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Yeen nudges and coils about first one, then the next of the companions, before returning to sniff at the back wall of the chamber. His tail, held high in a fit of pique at such poorly rendered caterwauling by the mephit, flicks out at the awful creature on the way by.

Yeen yawns and licks his whiskers, ready to find something else to eat.

Yeen yawns and stretches where he lays halfway atop Ami's head. He tries fluffing his hair, but once awake can't get comfortable again. Instead he wanders the space, pouncing the nothings and the somethings wherever he finds them.

Yeen sniffs, and goes to look for Pent's shoes.


Pent Arotha wrote:
Hey, I'm not the enema here!

and that is just how we aim to keep it!

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Yeen rubs into The One's hand, headbutts his shoulder, ignoring the big creature as well.

Yeen yawns and lays down by the door, certain he'll know if the gnolls come close.

GM Lareg wrote:
With the exception of the main dishes (roasted mean and beans) individual servings were brought to everyone. A portion for Yeen was not provided.


Yeen prowls outside the door to the dining room until Door Stop opens it, the rushes through. He jumps onto the table, Yowls in plaintive protest of the indignity of not being included, stalks past the table proudly to lay nearby, but *inside* the room. smells burnt anyway...

Yeen bunches beneath the pressure of The One's knees, and prepares to launch them both into the golden sky. A tny bug whizzes by his ear, breaking his concenration. He twists in mid-leap, then overcompensates to land without tumbling. The sand is forgiving and he holds his head high as his pride-mates chatter. The One shifts and he knows what comes next. He sniffs then surges, off to hunt the odd dogs that infest this area, leaving Scale Brother and The Other to follow. It is good, that the pride increases, and to have another that can keep up on such hunts.

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Mreiowww... Yeen will take the opportunity for speedy moonlight tours of the house, sing dirges urging the return of the Sun every time it disappears, and otherwise keep an eye on things. Cuz that's just the kind of cat he is...

Yeen races in circles around The Other and his oddly smelling mount. It doesn't bother him so much anymore, but the way that tail moves.... With a quick swipe, he bats at Scale Brother's tail playfully on his way by, then speeds to one side, skidding to a stop a in the shadows across the courtyard. He haunches down, careful not to upset The One where he perches upon his back, and weighs his options cautiously.

Careful...Careful... NOW!

Yeen digs in and pushes off with a flurry of sand speeding back towards the waiting duo. He pushes himself fast, then faster still, aiming directly towards the slow moving tail. Suddenly, he bunches up as if to pounce the tail more fully. He SPRINGS!, landing in a spray of sand and grit gracefully on the other side.

Yeen tips his head to one side, studying him again; rubs his nose with his paw and then yawns and settles at The One's side.

Yeen approaches carefully, sniffing at the once rabid creature in front of them. His tail bristles, twitches, then curls as the... difference... hits his nose. He moves back one step, then two... then relaxes with a swish of his tail to return to Ami's side.

Yeen digs in, ripping and shredding the creature until called off by The One. He is *very* thorough, not having liked the least bit of these last several moments.

* * *

Yeen puzzles as Ami tries to put a bell upon his neck. He shifts and sides steps, mreowling plaintively but in the end allows the thing to be placed upon him.

But he is not happy, and tries to bat it off once, twice, before sniffing and pretending it isn't there.

Yeen yowls and growls and hisses, the sound echoing uselessly both in his skull and without. His tail circles listlessly behind him.

"Mreowwrble!!! MewowSSS!"

Yeen circles forward, sniffing at The New Fat One. He sneezes once, then twice, then circles back to The One, rubbing his tail against the newcomer as he goes.

He smells trustworthy.

Yeenoghu sniffs, then sneezes, not liking the current situation a single bit. His tail flicks and snaps, smacking into the The Other as he peers at the new fat one with deep suspicion.

Edit, forgot about the panicking

Held closely in check by The Other, Yeenoghu yowls and hisses, ready to bolt if there is any opportunity.

Quinn Sancio wrote:

With a wave of her hand, the burly humanoid carrying the torch disappears.

"What a fine animal. I'm sorry if my faux companion was disturbing."

Yeen leaps, landing where the burly humanoid was but now isn't. He sniffs and paws, then turns with his tail held high. He circles, making sure to rub against his people on the way back to The One's side, but ignores the woman altogether, as if she too might disappear at any moment.

Quinn Sancio wrote:
"So you've decided not to be so wary...."

Yeen listens to The One's body as it becomes less tense. Uncertain at first, then with more confidence, Yeen pads forward to check out the newcomer more closely.

Yeen sniffs, his tail bristling as the burly human descends the stairs. He circles to the side of The One prepared to leap in front of him if it proves necessary.

Yeen paces the edge of the well, looking in peevishly. As The One and The Other get too close, she "Mrieowww" in warning, emphasizing it with the light touch of one paw.

Yeen nudges into the scratches, twisting to make sure The One gets that nagging spot under the chin.

Yeen simply sniffs, then curls up in front Ami, watching the new comer very closely...That One will need a name. ..once he earns one. "The new One" will only work while he's new. "Mreoww?"

Kul's player is running PFS at a convention this weekend, so he may be buried beneath that on top of his other duties.

Yeen scratches at the floor in front of the smelly door, waiting for The One to open it.

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Yeen, spurred on by his friend and rider runs towards the gong, taking a swipe while leaping over it.

