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Hi Sam,

I could make a complete list but it concerns all 110 cards from the same press sheet (so ~25% of the core set). I just pulled together a short selection of the cards while sorting out the box after Dragon's Demand in preparation of adding the Curse of the Crimson Throne cards. I could largely ignore it while playing Dragon's Demand because it was approximately 25% of the cards in use but as we add more Curse of the Crimson Throne cards it's getting more obvious if we've got a proxy card on top of a location (or where the non-proxy story banes have gone during location building).

I know from comments on the thread I started on the general board that colour variation in the core set and Curse of the Crimson Throne has been particularly bad ( re ).

If you need me to pull the full list of 110 cards then it will take a few days because I have a toddler going through a phase of going to bed about 15 minutes before I do and waking up 15 minutes before I would normally choose to.

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Hi Customer Support,

I was going to try to ignore the inconsistent colours on the card backs on my core set but we just played another scenario using 5 proxy A and a CotCT villain. The backs to the proxy cards are so much darker that in these cases I usually know which deck has the villain in from the start.

Some of the affected cards with noticeably darker backs (they look almost brown in comparison):
All the proxy cards

Story Banes:


Is it possible to get a replacement set of core cards?

Thanks in advance,

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skizzerz wrote:
Ithaqua47 wrote:
Vic, it does affect gameplay though. Yeah, the front of the cards being different shades is annoying but that doesn't affect it. What does affect it is that some backs are much lighter and it's gotten to a point where I know when a certain card is on the top of my deck. A player shouldn't have access to that knowledge. Yes, I try to play honourably and not factor that into any decisions I make, but it still affects gameplay.
That’s why Vic asked you to contact customer service. Paizo’s CS department is amazing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they shipped you replacement cards if you provided them a list of cards that you can tell apart from the rest with your naked eye so that you no longer have that issue. Their contact info can be found at the very bottom of every page on this site (scroll all the way down into the footer)

I think the problem is when you have at least 3 different shades for card backs then you have no way to know which is the correct shade. So how do we know which ones need replacing? I can take pictures but phone cameras usually have terrible colour accuracy.

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Scott Hall wrote:

I played four scenarios before I read the BGG review. I thought "Ha, I guess I lucked out," then actually looked at my cards and realized I had some red and some brown backs. It does seem spread out over the card types, so there's not any definite "Oh, this must be a weapon."

My Crimson Throne cards do seem uniform in color.

It's one of those things that once you've noticed it you can't unnotice it. I don't think I can predict an exact card but looking over the cards now there is enough of a difference for me to reliably say "it's not a story bane" for quite a few cards, in fact I could go so far as to say it's almost certainly a boon (which is obviously not information I should have).

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I'm not sure how much it affects gameplay at the moment. I know quite reliably when certain cards are on top of my deck. Though I am currently playing Valeros so most of the time the top of my deck is something I put there myself...
I'll try take a picture of the colour difference, I would say it is similar to the linked picture (if I had it under bright light). Put it this way, we normally play in a pub with "atmospheric" lighting and I noticed it then. Given time I would be able to reliably pick out certain cards when they are in locations (well know for certain they aren't other cards). Given the amount future adventure paths will rely on the core set this is likely to become a gameplay issue.

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Does anyone else have card backs that are noticeably different shades of red?

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The card diagram under the Rules: Traits section is the same one in the rulebook / rules pdf with the mislabelled icon label on the card (but the one under The Basics: Card Basics is fixed...).

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Vic Wertz wrote:
That’s our Free RPG Day release. (Calling it an “Adventure Path” is a bit of an overstatement—it’s really a single adventure.)

While this is good news because my FLGS is doing Free RPG Day, I was hoping for more PACG :D

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Mike Selinker wrote:

If anyone missed the announcement about Keith becoming the new president of Lone Shark Games after I stepped aside to focus on being chief creative officer, here it is.


Clearly the most important part of these blog posts is found towards the of part 2:

Part 2 wrote:

We made an 8-page Adventure Path for Pathfinder.

Where/when can we get said adventure path?

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Supersting wrote:

Looking forward to the rebalancing!

Quick question, their site says that Paizo will be at the UK Games Expo, so assuming that's true, will we be able to buy copies of the core set there?

Paizo have had quite a large presence at UK games expo the last few years but I don't recall them selling anything. More importantly given the date I would be more interested in an expo collect for subscriber content like they do for Americans and Paizocon...

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Supersting wrote:
Paizo wrote:
this option is especially useful for non-US subscribers who want to get most of the subscription benefits without having to pay the unfortunately hefty international shipping fees for Core, which weighs in at a bit over 4 pounds.
I'm having trouble finding out how much those shipping fees are - would anybody be able to advise how much the postage to the UK is? I'd rather find out before it suddenly leaves my account, and switch subs if necessary.

I too would like to know what the shipping to the UK is going to be like. I really wish they would find a UK and/or European partner to make these things affordable for people outside of the US.