Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 02:32 PM Pacific

And that's a wrap, folks! Thank you for another round of The Best Four Days
in Gaming!
See you next year!

Liz Courts
Community Manager

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Hope it was good!

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Sigh maybe next year.....


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Excellent job! I had more fun this year than in years past! All the specials were well done, and the GMs well prepared. Bravo!

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GenCon was great. Your staff in the dealer room were knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks for the great experience. Thanks also for supporting the NASCRAG Tournament. Your sponsorship is part of why I buy you fine wares.

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I had the most fun I have had GMing anything in my entire life. Thanks guys!

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So 21 copies left out of... what, 2000?

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Thanks Paizo Gen con was super fantastic. The PFS was great specials were fantastic.

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In attending sessions and interacting with staff at the Paizo booth, it is obvious that you guys have a real passion for what you do. And, as significantly, you are passionate about hearing from those of us who enjoy Pathfinder. I love the excitement and enthusiasm you bring to gaming.

Kudos also to the Pathfinder Society GM's. This was our first year trying PFS scenarios and we had an amazing time. Looking forward to next year!

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GREAT JOB Paizo!!! 3 of the 4 P.F.S. we played were AMAZING. The one that was a little questionable was a player's fault, not Paizo's or the G.M.'s. She wanted to spend almost an hour arguing with the G.M. and other players because the rules wouldn't let her do something with her whip, exactly the way she wanted to.
I LOVE the way Pathfinder has reinvented the goblin race, and I love playing them. So I really enjoyed the mini 3D table goblin game. I love any chance to be a goblin and strike terror into the hearts of the Sandpoint citizens, or to die a quick death attempting to do so.
The Paizo booth was the best it has ever been. I was very happy that I didn't have to spend a large chunk of my day waiting in the line to the booth, like I did last year. The booth had an excellent variety of merchandise. It felt way more laid back and less stressful of an experience. If I could have changed anything, it would have been MORE BUTTONS :) in past years I was able to collect all the buttons easily, but this year I only got 1 :(. Everyday when I got to the booth, they were all gone pretty early in the day. Not a big deal at all, just a small thing I would tweak.
Keep up the great work Paizo! Hope you all get some rest, you've earned it.

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First public experience with Society and such a well designed system. Great GMs that all seemed prepared and flexible given the structure they had to keep! It didn't feel confined as I thought it might - only the treasure part later, which is really an afterthought.
Thanks for taking fantasy RPGs to the next level and providing the quality needed to keep folks coming back.

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All of those poor little unadopted goblins in the background :( I wish I would have bought 2, my son has tried to steal mine multiple times since I got home.

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Thanks all. As expected I had a great time at my first GenCon!

And that WTF moment I had when the story of the special was being presented, is still leaving me thinking I misheard something. Very exciting story.

I wish I could remember the names of all the PFS GMs & HQ folks I got to interact with. Just so I could thank you personally.

Huzzah, good times!

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Your PFS GMs' names(at least their forum names) will appear in your sessions if you look up your Pathfinder Society Character(s) for the sessions at GenCon. You could always send them a private thank you message that way. As a HQ volunteer I'm glad my help enabled you to have a good time at GenCon.

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