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Andre Roy wrote:

A couple more pesky p. XX on page 190 under Breaches and Decompression.

line 3 "[...]vessel without an air generator (p. XX)lose [...]"

And under Repairing a Breach

line 4 "However, Mend Vessel (see page XX) is [...]"

Page 195 in the last line of the Monsters in Space box.

And My review is fully updated

Found those as well and corrected.. Thanks! - Troy

Andre Roy wrote:

I love the Mutiny rules (but the "[...] sidebar on p. XX" might need fixing). :)

I also see that someone else saw "The Last Starfighter" back in the 80s.

I've posted a partial review, that covers every section I've read so far. To this point I am not regreting my purchase, it's a beautiful product.

Went through all of the sidebars and fixed the five or so xx's I found. Can't search them in the PDF so they were hard to find. Thanks!

Keep up the good work good editor! Looking forward to seeing the rest of these! If you want to send me the issues directly shoot them over to! THANK YOU!

Silver Sics wrote:
I have a question about the Automated targeting system. the description on pg. 172 states a single weapon receives +3 to both attack and damage while the chart on pg. 183 states they give +1 BAB that stacks each time its taken. were these suppose to be 2 different things or was one of them wrong?

Corrected.. Thank you!

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Andre Roy wrote:

So I've Started reading the PDF and completed the Race section.

So far I've noticed 1 omission/error

Whiplash Pasimachi: Having longer and more sensitive antennae than other pasimachi clans, these warriors have developed their control over their own antennae to the point that they can use them in combat. These pasimachi have the lasher racial trait.

Unfortunately, that racial trait is not listed.

But other than that every thing looks good and I really love it. I'll start reading the class section on next day off (Sunday) and provide other feedback as I think of it or notice things.

You are a rockstar my friend. Lasher has been added to the new edit, and you should see it shortly. However if you really need it today...

Lasher (3 RP): Having longer and more finely-controlled antennae than most pasimachi, those that possess this trait are capable of making attacks with them. Pasimachi have long antennae that they can use to make attacks of opportunity with a reach of 5 feet. Their antennae are capable of making a single secondary natural attack, allowing you to attack with them at a -5 penalty along with your other attacks. This attack deals 1d8 points of damage plus the user’s Strength modifier. This trait replaces improved natural armor and natural armor.


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Hey everyone! Troy with Publishing here. Several things...

1 - THANK YOU for being here.. and calling us out when you find mistakes! The ONLY way we are going to make this book better is with your support.

2 - I am working on an update that will go out today that will hopefully fix issues that you have mentioned here as well as a few other tweaks that need to be done.

Expect to hear something by the end of the day or first thing tomorrow at the latest. Again thank you ever so much for the amazing journey that is Starjammer. I'm looking forward to continuing bringing you content that will amaze and delight.

Take care!

Troy Publishing
Project Manager

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Rysky wrote:
Death Blossom!

Yep. Starjammer does have a Death Blossom device. :-)

Hey there Starjammer fans! Working on making a few of those corrections today that people have been pointing out. Big thanks to Sam Hearn who has been instrumental in finding lots of little bugs in the works.

Even bigger thanks to all of you, and the entire Starjammer team. This journey has been a lot of fun. Looks to get even more interesting if I can get these corrections done and get Starjammer: Medical Marvels out this week! Woot!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I hate how they talk dismissively about "fluff or filler" - almost turns me off right there.

LOL! I hope you are joking friend! Daron Woodson (author and owner of Abandoned Arts) takes that pretty seriously. He does not want advertisements or anything of that nature in there to distract or make the customer pay for more than what they are getting.

Take care!

Troy Daniels
Abandoned Arts Project Manager
Fat Goblin Games

Hello there Brother Fen!

Just in case you did not see it.. here you go.. Call to Arms: Rope.

I think you will get a kick out of it!

Hey there Malwing!

I'd like to think that we are working to make people take another look at Fat Goblin Games products. I'd be happy to send anyone that asks a review copy of Technopath or any FGG product if they agree to give us an honest review for it. :-)

I am that confident that we will blow your mind.

Troy Daniels
Fat Goblin Games Project Manager
The Janitor

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Note - Liz is a goddess.
Note 2 - I am an idiot.
Note 3 - I fixed it. I learned a valuable lesson. Never, ever let my cat proofread again.
Note 4 - Get the dog to do it.


Troy Daniels
The Idiot that did the Cover for the book and misspelled it.
Fat Goblin Games Project Manager
The Janitor

Hmm.. I wonder what goes into layout tomorrow...

