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Guaranteed Great Time!


This is an amazing scenario to run as a GM. The combats are memorable and challenging, the role play opportunities are vast and endless. The NPCs are a blast to play and can make for some hilarious moments with PCs. Definitely a great implementation of a sandbox style of game play. Definitely one of my favorites from Season 3, and I've GM'ed almost of all of them so far.

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All Good Things Must Come To An End


This scenario was the perfect capstone to the retirement arc. The Decemvirate sure does hole themselves up in a well-guarded and creepy place. In fact, what the crap are they doing with that item with stored...you know what, nevermind. I'm not going to ask.

The first encounter of this scenario was probably my favorite and most memorable of the whole series, next to the first encounter of the first scenario. I can see how it would be an absolute nightmare for a GM, but ours had a very creative way of keeping the PCs from knowing to much information before they needed to.

I must agree that the end encounter could use more fleshing out in back story. In fact, looking at the actual character level, why the crap is the BBEG so concerned with his mission? Not only that, but the damsel in distress is pretty lame when considering her powers and abilities to do everything else she did (for a suggestion on how to shore this up, just hop on over to the discussion section).

The bad guys are pretty memorable, and the entire complex of Skyreach is just as ridiculous as you imagine it to be. Thank you Tim for putting a fitting end to the arc.

PS. I look forward to any special scenarios / modules to play after this, especially with what my PC has gained. He'll be happy to take a break after all that has happened in his experiences (especially the gauntlet that this arc was), but I think he has a few more good adventures in him. :)

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Race to a Chase


This is one of my hands down favorite scenarios. I cannot wait to hit 4 Stars so I can GM this for folks because it is AWESOME.

One of my biggest complaints about pre-Season 2 scenarios is that they feel like straight combats with little to no opportunity to role play. Season 2 has definitely turned that around in a big way, and I feel that this scenario is the pinnacle of that change.

Also, the chase scene is superb! I never knew about the mechanic prior to playing this. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm designing such an encounter for a home game of mine. I think that's what I look forward to most when I can finally GM it because it is really unique and really well written.

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Retirement Takes You To Exotic Locations


Out of all the scenarios for this arc, I have to agree that Part III was the most lacking. I think it was a good idea, but it does not immerse the characters into the locations like the first two parts. In fact, you really could have kept this on Golarion. I mean, this could have easily taken place in a hidden city still thriving in the broken continent of Azlant, or maybe in Tian Xia. I think this was a great opportunity to explore a never before written about region and really came up empty handed.

Another disappointing aspect was the air chase. It seems like that encounter seemed to following trying to go big, but wasn't fleshed out enough. I think it could make better use of a ground chase scene and use the rules from the GMG to make it work. The Midnight Mauler has a chase encounter that works like a dream, I don't see any reason why something like that could have been employed here.

It was nice to see some familiar faces, from my previous encounters as a Pathfinder. On that aspect it was cool to tie things in. It also looks like those folks have been doing some serious adventuring in all that time.

The combat encounters were challenging, and the bad guys have some particularly devastating ways to demolish PCs. Although, like changing the location would have helped, some of the enemies seem like re-hashings of what PCs previously faced. A new world means you could have thrown in more crazy monsters never faced (like from Bestiary 2).

I definitely enjoyed the scenario in my retirement arc play. Other than some environment issues, it definitely gears you up for your final showdown. The gotcha! moment was awesome, and I enjoy how this scenario leaves off to tie you in to the next one.

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Inner Sea World Tour


Part II of the Level 12 Arc takes the momentum of Part I and ramps it up, never losing any bit of steam.

The combat encounters are awesome and terribly challenging, especially when you take into account the different backgrounds players hail from - they only add to increase the challenges you face. I really enjoy how both Parts I and II really make use of making the terrain a part of the encounter - especially when you hit the Mwangi Jungle. Closing my eyes and visualizing how the first fight goes in the Jungle is pretty awesome.

Lastly, thank Sarenrae for the iconic BBEG at the very end. He was a beast of epic proportions, to say the least. I'd hate to run into that monster just patrolling around the Mwangi. In fact, it's a good reason to never go there again! LOL (watch a high level module allow you to take your retired PC back there, UGH)

It was an absolute pleasure to play and was a truly memorable role playing experience that I will not forget.

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There isn't any time for relaxing when you retire!


I just had the privilege of playing through the retirement arc with group of folks this weekend - and I must say, WHAT A BLAST! From a player's perspective, I could not imagine a more definitive opening than this scenario.

It starts out great, giving your characters time to celebrate their previous accomplishments. It does a good job of making you feel like you've finally made it as a Pathfinder, entrusting such a valuable relic for your party to carry. The role playing opportunities are awesome and the combats are everything you could want and more from a level 12 arc.

I must say that the initial main story combat is one of the most challenging things someone will ever go through in PFS. The number of characters, stat blocks, and events that go on are not for the faint of heart. It will drain parties who do not prepare in advance and has a very strong chance of TPK if your party is ill-prepared to deal with the situation.

In fact, all the combat encounters are really challenging and have the potential to really just take PCs out left and right. In fact, in our party of 7, a PC was killed in each combat. I can't imagine what would happen to a non-balanced party or a party who has never played together. In fact, my one warning for this entire series (not just this scenario), as either a GM or player, know the group your playing with and what your strengths and weaknesses are. There is too much prep work that needs to go into this that you can just blindly sit down with a group and play this series. I cannot imagine how you can play this at a Con with strangers and would highly advise against doing so.

The rest of the encounter is great. It pulls from so much lore you hear about the Decemvirate, and takes you to a place that I don't think any other scenario does - and it does an amazing job of immersing you in that region. It also adds so much mystery and intrigue that you are left wanting more. It is a phenomenal starting point for the level 12 arc and will leaving you wanting to go on. The twists and turns will leave you stupefied. I think it was a great idea to make this a 8-10 hour block.

This is a MUST play for any PFS character who gets to 12. Your retirement is anything but.

P.S. Make sure you have a Cheliax PC with you. That is probably one of the best Faction missions I have ever heard of. It is the hands down coolest.