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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Taking 10, does not take more time.


Perhaps that's why I said "I think" more than once instead of "RAW says".

So, RAW does not define immediate danger.


Guardianlord wrote:
It seems pathfinder assumes glass vials are as light (and therefore as fragile) as they can be, coke bottles are designed to contain a lot of pressure and they weight significantly more than a common vial. Technically a 1d3 unarmed strike can destroy a vial in one hit.

All of this seems valid. Coke bottles can survive being tossed about in a vending machine, but they are made with that in mind. Glass vials are fragile, even by RAW.

However, as fragile as the common vials are, why is it that adventurers are not walking around with soaking wet backpacks full of glass shards?

Since the rules say you may choose to take 10, I think this is not simply a result of being safe when you do something. I think it means taking the time to be careful, as in taking 10 minutes or so.

Does your rigger have 10 minutes? Taking-10 should not only be prevented by immediate danger by also by simply not having the time. Also, taking-10 is also prevented by distractions. It really seems the rule here is that the GM must determine the situation at hand.

Edit: If this is a downtime job, then I am less certain of the rules (outside of PFS).

Didn't know about those gloves. But what arcana does that free up? You need Close Range if you want rays, and the gloves for other ranged spells.

In either cast, you sill need a way to get the ranged spell on the Magus list.

kestral287 wrote:
The Magus can wear armor; the Kensai cannot. The Hexcrafter actually can, so go get yourself some Studded Leather.

Opps. I meant the magus doesn't get Mage Armor, and that can be a bigger deal for the Kensi.

As for my magus, I'll stick with the mithral shirt over studded leather.

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Ulfen Death Squad wrote:

A bard whose performance is with spoons and the ssoundgardensong: spoon man

Just team up with a Knife Master and someone wielding a Fighter's Fork, and you're all set!

Most magi will probably only use one weapon. (I play an exception.)

However, keep in mind that the Magus does not get Mage Armor (unless you use the Spell Blending arcana) and can't wear armor. Perhaps some actual straight-magus or kensai players will chime in with more; I have a hexcrafter.

Disrupt Undead is a ray. The Spell Blending arcana will allow you to add the wizard ray spells like Ray of Sickening, Dimensional Anchor, Enervation, and so on.

You can do an advanced search on the SRD and look for wizard and magus spells with "ray" in the text. That will also show "spray", "gray", and so on, but it will narrow down the list a lot.

wraithstrike wrote:
Yeah it works, but I dont think you can use a wand with spellstrike because you are not casting the spell.
FAQ wrote:
Other than deploying the spell with a melee weapon attack instead of a melee touch attack, the magus spellstrike ability doesn’t change the normal rules for using touch spells in combat

So, if you use a wand of touch-spell, you get a free attack. Spellstrike allows the magus to deliver the charge from a touch spell via their melee weapon. That is all spellstrike does.

If the spell is a Magus spell (and Spell Blending puts it on the list) and the weapon is a Magus/spellstrike weapon, then the wand can be used (no UMD needed) and the touch can be delivered through the weapon.

Since the spell in question is a Ray, then Close Range would also be needed. Just remember that Close Range only gives you one touch - you loose the other rays from any spell that has multiple.

Wand Wielder is required if you want to attempt this in Spell Combat. Without that arcana, you must cast the spell.

Arcane Strike is the only way I know.

Chemlak wrote:

I agree with this answer, but want to add one thing:

Frightful Strike is a rider on the hit roll.
Cornugon Smash is a rider on the damage done.

The hit roll will always happen before damage is applied.

The order of operations is:

Roll to hit.
If hit, apply to hit riders, and move to next step.
Roll damage.
Apply DR.
Apply damage. If damage > 0, apply damage riders.

True. This is an important clarification because a successful hit does not guarantee any damage.

I don't think frightened gives free movement. The opponent will use remaining movement to try to flee. If they can move away (and thus provoke), they will. If they did all of their moving this round to get up there, they cannot suddenly run away.

If they have movement left, then they are moving a second time, and thus provoke a second time.

Frightful Strike wrote:
For 1 round, creatures you hit with your melee attacks become shaken.
Cornugon Smash wrote:
When you damage an opponent with a Power Attack, you may make an immediate Intimidate check as a free action

So, Frightful Strike attaches a shaken effect to the hit damage. Even though Cornugon gives an immediate and free action, it cannot interrupt the damage. The trigger is the damage-dealing and the shaken is part of the damage.