<hint> It about more masks...

Troy Daniels
Fat Goblin Games Project Manager
The Janitor

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Thank you good sir!

Thanks Liz!

Some of you are going to ask "Hey... they sold this a few years ago? So this is an update and I should get it.. .right?"

Actually, other than the art, this is a complete re-write of the product. There were numerous issues with the old product and the reviews that it got were less than stellar. Using those reviews and customer comments we rebuild this beast from the ground up. More feats, more spells, more archetypes, more awesome.

I cannot wait for you to see the awesome that Kiel Howell put into this!

Troy Daniels
Fat Goblin Games Project Manager
The Janitor

That is great news! Thank you!

I had a great time working on this with Lucus Palosaari and Rick. If you have any questions or want to chat about Astonishing Races:Grippli post here or drop me a line!

Star Voter Season 9

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
It basically means, "No matter how many or few votes this item gets, it's in."

I am assuming that since the term exists, it means that the "golden ticket" method has been used before? That strikes me as a bit odd...

Star Voter Season 9

Mark Seifter wrote:
We looked at them starting from the top of the voters' votes, plus a small number of additional items that I thought were worthy contenders (since I had looked at all of the items). Rest assured, by far the best chance to make the Top 32 was by winning as many votes as possible (all 4 of the Top 4 items by votes made Top 32, for example, and 7 more of the Top 20 by votes are either Top 32 or alternates). In fact, this year had the weakest amount of judge golden ticketing of any year. Other than submitting my few items for the other two judges to consider, I refused to give them any more advantage; if Owen and Liz didn't like them, they didn't advance. We required a strict majority for Top 32, with no golden tickets.

What is a golden ticket? First year playing in RPGSuperstar and have not heard the term before...

Star Voter Season 9

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Into the fray I throw the Rogueblade. I realize now that the pricing is wrong (masterwork is not doubled) but I would like honest opinions regarding the rest of it. Thanks all and Go Top 32!!

Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 9,560 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
It is difficult to see the swirling smoke pattern etched into this blackened +2 short sword however once its special powers are revealed it is obvious that this is a weapon designed to appeal to those with a roguish bent. When the pommel ring is unscrewed and the wielder peers inside they see the inky blackness and seemingly endless depths of a bag of holding . Smaller than the smallest of known magical bags, , this shadowy blade’s extradimensional space can hold 50 lbs. and measures at only 10 cubic ft. in volume. If the item can fit into the one and a half inch opening where the pommel ring normally resides then it can be placed in the sword. Common items include lock picks, potions, pitons, silken rope and other tools of thievery. Items placed in the rogueblade can be retrieved as a full round action, rather than the standard action normally attributed to bags of holding. The pommel ring is designed to have rope tied to it and in a pinch the peculiar curve of the swords crosspiece allows the rogueblade to be used as a grappling hook. The weapon will not reflect light due to the tempering process used on the blade which creates its blackened luster.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, secret chest; Cost 4,780 gp

Troy here! I am responsible for the polecat and a few other things in there and had a ball doing it.

The fun thing is that in 8 months we get to do another April Fool's issue. Any suggestions as to what we should feature for that one?

Thanks for the great review! It's appreciated!

I had a blast working with Luke on Grippli and can't wait to dive into the next one, Catfolk! Any suggestions as to what race we should do next?

Star Voter Season 9

Jeff Lee wrote:
armytroy wrote:
Hey all! So was this secret cull 5 items? :-) Last seen vs 3rd cull numbers equal 5. Just wondering. :-D
Total number of items seen after cull 2 was 448. Total items seen after cull 3 is currently 373, which makes 75 items culled in total.

Ah... so there has not been another cull? First year confusion here. :-D

Star Voter Season 9

Hey all! So was this secret cull 5 items? :-) Last seen vs 3rd cull numbers equal 5. Just wondering. :-D

Star Voter Season 9

Sigh.. was kinda hoping for an isometric (Ravenloft'ish) type map this year Darn it!

Bring it on:-)

Star Voter Season 9

Jeff Lee wrote:

You would think with all the jokes about it, the filigree would stop. But no. Everything is still covered in filigree. When it's not filigree, it's runes. When it's not runes, it's the blood of an orphan.

I'm going to make a cursed item where anything it touches is infected and begins growing filigree on any available surface, including people.

"Someone cast remove curse, quickly! She's caught the filigree!"

