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Right now there will be an influx of new players, many of which coming from 5e. There is of course a FAQ/Errata page with "/faq" in the URL, but it is really just an Errata page, with only a select few (recently added) clarifications.

I'm guessing that you guys have answered a lot of questions on these forums, and that some may have boilerplate responses you can copy/paste when replying to questions. (I know I have when answering Gloomhaven questions - on my phone I have 10-15 commonly used snippets that I copy/paste instead of typing in when I answer questions on Facebook.)

So - I'm wondering if we fans perhaps could help Paizo compile a list of FAQ entries to help new users - especially rules 5e players often get wrong. Even if they are clearly answered by looking in the rule book - if we have a good FAQ we can help ease new players into the world of PF2 and help them have a better experience for it. And of course the FAQ should be filled with keyword links to Archives of Nethys - it is awesome that we have such a resource for Pathfinder. :)

This could for example be:

  • Do I get only get a -4 MAP (Multiple Attack Penalty) if my first attack was made with an Agile weapon?
    No - but if your second attack in the turn is made with an Agile weapon, the MAP for that attack is -4 instead of -5, and -8 instead of -10 on on the third and subsequent attacks in the turn. It doesn't matter what kind of weapon the previous attacks were made with.

We should also specifically add answers with special cases for those fiddly situations - like how Cloud Jump, Sudden Leap and similar feats work with both vertical and horizontal jumps - it is not at all clear from the rules how that work. Sure - the community may have found the correct answers, but it would require fiddly searching to locate the correct answer. Things like that should be in the FAQ.

We should also add FAQ sections for the Beginner Box. The Beginner Box may be the entry point for many, many players, and many aspects are not covered in the rules there at all.
Like - how should the encounters scale for differing numbers of players? It is not at all granted that there are exactly fours players and one GM playing the game. Sure - there are rules for how to make encounters easier/harder, but if you only have printed media you don't get to those rules (like Weak or Elite) until you also purchase and read the Bestiary.

There should be a list for the Beginner Box (and we'd probably need blessing from Paizo to do that, as the list would contain contents from the adventure) with instructions for how to adjust the various encounters for parties of for example 2, 3, and 5 players.
I am a bit puzzled as the first description seemingly tells you how to adjust the number of rats in the very first encounter based on the number of players:

Beginner Box wrote:
Before starting, get the giant rat pawns from the box. You’ll need one giant rat for each player.

...And so I expected the remaining encounters to also tell you how to adjust them - but there is (as far as I can see) no other information in the box what so ever as for how to scale the encounters. There should also be mentioned that you could scale the difficulty up or down depending on how well the players are doing and how experienced they are.

This scaling information should very much be in the FAQ for the Beginner Box!

So - what do you think? Wouldn't it be a good idea to expand the FAQ?
I'm still a novice at PF2 (although I can answer just about any question for Gloomhaven!), so I don't think I'd be able to help that much in listing what players as about the most.

And remember - if the question is asked a lot on the forums, it deserves to be in the FAQ, even if the answer is right there in the rules if you know where to look.

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I'm always in favor for more accessible rules clarifications. Anything that can help us avoid threads that accrue hundreds of posts that ultimately and unfortunately fails to answer anything in the end. There was at least one or two battle medicine threads did this and it was a nightmare to go through when I was a new player looking for answers. Never again.

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