That would be like saying a weapon gives 2d6, and you want to apply 1d6, do something else, and then apply the other 1d6.

Bit of Luck and Touch of Chaos are both (Sp) - Spell-like Abilities and not actual spells.

Where does the always-on Arcane Strike come from? This requires a switft action, as does Frightful Strike.

Anyway, you hit with Frightful Strike, and shaken the enemy.
Next, you take your free intimidate to demoralize the enemy. This causes it to become shaken. It does not cause a shaken character to get any worse - the shaken does not stack or add to a prior shaken condition.
Target stands there because it is shaken and not frightened.

Ya know, Golarion is a world of magic, mythical creatures, and all sorts of unexplained oddities. So we should expand our concept of language.

Dragonbait is from Faerun (not really) but could perhaps visit Golarion. He speaks in the Saurial language: a mix of clicks and whistles (outside the range of common human/humanoid hearing) and scent.

How many creatures have multiple mouths? So why not a language based on chorded phonetics, where multiple sets of vocal cords are need to produce specific sounds like a piano/guitar chord?

Yet, at the same time, languages and linguistics and Tongues are all abstractions like "gold pieces". In reality, these things should be very complex, but such complexities can break the game or turn into tedium instead of detail. I think such abstractions are best left to the decisions of the GM and the group, and not a specific set of rules.

chaoseffect wrote:
I'm thinking "The Angry Giraffes,"

Just realized - isn't the giraffe a mascot for a toy store? Yes, that's it!


The Dee-ten-ders.

boring7 wrote:
A BARD would call himself a rogue. A rogue calls himself an honest businessman, a specialist, or a skilled professional.

Right now, I have a rogue who calls herself a bard (with good perform skill) and says, "What do I look like, a rogue?"

Even though I could multi to bard (or whatever), she's someone that could have been a bard but life pushed her down a different path and now she's stuck.

I play (only) in Fantasy Grounds. It comes in five flavors:

Demo version
Player version - can connect to a GM version game
GM version - (aka FG license) can host a game for people with the Player version
Unlimited version - can host a game for people with any version, including the demo.

and finally:

Subscription - $9.99 a month subscription to the Unlimited version. Again, all your players can used license versions or the demo.

With the subscription, I think it is possible to pass the license around in your group if you have rotating GMs. FG is on Steam; I bought direct.

FG offers more support through the combat tracker, etc. for all the PF rules. If you own HeroLab, you can export and then import a character, although you will need to clean it up and make a few (or more) fixes depending on the character, equipment, and spells. FG includes a lot of core PF, and users keep adding more SRD and whatnot to that.

Skylancer4 wrote:
That makes absolutely NO sense as you would never need to make a touch attack against your friends...
PRD wrote:
Holding the Charge: If you don't discharge the spell in the round when you cast the spell, you can hold the charge indefinitely. You can continue to make touch attacks round after round. You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action. Alternatively, you may make a normal unarmed attack (or an attack with a natural weapon) while holding a charge.

Where does it say touch attack against friends? This text is about holding the charge.

You can hold the charge indefinitely. You can touch friends. Alternatively, you can make a touch attack.

PRD wrote:
If the Components line includes F/DF or M/DF, the arcane version of the spell has a focus component or a material component (the abbreviation before the slash) and the divine version has a divine focus component (the abbreviation after the slash).

BigNorseWolf wrote:
We don't know if they age at exactly the same rate the entire time or only hit maturity later (otherwise yes, elves spend 20 years in diapers)

True. Unlike the common races, there's no official child ages for Aasimar, Tiefling, etc.

So, if their rate of growth and maturity up to adulthood is the same, I guess the rest can be chalked up to denial or assuming other causes of the slower age. With all the magic and blood floating around in the world, being an aasimar is only one possibility.

Skylancer4 wrote:
Prd wrote:
You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action. Alternatively, you may make a normal unarmed attack (or an attack with a natural weapon) while holding a charge.
Not sure why they would state this and use the word alternatively

Change the bold to show why.

First, you can touch a friend or friends - this would apply to spells like teleport. (You can't hold that charge into the next round to touch more friends.) Alternatively, you can touch enemies - that's an attack.

LuxuriantOak wrote:
perfectly doable.

Care to elaborate?

