do anyway).

I will say the same thing happened to my RotRL AE. It was moved out til January, then Amazon got it in stock and it was delivered to me on August 14th. Not sure exactly when it was released, but it seemed like about 3 weeks. I read a post on these boards that said when Amazon doesn't get a product by the release date, the computers push the date out and it is not based on anything truthful. I also have the Beastiary box on order and I am content to wait a couple weeks for it.

David Haller wrote:

Waiting 3 weeks is one thing - waiting FIVE MONTHS is another.

(Cancels Amazon order...)

Amazon always moves the date out to Jan of the next year. Then they come back in a couple weeks and fix it to send out the following week. Based on past paizo products on Amazon you should disregard the January date that Amazon told you and expect them in 3-4 weeks.

I would suggest not ordering from Amazon if you want the product as soon as it is released, but if the price break is worth waiting 3 weeks then Amazon may be good for you.

Shalafi2412 wrote:
Are there some recommended ways to keep them organized?

I like the business card holder sheets that they make for binders.

Edit to add link to other post on the topic

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I finally caved and bought a regular copy from Amazon because I didn't want to wait any longer.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was mention in the Way of the Wicked Book One discussion thread that we might see flipmaps and/or other things (maybe face cards can't remember exactly what was talked about) for Way of the Wicked after this AP was complete. Is anything planned for Way of the Wicked "support products" after you complete the AP (not sure what else to call them, but support products fits)? Thanks again for such a great AP.

Edited to add the quote I found on page 3 of the Knot of Thorns discussion:

Fire Mountain Games wrote:


A map pack for the entire adventure path is a product we will be producing eventually. For now, our focus is getting the entire adventure path completed.

Book two is almost finished!

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Hero's Hoard and Relics of War sets have a lot of the common equipment like shortsword and dagger.

Not sure what you have planned for next couple blog posts until you can release the next set of pics for Shattered Star, but a new pic of the Kaven Windstrike mini without a broken sword might be blog worthy to fill the time.

You are also nominated for Fans' Favorite Publisher.

I think there are quite a few in ROTL that could qualify for the repaint. You still get some generic monsters like harpys, goblins, ghouls, wraiths, kobolds, etc... in this set. Also some monsters from this set and Heros and Monsters could be repainted and combined in one pack (think Goblin super encounter pack).

I think the repaints in the encounter packs will satisfy my desire for repaints (this is assuming the encounter pack line continues). That is where I would like to see them.

There is also a alphabetical list on the community use page here

I started collecting them a few months ago and here are my tips:

1.) Go back to a post on the store blog titled "Going, Going, Gone..." and look to see which ones are almost out of stock. You should probably move any on that list to the top of your priority list to get them before they go out of print. After that you could relax and buy at a more liesurely pace. Here is a link to the one from Feb:
Store Blog

2.) I thought about collecting all the available map packs, but after seeing the new version compared to the older version, I decided I only wanted to collect the new versions that can be easily marked up and erased so that list got really short. I bought a few of the older ones that interested me, but did not go for the whole collection.

3.) As far as a list is concerned I made my own handwritten list since there were not that many of them from the paizo product page based on which maps were still available and just started checking them. Before I knew it I had them all. Here is a Google Doc that shows most of the Flip maps and map packs along the top. Not sure if they are in order, but it may help:
Google Doc

Good luck on your collecting.

I bought all three last week in paper and I am really impressed by the books so far. I have not read that much in them yet, but scanning through them they are beautiful. I just wanted to add on to the praises for this series.


I thought about it and I don't think I can afford the case from here. I decided to take advantage of another websites 4th of July promotion for a more affordable deal for me. Thanks.

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