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Blood Vendetta is interesting. At the moment, I think it’s the only spell that does not have either the concentrate or manipulate traits. It only has the curse trait so it’s not subtle either. Does that mean it requires no incantation or gestures but it will still have obvious sensory manifestations like all spells?

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breithauptclan wrote:
Act Together doesn't play well with rules regarding 'last action used' or 'next action is'. Those rules for things like Knockdown and Metamagic weren't written with Summoner in mind - mostly because the Summoner class hadn't been written yet.

Oh yeah, metamagic is interesting too. If it was read as literally as possible, this would result in the opposite sequence compared to push/knockdown/grab. The metamagic action has to be within the Act Together and be used before the separate Cast a Spell.

breithauptclan wrote:
So if the GM wants to be an antagonist of the players, then they could indeed rule that the Eidolon's 'last action used' was Act Together, not Strike. Or even that you have to have the Eidolon use their half of Act Together first before the Summoner can take their half - otherwise the 'last action used' was the Summoner's action, not the Eidolon's Strike. And if you try to rearrange your action usage to avoid that by having Act Together be the Summoner's action and the Eidolon's Strike and then have the Eidolon use Knockdown, then the GM can still rule that the 'last action used' was Act Together.

Thankfully the order of actions can't be GM bullied in this context. The Knockdown action specifically call for the monster's (eidolon's in this case) last action and doesn't care about anybody else's. Whatever the order, the summoner and eidolon would each have their own individual 'last action used.'

Baarogue wrote:
The summoner performs and spends the actions for Act Together, and then you both perform the subordinate actions in tandem, so you could do it the latter way if you want because the eidolon's last action would have been Strike

I think I need a refresher on subordinate actions. I thought that meant the activity that contains them gets their traits but does not assimilate their identity. For example, Sudden Charge is technically not considered a Stride or Strike despite having the traits and properties of both, is it?

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I almost want to outright give the Oracle focus point auto-upgrades to every focus point class. Then to compensate for the Psychic and Oracle, they get a class feature that allows combat refocus and a few exclusive feats that upgardes that ability or simply upgrades focus point use in some way beyond that new baseline.

I don’t mind spending feats on focus point related abilities for the focus point focused classes. It already feels nice that way for Psychics, which already has a good one with Strain Mind. Although, the class getting taxed with the universal 18th level refocus feat is still an odd outlier.

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aobst128 wrote:
Yeah, broader clarifications are more likely than balance changes although, balance was a major factor with the last batch of errata so it's on the table. For balance I'd like to see change is animal barbarians. Deer and frog get extra benefits at 7th level and the other animals get nothing. Always bugged me.

I do hope so but I'm biased because clarifications are my personal top priority. I still want to know for sure if eidolons can actually use mundane tools or not, for example. Even the recently addressed Soothe brought up the still ongoing battle between the undead trait and the healing trait. I'm so anxious on closing the books that one.

Anything to boost consistency on such rulings across games is appreciated since I do bounce between different tables more than ever.

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It does seem annoying if it isn’t shared. Keeping track of temp hp for both and then calculating damage separately seems like a nightmare and deviates from the linked hp design.

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I just realized the Undead Eidolon’s Drain Life isn’t restricted to melee Strikes. I might actually try one out with this Ranged Combatant playstyle.

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I'm always in favor for more accessible rules clarifications. Anything that can help us avoid threads that accrue hundreds of posts that ultimately and unfortunately fails to answer anything in the end. There was at least one or two battle medicine threads did this and it was a nightmare to go through when I was a new player looking for answers. Never again.

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I’ve always wanted to make an Orc Oracle. Merge the bones mystery with ferocity feats to make a character that simply refuses to die. That’s as far as it got though. They’re just currently labeled as the Borcacle in pathbuilder, but maybe it’s time to dust them off.

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Guntermench wrote:
I think they're talking about Aquatic Combat and these lines:

That's the one. It's often circumvented by a creature with the Amphibious trait.

Speaking of, Return to the Sea should also probably grant the Amphibious trait.

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Wow. That amp effect is a lot better than I thought. For how gimmicky the base cantrip is, the risk/reward for amping it makes more sense now.

