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One main issue with martials imo is the idea that, because they do not use magic, everything they do has to be realistic.
So every time some ability is not realistic people run amoc.

Casters on the other hand can do what ever they can dream of because magic doesn't have to be realistic.

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This might fit here.
It was about which bonuses you can add to damage cantrips and has a level 1 sorc build in it that deals 1d3+7 with a ray of frost.

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More a fun build, but one I actually played:

Strong half-orc earth wizard with a flail as a weapon and a pig familiar.
You look like a farmer, fight like a fighter but in reallity are a wizard.

Chain Fighter gives proficiency with a flail
Earth Supremacy gives +1 to hit and damage in most cases a low level will encounter

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The Wildblooded Sorc Bloodline Sanguine allows you to drink blood to heal yourself. But as wildblooded can't (as far as I know) be gained any other way than by actually being a sorc you'd have to do a 1 level dip.

The Blood Is the Life (Su)::
At 1st level, you can gain sustenance from the blood of the recently dead. As a standard action, you can drink the blood of a creature that died within the past minute. The creature must be corporeal, must be at least the same size as you, and must have blood. This ability heals you 1d6 hit points and nourishes you as if you'd had a full meal. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This bloodline power replaces grave touch.

Pizza Lord wrote:

Yes, the spell is also evil and casting such spells will actually turn your alignment evil.

An easy way to prevent that is using good spells as well because if evil spells turn you evil, good spells will turn you good balancing it out.

Summon monster to summon a celestial creature is a good spell

If you want a backup weapon buy a

Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents:
This +1 quarterstaff is made of wood carved and dyed to look like two entwined asps, one black and one white. At will, the wielder can use the staff to cast magic missile, creating two such missiles. One of the created missiles always takes the form of a glowing white snake, while the other missile always takes the form of a shadowy black snake. When held in hand, the wielder of the quarterstaff of entwined serpents can cast spells as if he had the Eschew Materials feat.

Cheap and always good to have.

Apart from that get some pearls of power. 3 level 1, 2 level 2, 1 level 3 are always good to have.

When I play casters mixing utility with combat spells works out great and those pearls let you get spells back that you want to use again that day.

The Guide to the class guides has itemization guides, too. You should have a look. For example Improving your class with items.

Edit: Arcanist isn't covered in the improving your class with items guide, but looking at wizard items might be useful.

Which one of the officials was it who insulted himself by comparing slings to waterbaloons, back in the day?

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1st: Reflavored the investigator's alchemy to having to prepare scroll-like pieces of paper which have to be completed to get an asian flavoured guy like in a chinese ghost story

2nd: reflavored the viking fighter archetype as a shoanti warrior archetype. Fits perfectly and makes getting to Thunder and Fang easier than barbarian.

3rd: Reflavored the bloodrager's rage to a focused concentration for a samurai/Bloodrager multiclass. (No mechanical changes)

As I read it the wilding feat makes you count as an animal when it comes to harmful magical effects.

You are treated as an animal for the purpose of harmful mind-affecting effects that target animals (such as charm animal).

But the Animal sould feat lets you chose to not be affected by spells that do not target both your actual creature type and aninals, so yes having both should allow you to not be affected by effects that target only animals.

Animal soul:
You can choose not to allow spells and effects to effect you if they would not be capable of affecting both your original creature type and the animal creature type.

IF you want to do a dip for AC, why not shifter instead of monk? They get Wis to AC and retain half of it if they wear nonmetal armor.

The prestidigitation spell contains the phrase: Finally, prestidigitation lacks the power to duplicate any other spell effects.

And as there is the 1st level spell Instant Portrait I would say that prestidigitation is not able to create a picture of a person at all.

Wether a picture created with instant portrait would be good enough for scrying is another question as it is of "too poor a quality to sell".

While you can not start a style feat before combat begins it doesn't state that it ends when combat ends.
So it would be within the rules to have the style feat remain active until you do something that isn't compatible with it, like sleeping.

A Fighter x/ Brawler 2 going the iron caster route.
There was a guide to that concept here some years ago.

Even if you don't go the "caster" way the combination of martial versatility and the advancd weapon training feats is nice.

Java Man wrote:
No, I mean using cloud spells to blind your enemy and not yourself. The party in my RotRL campaign has everyone equipped with a goz mask, or equivalent, and spams cloud spells all over the place, highly effective.

I've been in a party where everyone had a goz mask and some way to ignore inhaled stuff. We wrecked everything with stinking cloud etc and a fighter with a reach weapon build for tripping.

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As I read through the ancestor eidolon of the unchained summoner I noticed that chosing the sorc template with the arcane bloodline lets your eidolon have a familiar. For this he can chose the figment archetype and now your eidolon (your imaginary friend) has a figment familiar (its imaginary friend).

Just wanted to share that idea as my first post.

A 1st level familiar isn't too powerfol but at least its hp are based on the eidolons hp, not just level dependant. And as a figment it doesn't really die.