Gong Attack!: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

acro to avoid smashing cat face into the gong: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

Yeenoghu eyes the lizard warily, tail swishing as it licks it's whole face in one go.

Amiamble Piddlespot wrote:

"See, Yeen? Mahdi is one of us. He is blessed by the Sun as well...casting aside these primordial entities like they are a gnome's underwear," Ami whispers to Yeen, calming the beast.

Yeen gives a delighted sneeze, pawing wayward ashes from his nose. He leans against Ami and rubs his head against his shoulder, soothed by his words.

* * *


When they encounter the boy, Ami races to the exit, hopeful of seeing the sun one last time before it sets...and anxious to return to Almah and Kelmarane (a home yet to be home).

Yeen races after Ami, giving in to the desire to stretch and *move*!

Yeen yawns and settles into sphynx-like repose.

After breakfast, Yeen circles then curls up, enjoying a quick post food napping while the others eat. Once The Other is ready to go, He stretches, indulging Fiery Destroyer of Food by allowing a scritch or two, then pads towards the door.

Yeenoghu pads quietly from place to place after The One but the weight of his meal soon brings a wide yawn. He stretches out, only to be disturbed again as his friend moves once more. Finally, in a huff, he saunters in the opposite direction and curls up once more. His tail flicks in irritation for a time before he gets distracted with by a bath.

Round 1

Yeen sneezes and flicks his tail violently at the closest person then begins to Yowl loudly, staring intently in the direction of whatever the Fiery Destroyer of Food is playing with. Continue to "Guard", which probably includes a readied attack if anything nasty comes this way.

Yeen prowls back and forth around the group, a vigilent twitch to his tail.

At the stroke of the Gong, he jumps, swiping at air near Stunted Tom, and yowls before going back to his prowling once more.

Yeen stalks to the left of The One, poised to leap ahead of him, should trouble come from the noisy place up ahead.

Yeen pads over to the water. He paws at the edge, but it only moves like water now, so he samples cautiously.

Yeen turns to lick to avalanche dust off of The One , but spots Stunted Tom. A shiny fun thing glimmers in the light, as Stunted Tom taunts Fiery Destroyer of Food with it. Yeen knows this game! Yeen knows how it is played.

Quietly, he stalks across the room, circling. Quiet...quiet... POUNCE! In a flash, he jumpflyskids across the ground, angling for the clicky shiny things.

Yeen turns from his sacred duty, gnoll throat ripping, to face the new foe. He bristles and hisses at the kit sized man-dog-demon-thing and prepares to launch both himself and The One at the creature. Better to kill it while it's young.

Yeen continues to sniff, but has lost the scent. He continues to follow The One's guidance to creep closer.

Lareg's game is currently the only one I'm having trouble loading in Roll20. It seems to be having trouble completing the process. It may be the settings, or it may be the size of the map files, or something else all together. I did get an offer to upgrade Lareg's account, which I don't get going into the others so I don't know if that needs to be set up still, or if it is something else.

edit: I am now able to get in, but unable to see. The next thing I would check would be to make sure I have given each character sight. I don't know if you are using fog of war or dynamic lighting, so those are the next things I would look at after the sight thing on the players's tokens.

Yeen runs fast, then faster, spurred on by The One's urgency. The stop is sudden, sending a wave of sand spraying into the sky as they skid through the group. They nearly tumble into The Other in the process, but the agile feline pulls to the left instead and rolls to his feet. The One holds tight and stays in place as they right themselves again.

Yeen sits back on his haunches, twists to lick some sand out of his littermate's eyes. then begins to clean his paws.

who?: 1d5 ⇒ 1
1. The Other
2. Stunted Tom
3. Fiery Destroyer of Food
4. Reborn of the Sun
5. Ratboything

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Yeenoghu sniffs, then sneezes at the boring parchments, more than ready to run in the Sun with The One rather than stay here with the strange smelling ratboything.

He rubs past The Other; his tail brushes Stunted Tom's pointed red head on the way by, flicking sand into the ugly creature's over abundance of whiskers on his way by.

Yeenoghu sniffs at the injured ratboy, whiskers flicking to and fro and back again as he hedges sideways. He pauses, one overly large paw coming to rest lightly on the boy's head as he sniffs and then licks at his hair.

Yeenoghu bristles, his back arching high even with The One clutching to him tightly. An odd sound, part hiss, part howl, all fear and loathing, growls deep in his chest. He weaves back and forth, but gets no closer without word from The One. Occasionally, his teeth snap, as if in answer to Ami's whisper, and his howl turns to a quick high pitched chirp before returning once again to its low cautious rumble.

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Yeen tries to do as he's told but some fluffy golden thing keeps flicking into his peripheral vision. Finally, he pounces on it, nearly catching it even as some terrible beast tries to bite his own luscious tail. The distraction is terrible and he is beset on all sides.

Yeenoghu slows, twisting back upon the tracks. His tail fluffs and twitches as he gives a plaintive mewl at the same place again and again.

Yeenoghu attends to The One's mood, slothing along with the others, but it is sooo slow. A shadow passes to the left. Yeen bounds after it, trying it trap it like a cricket beneath his paws, but when he lifts them, it isn't there.

"Mrieorwww...." Yeeny rubs his head against The One's whiskers, thrumming in appreciation. Once...Twice... Then they are bounding out into the waiting warmth of the sun.

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