A human child should be able to form simple sentences around 2 years old and simple conversations around 3 years old. As an Aasimar, this would be pushed back to age 11 or so. That is very, very slow development. I doubt there are special-education schools in Golarion, so what would happen to a child that suffers from such extremely slow growth and development?

By the time the aasimar is 40, the parents could both be dead from old-age. That happens sometimes with humans, but the aasimar is still about 12-years old in growth and development.

That 60+ years of life really messes things up.

Teatime42 wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
A mutated bloodline was still a bloodline last I checked.
I thought that the wildblooded bloodlines were created by the Archtype, an Archtypal modification of a class mechanic (The existing bloodlines), wouldn't you then need the archetype?

PRD says, "When creating a wildblooded sorcerer, select an existing bloodline, then select one of the following mutated bloodlines associated with that bloodline."

It does not say "select from a bigger list of bloodlines". You choose the bloodline, and also the mutated bloodline.

Quantum Steve wrote:
burkoJames wrote:
A touch attack is an attack action. Its in the name.
So, no source. That's a shame.

Pathfinder PRD - Combat

From the table of Actions in Combat:
Standard action = Attack (melee) and Attack (ranged)
Full round action = Full Attack

The section about Standard Actions details casting a spell, which also explains Touch Spells in Combat and Touch Attacks, which says: "Touching an opponent with a touch spell is considered to be an armed attack" and "Touch attacks come in two types: melee touch attacks and ranged touch attacks."

Under Cast a Spell in the Full Round Actions section of the page, there is no information about touch attacks. However, it says: "This action is otherwise identical to the cast a spell action described under Standard Actions."

joeyfixit wrote:
But what of the basic hiding of the arm itself? Sleight of hand (An Alchemist skill)? Disguise? Bluff? Craft Clothing/costume?
Vestigial Arm wrote:
The alchemist gains a new arm (left or right) on his torso. The arm is fully under his control and cannot be concealed except with magic or bulky clothing.

Also, there is no rule for this, but I think bulky clothing would prevent you from using the arm or add a penalty to all those secret moves you want to pull off with the arm wrapped in bulky clothes.

Race Points don't even equal Race Points, so there is no way to equate them to class levels, feats, traits, and so on.

A few classes/archetypes can pick that up, but none of them answer this question. Based on other things (like animal companions), I would think all the MF class levels stack so that you get 3 + 1/2(all MF levels)

So a fighter 4 takes animal ally and then switches to druid with boon companion. Animal ally is Character Level -3. Thus, at level 20:

Druid (+16) + Boon (+4) + Ally (+17) = level 37

That doesn't seem right.

As a Monk 6/Hunter 1, Boon Companion will bump your hunter's animal by +4 to a max of your character level. But 1+4=5, so you are safe.

Animal Ally adds -3 to this, bringing the total level down to 2. It doesn't seem right that Animal Ally should still apply, but according to RAW, it does.

I have no idea where you thought Animal Ally would suddenly turn into a +3 since you are using is as -3 right now.

Any level you want as long as the GM allows you to retrain, which takes time and money.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
In the OOTS comic, Belkar having a curse where if he harms an innocent, he gets sick and stuff, is an obvious penalty that was bestowed to keep his Evil tendencies under control.

Hmm, that does seem like a penalty.

And to put it in Pathfinder "curse" terms, the ranger has a curse where if he harms an innocent, he does not harm the innocent.

Wait. One of these things is not like the other.

Ability Score Damage, Penalty, and Drain wrote:

For every 2 points of damage you take to a single ability, apply a –1 penalty to skills and statistics listed with the relevant ability.

Weapon Finesse makes it so that some attacks can be "listed with the relevant ability (DEX)".

I think all the DEX Damage stuff should read as "... and other dexterity-based modifiers" or something along those line.

And remember, Finesse is a choice once you have it. You can avoid the DEX penalty by using going back to using STR for the attack.

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I don't recommend the low WIS. However, it is a legal way of not getting spells, so technically that is one of your options.

Skirmisher or WIS = 10.

^ This.

The ranger picked a feat that makes him a liability. The group decided to use fumble cards. And now the question at hand is to come up with a "curse" that makes it so nat-1s are not so bad (for the party).

Curse the ranger with a 50% chance to do nothing. Then he will only be a liability half the time. Problem solved, and the curse is used as written.