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Verzen wrote:
Where is the time oracle at? Was it spoiled or something?

Yes, How It's Played showed everything but two of its focus spells.

YuriP wrote:

Time oracle stuff at the 7:17 mark.

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You know what, belated shout outs to the Undeath's Blessing change. I always felt like I wasn't reading that spell correctly no matter how many times I go back to it. No target aware of the spell's effect would ever choose to avoid it and any that did would prefer failing the save than succeed. It makes a ton more sense now.

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Hold up, didn't Scare to Death also get buffed in a sense? The critical success result now frightens and causes fleeing even on a critical success save.

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RexAliquid wrote:
A battle oracle in their curse hits about as often as a barbarian, but instead of rage damage and resistances gets full spellcasting and fast healing. Seems about right as is.

Is the curse bonus to hit enough to match barb? It’s only a +1 and at that curse level, they’re stupefied so the full spellcasting isn’t even fullly active.

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aobst128 wrote:
Bludgeoning is least resisted for physical, electric for energy I believe. Your choice also depends on what resistance you want if you pick an element.

I think it’d be between sonic or electric. I like the idea of sonic since how often am I going to have a character w/ sonic damage strikes at 1st level? Seems fitting for a construct eidolon too but I guess that flexibility is their whole deal.

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All of these examples are great! I’m leaning toward the construct eidolon. With how modular that one is, all of these feel applicable. All this grapple talk is also really interesting. My ally martials would really enjoy having an extra grappling body on the field and I wouldn’t have to risk my own positioning. Tempting, tempting.

For the attack damage types, I noticed piercing and slashing has some nice feat and spell support. I really like bloodletting claws and envenom companion together, but the piercing and slashing combination seems resisted easily. It’s probably smarter to only have one attack either piercing or slashing and the other bludgeoning or elemental with energy heart, huh?

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The critical failure result of RK is like a success but with false information. Unlike a regular failure, you won't know that you failed. Failing an RK roll also means you can't attempt to RK for additional knowledge.

How do you hide the crit fail result when they want to attempt to roll for additional knowledge since they didn't know they failed?

Do you just roll for it but declare it as a regular failure despite the actual result?

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The Raven Black wrote:
I rule that worshipping a deity counts as Having a deity so that those are not masked Cleric-only spells.

Isn’t that how it works normally? If it didn’t, there’s a bunch of things that wouldn’t make any sense. For example, angelic sorcerer grants some spells that require a deity.

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Tess of Tosof wrote:
I would love to hear more of build and story choices that people have made with different types of Oracles.

I made a kitsune bones oracle recently for a negative healing party. It’s my first oracle too. So far, I’m pleasantly surprised how well it has handled.

Soul siphon has been the biggest highlight, mitigating the drained effect from the curse while dishing out some damage. The coolest thing I didn’t notice about it at first was that the temporary hp from it has no duration. I think barely anything does that so it’s a unique thing to play with.

With the errata in mind, I do hope its unlimited duration is an intended feature. I’ve been having a blast playing my character as an unsatiated glutton for extra life force. Begging and paying anyone to have their souls siphoned just to top of my hp and hunger outside encounters was not on my bucket list, but I’m all for it now.

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Perpdepog wrote:
I'm still waiting for stats for Santa/Father Xmas/Father Winter/winter festival equivalent so that the two can duke it out.

That would be dope! I would love seeing those two as deity options too.

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The other old spellcasters do look like they didn't start off very well either. Just weird that even compared to the new spellcasters, it dropped with almost no unique 1st level feats.

Divine Access at 1st level would've been dope. Human Oracle would've the most not-me PC I'd have played so far. Non-Human Oracle is at least in my radar now and I'm intrigued.

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I was considering playing a Human for the first time the other day so I looked through 1st level class feats for Natural Ambition.

One thing I noticed is the Oracle class barely have any, even compared with just the other non-CRB classes. At a whopping three 1st level class feats, it has Glean Lore as a unique feat, but the other two, Reach and Widen Spell, are widely distributed among fullcasters.

The Magus only has four 1st level class feats, but at least three of them are Magus-exclusive. The only shared feat, Familiar, is still rather specialized.

Just an observation I found weird. It's probably my unfamiliarity with the class.