Uhm... its better than everything being covered in lace, or cobwebs, or whatever the latest vogue thing is to write about. :-)

Star Voter Season 9

If you are going to enhance things with metamagic you darn well better make it part of the construction requirements or I am running home and telling mom that I am downvoting you. Neener.

- nuff said

Star Voter Season 9

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Thank you oh evil pastry person. I now have to clean coffee off of my monitor. :-)

Star Voter Season 9

BlackOuroboros wrote:
Whoever made the bakery item is my new favorite person.

Dang it, I cannot click the little + button enough on this!

Star Voter Season 9

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I am in the military (Army) specifically. My current favorite item is one that no Soldier would go without, and one that all Soldiers universally love. Praise praise praise for this item.

Hopefully this is vague enough. Those who are in the Army will probably zero right in, and if required, please delete. :-D

Star Voter Season 9

Eric Morton wrote:
There needs to be an Apprentice RPG Superstar contest for younger competitors.

THAT would be simply amazing. A bit less snarky judging for them but otherwise I think that there would be some fantastic entries. Do it by age tiers perhaps?

Star Voter Season 9

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Other than a misplaced comma, you are a joke item that is perfectly formatted. Absolutely upvoted you and I hope to see you again soon so that I can do it again.

Star Voter Season 9

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Wolin wrote:
Shield designers, you are cool people. Other than a couple of pre-cull shields, they've all been easy favourites. I would be disappointed if most of you didn't make the top 32, even if that does make the top 32 shield heavy.

Sent this to a friend who submitted a shield and has had an extremely bad day. You made it better so thank you. :-D

Star Voter Season 9

Is it me, or are quite a few of these items designed to make you a Power Ranger? I keep thinking of the opening sequence of the original show and the only one I have not seen is Rex...

Star Voter Season 9

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pH unbalanced wrote:
Entangle Animal vs Entangle Vegetable

Entangle vs. Mineral is next. It's out there, I'm sure of it. :-D

Star Voter Season 9

chaoseffect wrote:
Erick Wilson wrote:
I'm confused. If the list started before any of the culls, and they're doing a bunch of smaller culls this year, won't you have to start a new list after each cull? Otherwise how can you identify which items aren't there anymore?
The list has a check box to confirm sightings for each item after the culls. So yeah, it's a work in progress.

Hello there! So if there is an X by my item, it's been seen, right? (very confused first timer here.. )

Star Voter Season 9

I will admit that if I see an item that has exactly 300 words I will read it completely through rather than just skim it. If it is written well then it gets the upvote. How many of those have I seen so far?

Well, I can't tell you darn it!

Star Voter Season 9

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Monica Marlowe wrote:
Go for it and may the odds be ever in your favor! Oh wait, wrong game.

Actually Monica, that reference is probably right for this particular competition. We winnow things down until there are 32. They are then placed in the arena where a struggle occurs until only one remains. RPG Hunger Games Season 9 begins in less than 4 hours... :-D


Call it a Zork of Writers. Or is that copyrighted? :-)

+5 Toaster wrote:
Epic Meepo wrote:
+5 Toaster wrote:
Little Red Goblin Games wrote:
Marc Radle wrote:
They are all going to be at GenCon. Did I win?

Nope. I'm here chained to my desk working on the next 4 Necropunk books.

PS: Jason Stoffa doesn't work for us.
*runs up, cuts chain* your free, run for it!!!
What? No! Catch him before he runs off with all of the Necropunk books.
*gasps* oh god what have I done!?!?!?!

:-) Jason Stoffa is co-owner and writer for Fat Goblin Games along with Rick Hershey. They are the designers behind the Shadows of Vathak setting amongst other items.

Hail and well met!

I have had a great time working with Rick and Jason on Vathak and think that they have a solid foundation for a memorable campaign setting combining Gothic horror and survival strategy. Enjoy scaring the heck out of your players and bring the Old Ones to your gaming table by picking up Return to Vathak.

Take care and good gaming!

Troy Daniels
Developer for Fat Goblin Games 5BBUNDLE%5D

Help a great cause and get great stuff! The Clearing House for Chron's bundle from FGG also makes a great sacrifice to Old Ones attempting to storm your home! They say that the deepest cut is a paper cut, and you have a lot of options when you get eight plus high quality products from Fat Goblin Games. You also help support a great cause! So click the link!

Is it even remotely possible that any of the goblins will be left to be sold here on the website? Uncle Sam is kinda iffy about me taking off to go to a gaming convention in the middle of training season unfortunately. :-(