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Revolving Door Alternate wrote:
Plus real life being what it is, I’m quite sure we won’t all always be able to make all the game times.

So it is really just attempted murder.

Can't you just stand there and not take it like a man?

Cowering wrote:
The character is frozen in fear and can take no actions. A cowering character takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class and loses his Dexterity bonus (if any).

Although I don't see why standing still and not dodging out of the way would be impossible. Preventing that so it doesn't break other things seems like the wrong approach.

I'm just getting more confused now. There are modifiers and there are enhancements, but I can't find any clear rules that answer the various speed pluses and minuses. The closest I've found is the stuff on the SRD which references this old thread here.

Perhaps -2 CHA is a consideration. They are hated by non-Drow for being Drow, and hated by Drow for not being Drow.

Cyrad wrote:
This seems alright. Though, I find the premise very bizarre that it's a new race that's an offshoot of an existing one. I'm not really sure how a drow redeeming themselves undoes thousands of years of evolution.

Yeah, it really should be a culture. But then again, barbarians should be cultures too. This game is funny that way.

You've misunderstood Magical Knack. That does not change a spellcaster to a higher level. Magical Knack only increases the CL.

A similar martial feat might keep the BAB up - you wouldn't suddenly qualify for higher-level stuff. However, no such feat exists that I am aware of. About the closest thing is Defensive Combat Training which lets you use HD instead of BAB for CMD.

Xavram5 wrote:
Character with Boots of Striding and Springing has a base speed of 30, up to 40 with the boots.

No. The character has a base speed of 30. When he puts on the boots, he gets an enhancement bonus of +10. AFAIK, this does not change the base speed. So it is more math, but I think exhaustion modifies the base speed and then the enhancement bonus applies. Like Bandw2 said, it is magic.

Now, as far as Blessing of Fervor, it is not clear as to where the +30 comes from. The text in the spell description says "increase speed". To me, that means "increase base speed".

Thus a character is blessed to be faster overall, and is then exhausted to half-speed. Or, a character is exhausted to half-speed, and then magically increases their speed with boots.

Choon wrote:
You cannot hit allies with a nat 1 in pathfinder so I'm not sure what the point would be.

Yes, you can. The OP said Reckless Shot but meant Reckless Aim. He also mentioned fumble cards. There's two ways to hit allies with a nat-1.

You can:

1) Run cut-scenes where you explain the actions of NPCs and the reactions (or lack of reaction) by the PCs.


2) Give the PCs clues, lead them into an encounter, and have them choose their own actions (based on the clues) and face the consequences.

I think #2 is better. Leave cut-scenes in computer games.

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Jordo13 wrote:
In closing, based on the facts of what Spellcraft does, it seems it should be a logical alternative to Use Magic Device. The same way Wizards and Sorcerers both draw on Arcane Magic, though in two entirely different ways. Study Vs. Intuitive.

Did someone say study? Pragmatic Activator trait

Rylden wrote:
Say I made an elf with the adopted trait and was adopted by Ifrits,

Then wouldn't your elf be mostly human?

Ifrits are most often born into human communities, and rarely form societies of their own.

The "Blood of" books explain non-human Aasimar and Tiefling. They can be born to any humanoid parents. So perhaps it is the same for an ifrit and one could be born from elves.

Also, my interpretation is that the ifrit archetype comes as much from the blood as the training, and shouldn't be open to a non-ifrit regardless of how they were raised. Of course, that is simply my take on it.

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I once stored my motorcycle in a storage unit. When I took it out, there was an identical motorcycle still stored in there.

Well, not really, because that is not what "storing" means.

Falantrius wrote:

My daughter and friends wanted to play a Witch and was looking over the class in PathFinder and was totally freaked out. We have Wicca friends and the depiction is totally negative in the way the Warlock and Witch are put together in our opinion.

First, we think the Witch class should be either male of female. Just light wizards can be. The way its depicted - the class needs to be female.

Well, if you want to play real life, you should notice a billion problems and quirks with everything in this game.

Real Wicca has one main belief: If it harm none, do what you will. So witches should have no curses. Warlocks might because they turn to black magic. Male witches are witches, by the way, in Wicca.

Pathfinder witches are based on a mash-up of fantasy, lore, myth, and stereotypes. Other people have different stereotypes like "witches are female" or whatever. It is just a game, and you could always house-rule things like that.

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